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    What to do for submission of wrong date of birth in RRB scale -1 application form

    Worried about submitting an incorrect date of birth in RRB scale -1 application form? Get quick advice from experts on what should be done.

    I am selected for the interview of RRB SCALE-1. I mistakenly submitted my Year of birth as 1993 instead of 1994. Would it be a big issue for me? What can I do about it now? Is there any way out?

    Please suggest me something quickly as only a few days are left.
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  • I didn't get that how mistakenly you submitted your year of birth? You mean to say that you have written by mistake or there was any proof certificate which had a mistake on your birth date. Your query is not clear. But I will try to solve your problem as I have understood. If you have a birth certificate or SSLC certificate with correct birth year then you have to write a letter to the concerned authority requesting to change your birth year from 1993 to 1994. Along with the letter, you have to attach xerox of an original birth proof certificate attested by the gazetted officer. This you can do it right now itself.

  • What is the age limit for the post? Which date is mentioned in your SSC certificate as your date of birth? The date mentioned in SSc certificate is the standard and that will be taken as the correct date. If you are in the prescribed as limit and sticking to your date of birth mentioned in your SSC certificate, I don't anticipate any problem. If you have written wrongly there will not be any problem. They will go by the certificate. But if you say the certificate you have submitted is showing the wrong date of birth, they will go by that only. You can't ask for a change now. You need not raise any issue now. You can go with the certificate you have submitted and get joined. After getting confirmed in the services you can try for a change.

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  • In my application form for the post of rrb po sacle -1 i have wrongly submitted my date of year as 1993 instead of 1994.Yes i have orignal birth certificate dispalying my right date of birth.i wanted to know that if they will tally my application form with my orignals, due to to wrong date of birth mentioned in the application form would I'll get disqualified for the interview.

  • Sounds like you have filled in the application wrongly but you have a correct valid original birth certificate with you. There should not be a major issue as it is not lying about your age but an error in writing/ form filing. But you need to update the authorities. As far as RRB scale-1 eligibility goes, for the general quota, the age limit is above 18 years and below 30 years as of September 2017/year of the announcement.

    You would have applied this online? Then you cannot correct Date of birth once you submit the form along paid your fees.(FAQ 10:http://ibps.sifyitest.com/rrbgas1jul17/uploads/loadpdf.php?file=k7m5p+fQ15e6zM3awtyW1N7Sm5x9sc/KYaao1bWrpok=&t=yqrCZuPFyg==#toolbar=0&navpanes=0). You can also highlight your mistake at the time of the Common interview, after the two qualifying exams.

    Please contact the Candidate queries are entertained on 1800222366,
    Then, it's better you have to write to them along with the attested copies of your date of birth certificate and a printout of your primary application form and explain your mistake.
    The Chairman
    IBPS House, 90 feet, D.P Road
    Near Thakur Polytechnic
    Off Western Express Highway
    PB No:8587
    Khandivali (E). Mumbai 400101.

    you can also contact IBPS blog sites who can help you also (https://ibps.blog/about/ mail:fyvorr@gmail.com)

  • As you have indicated your year of birth as 1993, when in actuality, your correct year of birth is 1994. So, there is no question of violation of eligibility condition. You have been selected for final appointment. You have to write to the Chairman, IBPS at the earliest with documentary proof of your correct date of birth. You are required to keep a proof of the letter sent to the Chairman, IBPS at the time of document verification.

    As you have not violated the upper limit or lower limit of age-related eligibility condition, I hope your mistake will be condoned by the authority.

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  • You have mentioned wrong year of birth by mistake. Do not worry as you have the correct year depicting document with you. At the time of interview you please meet the supporting staff to the interview board and submit a copy of correct document along with an application to correct the same in your data sheet with them. Generally they will not do it immediately and will ask you to attend the interview.
    Meanwhile you attend the interview and later the supporting staff will bring it to the noticnotice of interview board as well as their superior officer for a decision. As there is no big issue it will be rectified by them at their end.
    You have not done any fraud, it is only a mistake which many people do in haste.

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