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    How to get admission in marine field

    Aspiring to take up a marine career? Looking out for details of colleges which offer this course? Here, on this page find advice from experts to yuor queries.

    I have completed my three years Electrical Engineering Diploma from Government Polytechnic and want to join Marine field. So I am interested in taking admission in Pre Sea training course in India in any Government College. How to get admission or contact number of such institutions?
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  • As an electrical engineer, you will have many opportunities in working as an engineer in ocean engineering department. It is a combination of different engineering subjects like mechanical, electrical, civil, acoustical and chemical engineering coupled with a basic understanding of how the oceans work. These engineers design and build instruments that are in use in sea atmosphere. Technicians also are important in maintaining and preparing the equipment. The Technicians are responsible for maintaining the instruments and see that they function properly.
    But before you go for these jobs you have to complete your pre-sea training. I am giving the URL of the concerned website. Please go through so that all your doubts will get clarified.

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  • 1.Glad to hear that you have chosen a marine career. Today, the Indian Merchant Navy has become an integral part of the development and commerce of the nation. To understand about maritime engineering career, advantages and job prospectus, please read this write up which gives detailed information (

    2.Please prepare and apply for the All India Merchant Navy Entrance Test which will enable you to get admission in any of the 54 board schools for Maritime and allied programs.

    3.You can try checking this website ( and try for the Electrician pre-sea training courses. Please contact ( and ask about your eligibility if you satisfy the health criteria (

    4.Please scroll through these two lists (, ( and see which areas are your core strengths and focus on them.

    5.This link gives the list of approved institutes offering Pre-sea training.(

    6.There are many maritime colleges listed in India ( that offer maritime courses.

  • For pursuing a career in marine line the diploma holders in Electrical engineering have to go for 2 years pre-sea training course in facilities approved by DG Shipping, Govt of India.
    After completing this course the candidates will be issued a completion certificate and certain documents to enable them to appear for part-A examination. After qualifying the part-A exam the person has to apply in shipping companies and will be recruited as fifth engineer.
    This is the beginning of the marine career and by attending sufficient service periods in sea and qualifying a few exams one can go up in the ladder to become captain in a ship.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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