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    For kidney stones homeopathy is correct or not

    Are you suffering from kidney stones? Looking out for homeopathy remedies for this ailment? On this page find advice from medical experts for your queries.

    I have kidney stone in right kidney. It is 12mm renal calculus noted in the lower calyx and in the left kidney 18mm renal calculus noted in middle calyx.
    Is it cureable through homeopathy treatment?
    Now I have taken SBL clear stone 25 drops thrice a day, Smashit Gufic 1 tablet twice a day and Calculex 1 tablet twice a day. Along with this I have taken BBP:ivone tablet 4 tablets thrice a day.
    I want to know whether this is correct treatment and how long should I take this medicine and does it have any side effects?
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  • Please consult a registered homeopathic practitioner as I am not a registered homeopathic doctor. Based on what you have mentioned, my reply would be as follows.

    You have stones in the calyx 12mm (right kidney) and 18mm (left kidney), these don't obstruct the flow of urine and hence often painless and asymptomatic. All the preparations you are taking help is increasing urine flow, reducing pain, slow disintegration of stones. The preparations are usually effective is stones of a smaller size up to 6 mm or 8 mm and are given for a period of around 3 months. The stones you have mentioned are 1.2 cm and 1.8 cm, hence you may take a longer time.

    Please follow the simple diet advise of plenty of water, you can also consider Lemon juice (that has citrate in it and this can reduce the size of calcium stones). Horse gram has a diuretic and anti-lithic (anti stone forming) properties and is good to be included in the diet. Avoid tomatoes, brinjal, spinach etc. You haven't mentioned now long you are taking these preparations for. Are you a diabetic. If it's around 3 months, then I would suggest to recheck with a scan. If you are a diabetic then please be cautious about increased chances of developing an infection in the kidneys.

  • There are very good medicines in homoeopathy. The medicines what you mentioned are really good for Kidney stones problem. My daughter in law is having this problem and these are the same medicines she used and got the problem solved. But in her case, the size of the stone is very small. In your case, it is more than 10 mm. So you better consult a qualified a good homoeopathy doctor and follow his advice.
    Are you from Hyderabad or nearby place. If so, there is a specialist for these kidney stones. He is also a homoeopathy doctor and he is having his clinic in Tarnaka HMC buildings. You can try there. He is a very good doctor for this particular problem.

    always confident

  • Homeopathic medicines take long time in curing and it can be from few days to few months depending upon the intensity of ailment.

    You can continue taking these medicine for sufficient time after consulting the doctor. During homeopathic treatment one should completely avoid spices and chillies.

    Good amount of water is to be taken in kidney stone problem. Certain foods like spinach, dry figs, soybeans, peanuts are to taken in small quantities.

    It is also suggested to limit salt, animal protein, packaged foods etc.

    Knowledge is power.

  • The medicines being taken by you in Homoeopathy would take beyond three months but the results would be visible. As mentioned in your own report, the size of the stones in each part is comparatively larger than the normal one and as such this would be somewhat time - consuming process.
    Every one of us has the different body - constitution so the nature of reaction of the medicines would largely depend upon the body - type. It would be better to have consultation of a registered Homoeopathic doctor for the correct prescription and dosage in your case.
    Apart from that, you may adopt a few useful remedies which in turn can help in dissolving the stones and expel them from the bladder.
    1) Take abundant quantity of water mixed with juices of half cut of lemon to be used in each time. Lemon will increase the flow of the urine, reduce the size of the stone and ultimately expel it.
    2) Regular use of Kulthi - pulse would melt the size of the stones.
    3) Horse - gram soaked from the previous night along with some Molasses is to be taken as breakfast in the morning and its diuretic nature will flush the stones.
    During the usage of Homoeopathic medicines, you must avoid usage of raw onion, raw garlic and excess spicies.

  • As per your query, I think it's better you consult a better doctor because always visual reading reports differ from what you have mentioned. As I know homeopathy is slow treatment but it will cure. Along with your treatment, you can start home remedies which will help you better when you're on medication with homeopathy, allopathy or with ayurvedic.
    1) 1/4 cup of fresh lime juice with equal quantity of olive oil with plenty of water. Drink this mixture for 2- 3 times for 3 days. You can drink the stone pass in your urine. Then you can stop.
    2)Mix 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar with honey. Drink this mixture few times a day.
    3)Eating plenty of pomegranate juice or fruit will also help you to get rid this problem.
    You can try this it will not harm you in any way. But its better you consult a doctor and clarify your doubts that is mentioned in the query.
    In Future you should not have this problem means you should drink plenty of water.

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