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    Can an application for an ID card be done again?

    Lost your university ID card? Take expert advice on what you should do right away so that it does not affect your academic studies & exams.

    I am doing a distance PG course and completed my first year at Andhra University. However, I lost my ID card. Now I need it to pay the second year's fee and to attach it with my assignments. Is it necessary to attach it to exam fee and assignments? What should I do? Can I get another ID card? Will they permit to write the second year exam?
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  • yes you can apply for duplicate ID they will charge you for the same. You have to paid nominal charges and they will issue you a new ID. This is sample letter for issuing duplicate ID.

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  • You can apply for a duplicate ID as for the procedure mentioned on their website. You have to apply for the same and a DD is to be attached to your application. How much DD is to be paid will be there on the University Website. Please do apply and you will get the duplicate. For any correspondence with the university Identity card is very important.

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  • Please get the duplicate ID card as it will be important for your exams, submission and formal correspondence. You need a separate request letter, please check this under duplicate identity card in the Andhar University website. (http://www.andhrauniversity.edu.in/sde/appformat.html). You need to mention your course study number and full code issued to you. The fee amount is not clear, you can contact them on 0891-2844143, 98481 99155, 702257821. I would suggest send it separate to
    The Director,
    School of Distance Education,
    Andhra University,
    Visakhapatnam - 530 003
    Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.

  • Loosing things is very normal and it happens to all. Similarly replacement is also normal and possible. Anything and everything can be lost, and we can get them replaced with a duplicate by following the procedure and guidelines issued by the authorities. There shouln't be any problem to get a dupliate ID from a University. Write to the concerned authority as suggested by other members.

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  • I suggest you contact the office of the Andhra University which looks after the matters concerning to the Distance Education. They are the right persons to advise you on what to be done. Do not waste time and contact them immediately.

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  • ID card is an important document and you are supposed to keep it with you not only in campus but also outside to present your credentials to any authority if you are asked by them to do so.

    As ID card is used for varied purposes in the college or university it is necessary that you should immediately apply for a duplicate one. For this you will have to pay the requisite fee and give an application for the same in university office or in the online site of the same.

    Some times the lost ID card can be misused by some miscreants and due to this some establishments ask for police report for loss of ID card. You should check this aspect and if desired lodge a police report and give a copy of the same along with your application.

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  • Contact with the college from where you took admission and report about the lost card or for making duplicate ID card. For new ID card take DD from the college and you have to pay charges around 200 rupess for duplicate ID card. Thats it. You'll recieve duplicate ID card within a week
    Complaint about loss id card to the near police station as soon as possible and take a copy of your written complaint.

  • As you have mentioned in the query that you have completed your first year you will be having a receipt or any proof of that year because student ID number will not change. You can find out the ID number and mention it while paying the fees or else contact the college and verify which is your Student ID number and can you pay the fees without ID card also you can ask for the duplicate ID card. Without IDcard you can apply for the exam with your fees receipt but while attending the exam your ID card is necessary. You can follow the college procedure to get a duplicate ID card.

  • You have to apply for duplicate identity card, because it would be definitely required at the time of examination. So, I would advise you to write to the Director, Directorate of Distance Education, Andhra University to issue a duplicate identity card. Please check the prospectus whether any particular procedure is required to be followed, whether you have to apply in prescribed format and also to know the documents required to be submitted and the details of fees required to be paid for issue of duplicate identity card.

    Please apply as early as possible to avoid any future complication.

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