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    Please analyse this echo test report conclusion

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    My mother is 59 years old and often complains back pain. She has Sugar and BP and Also suffering from Asthma for several years. Please analyse this echo test report.

    *Normal Sized Cardiac Chambers
    * No LV RWMA
    * Good Biventricular Systolic Function (LV EF = 62%)
    * Grade I Diastolic Dysfunction
    * NO MR/ NO AR
    * Trivial TR (RVSP : 15+5= 20mmHg)
    * No LV Clot/ No Pericardial Effusion/ No Vegetation
    * IVC Normal Collapsing
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  • An echo test is a graphic outline of heart's moments. The Echo test will be performed by using ultrasound waves. This test helps to evaluate the pumping activities of the heart. This test also evaluates the blood flow across the valves of the heart
    This test is generally prescribed to evaluate the overall function of the heart. The test is being done mainly for the people above 5o years.
    The results are almost normal as far as my understanding goes. Your mother's main problems are Sugar, BP and asthma. Probably the doctor might have prescribed this test as a precaution.
    In addition to the above, I want to request you to not to rely on anybody else to evaluate the results. You better show the results to the doctor who prescribed these tests. He will always advise you as required. This will be the best approach to get the correct analysis of the results.

    always confident

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