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    Academic score eligibility in document verification for Central Govt. job

    Confused about the correct percentage in the document verification for a Central Govt. job? Get quick expert help right here.

    In the advt. for a Govt. job the eligibility is 60% or 1st division from the university. However, in my case, the university granted me the 1st division but my % is actually 59.84%. I cleared the exam and now the document verification date is coming soon for the job. In the form, I filled 60%. Am I eligible for the document verification process?
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  • The acceptance or rejection depends purely on the criteria of eligibility. The eligibility criteria are minimum 60%. You have mentioned in your application you have written as 60%. But the actual percentage is 59.84%. But the university has given you first class. You will be called for document verification. Once they verify your documents they may allow you also to next process of selection if they take 59.84% is equal to 60%. That depends on the competition for the post and the general conditions applicable. But all practical purposes 59.84% can be treated as 60% as University has considered the same.

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  • Please check the advert for the Government job. IF IT STATES THAT ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA IS 60% OR 1ST DIVISION, then you are safe as you have neither altered facts, nor have you given false information.

    IF IT STATES THAT ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA IS 60% ONLY, then you can potentially be in a difficult situation. Most of the government jobs, bank jobs, public service commission jobs are all highly sought after posts with many thousands of applicants. The committee often cannot go soft and accept all applications close to 60%. On technical grounds, you were selected for the written exams based on 60% not 59.84%.

    Such tricky situations arise when the marks sheet shows the true figure to the decimal and the University degree certificate shows the class printed ( I class or II class). If you have both these documents as original and valid, then all you can do is submit them at document verification and explain that since you have a valid university certificate saying 1 class or 1 division you've entered your marks as 60%. Since you have already reached the document verification date, don't try any short cuts or hide facts, please be frank and show all the relevant documents and hope that they consider your point.

  • I don't think you have made any grave mistake by incorporating 60.00 percent in your application and since you have been awarded first class in your certificate for the said examination, there is no exaggeration of marks and simply by the method of approximation, it has been rounded off to get a full digit.
    To have a degree of first class seems to be strength in your case and there should not around se any controversy in this regard.
    You should go by the language appeared in the advertisement and if there is any indication that the aspirant has to secure 60.00 percent and onward in order to be eligible for the said post,it would indicate the different side of the story. You have to read the advertisement carefully and ensure your eligibility.

  • As per the eligibility criterion it is clearly mentioned that a candidate should have a minimum of 60% marks or I division for applying for the said job.
    So from the wording 'or' it is very clear that if the division is first then the candidate is eligible.
    Hence you should not be perturbed for the verification process.

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