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    Vidyaarambham at Mookambika temple

    Have a query about a religious ritual? Searching for the information about Vidyaarambham done at Mookambika temple? Go through this page for responses to yuor question.

    Thousands families from South India take their children to Mookambika Temple in South Karnataka for initiating Education. A priest of the temple just writes the first alphabets on the tongue using a gold ring put on fingures. After that the priest takes the Central finger of the right hand of the child and writes all the alphabets in the rice spread in a plate. After that the priest is paid with dakshina.

    The doubt here is why this particular temple at Mookambika is chosen for this initiation of letters?
    Of course, there are other temples in Kerala where the same functions are arranged on the Vijayadashami day (vidyaarambham day), the last day of Navaraathri.
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  • Just checked a few sites and google. It seem that as per the Indian Mythology and legend, Adi Shankara prayed to Goddess Saraswathi and when she appeared before him, he pleaded with the Goddess to come to Kerala, where at that time no Saraswathi temple was yet dedicated. Goddess Saraswathi agreed on one condition that Adi Shankar would lead the way without turning back, if the turned back, then she would stop where ever she was. As they were walking down the Kodachadri hills, Adi Shankara could not hear the tinkling of the anklets of the Goddess. He turned back and the Goddess refused to move until Adi Shankara prayed and pleaded. Finally the Goddess agreed that she would stay at Chottanikkara temple at Kerala in the mornings and then come back to Mookambika temple (near Kodachadri) by afternoon.

    Let us see what the other learned members have to say.

  • This Goddess is considered aa the manifestation of Saraswathi, shakti and Mahalakshmi. This place is considered as adobe of Saraswathi. It is believed that Adi Shankaracharya is the founder of this temple. The goddess Saraswathi is the Goddess of education and it is considered as auspicious if we do it in a temple of Goddess Saraswathi. As the Goddess in this temple is also an incarnation of Saraswathi and there were no other Saraswathi temples nearby many people are coming here for vidyarambham and thus it has become very famous.

    always confident

  • Vidhyaarambham is in practice in the saraswathi temple at Koothanur, near Peralam off Mayuram(Mayiladuthurai), Tamilnadu. The only temple meant for Goddess Saraswathi is in Koothanur. This temple was famous because of famous tamll poet Ottakoothar in the era of Kambar(who wrote Ramayana in Tamil). In this temple the children appearing for examination from all parts of our country coming and praying for success. The small children started schooling after having darshan of this Goddess here. I took my brother's daughter there before joining her in schools for LKG. can be referred for the details and reaching way.

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