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    What is maximum height gain for a 19 year old and how to increase it?

    Eager to increase your height? Know first what is the possible maximum height for a 19-year-old and how much further height you can gain.

    I am a boy, age 19 years and I am having a height of 5.5 feet. I can gain up to how much height? What are the steps to increase my height? I have been trying so much by making push-ups and by running also. Will that help to increase my height?
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  • We have long bone in the legs that have growth plates. Once these growth plates fuse, then increase is height is not very much appreciable. Generally, for men in the leg, the growth plate in the upper end of the thigh bone fuses by 17-18 years and the lower end fuses by 18-19 years. This corresponds to the last growth phase ( as far as height is concerned). So, you are in the final phases of your growth in terms of height. You can start accepting that.

    Try using good protein supplements regularly and exercises. Any exercise like swimming, the stretching exercises or hanging exercises from the monkey bars will help you. There are many Ayurvedic capsules promoting height, some have genuine Ashwagandha, Please verify and buy from a well-reputed source because adulterated versions sold by unscrupulous people can have lead and growth hormones mixed in it.

  • The growth of height will be good up to the 19th year. After that, the growth will be very minimal up to 21 and after that, there will not be any further growth, So you have very meagre chances for increasing your height to very high. But by following the below-given points you will get some benefit. Please try.
    1. Take good nutritious food regularly. If you are having a food comprising vegetables, fruits, proteins, and carbohydrates, that will help you in maintaining good health and height increase.
    2. Do exercise daily and regularly. The jumping, running, or other aerobic activities will result in longer and stronger bones.
    3. You should have adequate sleep. A good sleep for eight hours will increase the chances of getting some additional advantage.
    4. Avoid smoking and consuming alcohol. They will inhibit the growth.
    5. Maintain a good posture always. Always stand or sit upright.
    6. Daily Practice yoga with some good activities like stretching and Suryanamaskarams
    7. Daily go for a walk or jogging in the early morning least for about 20 minutes.
    8. Some hanging exercises are better for getting some additional centimetres.
    9. Finally, if you want to look taller it is a way of wearing high heel shoes will give a taller appearance. This is the easiest way.
    If you follow the above tips you may gain a few centimetres extra length. All the best to you.

    always confident

  • Height increase has a relation with age. Generally in women it increases upto 18 while in men it is 25. That is a general rule as it can differ in individual to individual depending upon genetics and physical reasons.
    Around these age values for female and male respectively the height almost stagnates and it is a difficult task to increase it further.
    Biologically speaking the human growth hormone (HGH) which is secreted by pituitary gland is responsible for growth of bones and cartilage in the body. At a particular age the secretion of this hormone either stops or slowed down.
    Anyway it is believed that with a good lifestyle, regular exercises and healthy food intake one can attain a small incremental gain in height.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Height growth for males and females is possible up to 25 years and 18 years respectively and the there are several factors chiefly heredetrial influencing the height growth and as such such history depicting the growth of height of your paternal and maternal side would reflect to a considerable extent indicate your growth in terms of height. However, you may consider the following points which you may take into consideration.
    1) Take adequate sleep in the night preferably eight hours and in that way, your growth hormone would remain active keeping you in attaining in increase in height.
    2) Include protinous food in your diet such as chicken, eggs, fish etc so that Protiens- deficiency can be compensated.
    3) Take Aswagandga capsule containing 250 mg regularly in night followed by Luke warm milk for forty days so as to get perceptible result.
    4) Engage in stretching exercises so that bone muscle can be strengthened.
    5) Avoid spicy foods.
    6) Practice yoga and some postures will be helpful in getting positive results.

  • You must follow some tips to increase your height. Human Boy height increase up to 25 years so, you must follow these tips.
    Tips are:-

    • Avoid Growth Inhibitors which can cause, the lack of the height of person
    • You should get the proper nutrition to grow the height.
    • You must be a stress-free person because it will be seen that a person who will in lots of stress it does not grow more.
    • You must take the proper sleep.
    • Do the exercise the daily.
    • You must spend more the time in the presence of the sunlight.
      Please follow these steps, your height might be increased.

    Saket Kumar
    Real Eyes Realize Real Lies.

  • Height is one of the most determining factor for confidence, self-appeal and energy. Be it a male or a female, having an average amount of height plays a crucial role in your daily life. Boys can grow up to 22 years of age and 19 years is the crucial time which you need to concentrate on. But do remember that the growth is affected by number of factors in human body, the most important is your genes. So if you have genes that suppress the growth, there is nothing much you can do. On the contrary if you have inherited taller genes there are some factors which hinder your growth. But we never know which genes we have inherited. Nonetheless I will suggest you some tips which will enhance your growth. Note that these tips are for educational purposes only and not a serious rule of thumb.

    The most important thing that affects your growth is your diet. Having ample amount of food may not fulfill your daily dietary demands. You should have balanced amounts of proteins, vitamins, minerals and salts.
    1. Proteins – Proteins helps to enhance the muscle mass which further enhance your growth. Animal foods are rich source of proteins. Egg whites are also rich sources of proteins. If you are a vegan you can have alternative protein supplements like beans, soy milk, quinoa, buck wheat, lentils, oats etc.
    2. Vitamin D – Vitamin D is required for absorption of calcium into bones which will enhance growth and strengthen of your bones. Salmon and Tuna fishes, egg yolk, cheese, milk, citrus juices are abundant in Vitamin D. Have a walk in sunlight, this will initiate a photo chemical reaction in your body which will activate the formation of Vitamin D in your body.
    3. Vitamin C – There was once a saying 'carry Vitamin C in gunny bags and avoid all diseases including common cold.' Vitamin C helps in formation of collagen in your body which is amajor tissue at bone joints and extra cellular space. Vitamin C is plays major role in growth and immunity. Citrus fruits (oranges, lemon), kiwi, banana, guava, most of the berries, avocado etc. are rich sources.
    4. Calcium – As stated earlier calcium is required for growth and strength of vitamins. Make sure you have sufficient amounts of calcium in your diet. Food sources of Vitamin D also have rich stores of Calcium in them.

    These are the major constituents that play pivotal role in enhancing and maintaining your body growth. Apart from these other factors like Vitamin B, A, K, micro minerals Zinc, Iron, Manganese etc. are also required for growth. You should have sufficient sleep as well.

    Doing daily workouts will enhance the growth in your body. Make sure you follow some basic workouts daily which is also required for a healthy life.

    Note that workouts that require weights (dumbbells or any other weighted exercise) may hinder your growth. Follow simple exercises that don't involve weights such as running/jogging, bar hanging, skipping, swimming, stretching exercises and certain yoga asanas. Don't stress yourself with strenuous exercises. Start as beginner and slowly increase your pace.

    Apart from diet and workouts your lifestyle also effects your growth. You should have a balanced lifestyle in terms of diet, workouts, rest, relaxation and sports activities. Keep a track of your basal metabolic rate (BMI). If you are good at technology, there are certain apps for phones (android and iOS) which will keep a track of your daily activities like calories expended, amount of food you consume and the calories they have (of course you have to manually enter the type food you have consumed within the app to calculate the calories), quality of sleep, workout tracking and many more. There are smart watches like Fitbit which can do all these tracking. Explore these apps/gadgets and make daily notes. With a good diet, workouts and lifestyle you will certainly have good results. Always stay motivated and work towards your goal.

    Good Luck.
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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