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    Name correction in my SSC and HSC marksheet from Gujarat Board

    Want to make some corrections in the id proof documents? Looking out for the exact procedure to do so? Here, on this page find advice and suggestions from experts.

    I want to correct my name in 10th and 12th marksheet from Gujarat Board. In my both marksheets my name is wrongly written. So for name correction, which documents do I need? I don't have my birth certificate and in my all other id proofshere are some mistakes- passport and driving license.
    So what to do now?
    I have passed 12th in 2012 and now I am a dental student from university of Chhattishgarh. Hence I want to get correct name in the degree.
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  • You have all ID proofs with mistakes including passport, driving license,10,12 marks card. You are a dental student. Why did you wait for so long? Please check your Voter's ID, PAN Card and Aadhaar Card too.

    A.First focus on getting a birth certificate. Collect the documents you have on hand with relation to address proof, 10th marks card ( if it has your date of birth), Ration card. Some schools issue a date of birth certificate or a ''TC with the date of birth as per the school records", see if can get this also. You will also need proofs (identity, date of birth, marriage, and residence) for your parents. Any record of your birth (hospital discharge summaries, vaccination certificates or letter from the hospital you were born in would help)

    Make an affidavit via a recognized Notary who would help you in the process. This affidavit is to declare parents and child authenticity legally.

    Then approach the municipal corporation in the area you were born. Forms and necessary fees would be needed to be filled in. You can inquire at the local Municipal Corporation, Thasildhar/Tehsildar office. Currently, the government has Common service centers or official citizen friendly help units across many areas, please approach them for help.
    You may need forms like this ( Eg of Rajkot Municipal Corporation, please also check this how to get a birth certificate from Rajkot area, it'll help you understand better (

    B.Once you have this then make an affidavit via the Notary who will guide you through the legal language and procedure for getting the CORRECT NAME affidavit. Once this is done, publish your corrected name in two newspapers, one English, one in the vernacular language ( approach the newspaper offices, they will be familiar with it) and keep both original copies in hand.

    C.Then approach the School board form 10th and 12th new mark card applications separately from the respective boards you have qualified from. Your application will have to be forwarded via the school principals. Please approach the administrative offices of the schools you passed out from (10 and 12), the office staff will be able to guide you.

    D. Once you have your date of birth, name affidavit, 10th and 12th marks card corrected, then approach for the correction of Voter's ID

    1. The name correction form
    2. Instructions for filling the form

    E. Next you can change you Driving license
    1. This is the link to change details of name on the DL

    F. Then move on to your passport
    1. your issue will be grouped under reissue of change in details of exisitn passport
    2. this gives you the details for passport name change documents etc

    G. After all this do not forget to update the dental college and the university in Chhattishgarh about your correct details

  • Do you have at least one document with your correct name? You have not mentioned that in your post. You have completed SSC and then 12th. Now you are in Dental college. WIth what name you have taken admission to the dental college. Was there any objection at the time of admission? How have you managed that? These doubts are there on my mind. It is very surprising how you have managed it this level?
    The basis for any institute is your SSC certificate. So, first of all, you have to get it corrected. Initially, you have to approach a good lawyer in your area and tell him the problem. He will get an affidavit made as per the standard practice and it is to be signed by you in the court in presence of the judged and get it duly stamped by the court authorities. Once you have this with you again as per the advice of your lawyer you have to give a write up an advertisement for the name change in minimum two newspapers and keep those paper cuttings with you. The cutting you are keeping should have the name of the paper and date of publication.
    Simultaneously try to get your birth certificate from the authorities in which they have to mention your name, your father's name and date of birth correctly.
    Now with this documents, you have to approach the school administration where you have studied your SSC and from there you have to send a requisition in writing to the board. The fee to be paid and the papers to be attached will be informed by the school administration. You have to complete those formalities and submit the application to the school. Then it will be forwarded to the concerned board and the needful will be completed. Once you have a correct SSC document you can start applying for changes in all other documents as per the prescribed procedure.

    always confident

  • *Useful for the change of surname/name/father's name/ birthdate and "mistakes in subjects" in GSEB 10th Marksheet. *
    For 12th mark sheet u need to correct the 10th mark sheet first and then the 12th mark sheet will be corrected.
    also, Important note the S.S.C. section of GSEB is moved to Gandhinagar and now no need to visit Vadodara.

    Please do see this form and read them thoroughly! It indicates the process thoroughly.
    If your issue is solved, please do guide others.

    I obtained a form from GSEB Gandhinagar. and it was hardly readable. So, I retyped it to help others clearly understand the process.

    Also, do remember. nothing written matters, it all depends on the government official's mood. If they are fine, it's good for us and If they haven't got the desired cup of good tea, they will ruin our day and even days!


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