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    About summer Internships related to business or technology

    Have a query about summer internships offered by colleges? Looking out for suggestions to internships here? On this Ask Expert page find resolution to all your queries.

    Can I know if any summer internship for business skills or technology are provided in Indian top university or in abroad? If provided in abroad, is there any free internship programmes?
    So, I request you to provide the related information based on my question.
    I am studying BTech 1st year right now and I am interested in start up business.
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  • There are institutes where you can go for internship after completing your B.Tech. There are many establishments where you can try in India. ECIL in India is offering internship in Electonics. In the same way there are many Institutes where you canregister for your intrenship. Regarding Internship in foreign Institute you have to write to the concerned Institute. There are many institutes where you can try. But first you concentrate on your B.Tech. Once you re in 4th year you can try for the internship.

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  • 1.Glad that you are starting to look for internships now. You can have an idea of the requirements and once you are in the final or pre-final year to can focus on looking for internships. There are many internships offered in business and technology in various categories of institutions or companies ( public sector, private, corporate or NGOs). These are called as summer or winter internships.

    2.You can check these websites for global internships.

    3. This site lists the top internships in 2017 in India https://www.getinternship.switchidea.com/single-post/2017/08/10/2017-Top-Companies-with-Highest-Paid-Internships-in-India

    4.You can also check some of the individual universities that offer such programs
    https://www.wemakescholars.com/internship/university-of-tokyo-summer-internship-program-in-kashiwa (this offers IT internship).

    5. These are much sought after internship that are offered to people who stand out in terms of the aggregates, creativity, leadership skills, business acumen. So, what would be more important is to check the pre-requisites for such internships and planning to put together an excellent application form by ticking the right boxes.

  • In your query, you have not mentioned that where are you staying right now and summer vacation during because internship will have a long duration course. I will give you some link to universities which I have commonly checked from ads
    1). St. Lawrence University, it's in new york
    2)University of Georgia Athens, Georgia
    3)Cornell University Ithaca, New York
    4) George Washington University Washington, DC
    These are universities which I checked a few months back. You can find the details on the link that I have mentioned. Good luck with your Internship.

  • Summer internship can be availed provided you are in the last semester of your Management or Engineering - course. Even the employers remain interested to recruit the promising aspirants while one remains in the the internship.
    Excellent oppurtunities can be availed in the internship only when the aspirants are consistently performing well in their studies and should have the attitude of learning new skills apart from their basic intelligence.
    It would be better to get themselves registered in one of the prominent job- consulting firms which will enable them to provide summer internship. There are a few major institutions in both Management and Engineering - firms which provide plateforms for internship for the aspirants after the consultation of renowned employers. Internal internship are provided by HCL, ECIL, NTPC etc and for the external firms outside India, aspirants can contact foreign embassies located in England, Germany, USA etc.

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