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    Which electric kettle of one liter capacity is good ?

    want to buy an electric kettle? Looking out for the best quality kettle? You can go through the suggestions on this ask Expert page.

    I want to purchase an electric kettle of 1 liter capacity. The purpose is for boiling milk, eggs and preparing noodles. It should be easy to clean it. Preferred material of the container and lid is steel. Suggest a good brand of electric kettle for my intended use.
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  • Kirchoff Black Automatic Stainless Steel Electric 1 Litre Kettle is one good kettle. I have been using 1.8 Litre capacity of the same make. It is working alright. I have no problems with this. It is a stainless steel kettle protected with rubber. It is having an auto cut off facility and having good looks. You can try it out.

    always confident

  • There are many electric kettles you can buy online as well as offline through stores. Aroma H20 Xpress is good kettle. Capacity to boil 1.5 liters of water. Plastic free(not entirely, some parts in the interior and exterior are plastic) and price is around 2000 rupees. There are many electric kettles some are cheap and some are expensive. Hamilton beach 40893 is also good electric kettle.

  • We have tried eggs in the beginning to save time but if one of them breaks, then its a mess, boiling milk is OK as long as you stay close to it. But cleaning both leaves a smell that we don't like so we have stopped it.

    We have tried a few brands, most of them get spoilt after a year ( may be because of the water we get), many come with lids that are attached and are off non-metal make. Currently, we have been using Prestige 1.7 litres, model PKGSS 1.7 lts for the last 1 1/2 years without any issues. This has a wide rim with the same dimension from the top to the bottom. It has a tempered glass lid with a vent that we find it useful because kids and we many times have switched on then found that the water is less in it. This is excellent for washing, hands go in easily. The only drawback is that it does not have any markings and we use it for water and noodles, but NOT used for milk. This is an indispensable item for us in the mornings. The price is around 1200 rupees,

    The Prestige 41574 is one that can be used for water and cooking purposes. You can check this out.

  • I have been using Prestige brand. Actually for last many moths it is lying idle.
    When it was used I was using only for boiling water, for making coffee especially during winter. I had never used it for any other purpose. I think it is better not to use it as a cooking vessel. If something sticks to it then it is very cumbersome to clean it. Any solid deposit will gradually affect the efficiency and result in energy wastage.

    However if you are very careful and be near it monitoring then you can cook things which cook fast in boiling water; but be alert and careful take out before something settles at the bottom or sticks to the side. You should also not allow the liquid t be viscous but stay as watery as possible.For that reason it is not advisable for noodles,but you can use the boiling water pouring it on the noodles in another vessel.

    It will be better to add the item slowly only after water starts boiling. Cook straight and avoid any Marsala ,spice etc.

  • I have seen in an electrical products shop a handy electric heater to the size of 15 cms similar to immersion heater, which costs about 90 rupees. This can be used for preparing hot water to a great extent as the can be immersed in a jug ful of water about a liter level. This is highly useful for heating water for mixing baby food even in trains.

  • There are various branded electric kettles available in the market for approx 1 ltr capacity. The main are Prestige, Bajaj, Phillips, Preethi and Concord. There are various models ranging from Rs 800 to 2000.
    Some of the popular models are Prestige PKSS, Bajaj 1 ltr 1200W, Preethi EK709 etc.
    Most of these models are sturdy and give long service.
    Depending upon the budget one can choose from these.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • I think some brand which is always best is better
    1)Pigeon MULTI - 1 L Electric Kettle (1 L, Black)
    Rs: 1330 Suitable For: Maggi, Pasta & Noodles
    Stainless Steel Body
    Consumes: 1350 W
    Capacity: 1 L
    1 Year Domestic Warranty This available online and as well in any stores, but it is not having a plastic lid.

    2)Prestige pkgss1.7 Electric Kettle (1.7 L, Black, Steel)
    Rs: 1050
    specifications: Water, Tea & Soups
    Stainless Steel Body
    Consumes: 1500 W
    Auto Switch Off
    Capacity: 1.7 L
    1 Year Prestige Warranty
    similarly, you can even try Morphy Richards which costly around Rs 3000. But it meets all your specifications.

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