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    Want to know the differences between Alsatian and Labrador

    Interested in keeping a pet dog? Wondering which is the best pedigree? Here, on this page check out the suggestions from experts and decide which breed to select as a pet.

    I have been planning to keep a dog as pet. The choice is between Alsatian and Labrador. As my knowledge on the subject is barest minimum, I would like to know the differences between these two breeds. Which one is more comfortable in Indian (Delhi) climate? What is the difference in their food habits? Which breed is more ferocious? What special care is necessary for each of these two breeds?

    Knowledgeable Members may kindly furnish point-wise reply.
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  • Alsatian and Labrador Retrievers are both very popular and loved ones across the globe. Both can be trained easily. They are very good guard dogs.
    Alsatian dogs are one of the strongest dog breeds now. Their grip of the mouth is very strong. These dogs are very good and they are very much loyal to the family that is growing it. They are very good family dogs and the family can very much depend on them for their security.
    Labrador Retrievers will grow large in size and they are very good with human beings. Once you develop a type of bonding with them they will never forget and they will be friendly with you throughout their life. They are very nice to the children. These dogs are very useful for the houses where there are children and old parents in the family. Their instinct of protecting its family is very high.
    Now based on your requirement you can select the one which suits you more.

    always confident

  • Both Alsatian(German Shepherd in English language) and Labrador are favourites among dog owners.
    Both are large dogs, commonly available with good breeders and both are good guide dogs. In terms of food needed,time taken to train, dog health care both are more or less the same. They live for around 10 years.

    The Labradors are a hit with children at home as they are affectionate with kids and very friendly. They are very playful, like water. The shortcomings are being very friendly, they are not as good as Alsatians for guarding. They need frequent baths and shed their hairs a lot and can become chubby and fat easily when compared to Alsatians.

    The Alsatians are more efficient as guard dogs and less friendly(little more ferocious) with children compared to the Labradors. Their hair shedding is less, these don't need regular baths and are need regular exercising.These are easy to train, being good guard dogs, these are often left at home to guard and tolerate separation better than Labradors.

  • The Alsatian(Germen Shepherd) being a big working dog with high intelligence and natural propensity for training was considered to be of great value by armed forces and was therefore hotly pursued. It is the most popular dog breeds in the world. It is a versatile dog. Its devotion and courage are unmatched. It is also known as GSD.

    The labradoar Retriever was bred to be both a friendly companion and a useful working dog breed. Labradoar retriever is good nature and hard working as his ancestors. They are also natural athelets and do well in dog sports such as agility and competitive obedience.

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