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    Query about verification if one character of father name is different in 12th marks sheet

    Facing a name mismatch in any of yuor documents? Worried about coming across any issues during document certification? Check out this page for responses from experts to your questions.

    My father's name does not match in 10th marks sheet.
    Can it create any problem during verification of documents in SSC CGL and other exam?
    Can you advice?
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  • Yes, it can if you are considering Short Service Commission exams or any Government Job.
    Such mistakes are seen often by candidates while applying for higher education or for a Job.
    Please check your other documents like Aadhaar Card, Voters card, Driving license and other certificates for spelling mistakes related to your name and mother's name
    Please check father's name in his Aadhaar card and other documents.
    Make an affidavit via a Notary who can guide you with the name correction affidavit to be issued in legal terms.
    Then publish the correct name in an English paper and a vernacular language and preserve both the original paper publications.
    The approach the school you have studied with the above documents along with your original marks card. The school prinicipal will forward the application to the 10th board and you can get the correction done. If your school (10th standard) is nearby you can approach the school office administrative clerks or exam in charge, they can guide you as they will be familiar with the local policies too.

  • There are two methods for getting your father's name corrected.
    1. Approach the school where you have studied your SSC. Tell them the mistake happened and apply to board through the school with a written application as advised by the school authorities. Then the school will forward your application to the board and get the correction made.
    2. Contact a lawyer in you place and make an affidavit as suggested by the lawyer. Sign it and get it validated by the Judge. The Lawyer will arrange all this. This affidavit will be the document which decides the name of your father. You may have to give an advertisement in two newspapers. Take the advice of the lawyer and proceed as per his advise.

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  • Any mismatch in the name whether it is your name or parents name will be a cause of problem at the time of verification at the time of appearing or attending interviews for Govt jobs.

    In fact such mistakes often happen and your board of education from where you did your class 10 will issue a corrected marksheet if you give an application along with supporting documents. The supporting documents are those documents where your father's name is correctly spelt. For example it could be Aadhaar card or PAN card or driving license or voter card etc. Please keep these ready with you and submit a copy of same to the board office.

    The board office takes some time in issuing the corrected mark sheet.

    The another procedure is to prepare a notary affidavit and get it signed by a first class magistrate and keep it with you at the time of verification.

    I will prefer the first method as it will avoid all future hassles and inconveniences at the time of various verifications encountered during career pursuit.

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  • If your father's name is incorrectly mentioned in your marksheet then it will be a problem at the time of document verification specially while appearing in the interviews for Govt jobs.
    In such cases one has to approach the board office from where the mark sheet is issued and give an application there for rectification of the mistake and issue the corrected mark sheet.
    For reference purposes you will have to annex the earlier school certificate or Aadhaar card or PAN card in respect of your father depicting the correct name.
    If you are not successful in getting this then there is another way to go for a legal affidavit to be prepared in the matter in consultation with a lawyer and get it verified by a first class magistrate.

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