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    Minimum eligibility for Forensic Science Assistant Professor post

    Planning to take up the post of Asst. Prof. in Forensic Science? Learn from the expert responses below the minimum eligibility criteria required to take up this post.

    I have completed Doctorate in Biotechnology and also cleared the UGC NET in Forensic Science. However, my Post graduation is from Botany. What is the eligibility criteria for Assistant Professor of Forensic Science?
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  • You are a postgraduate in Biology and then completed your PhD in Biotechnology. Already you cleared your UGC NET exam. Doctorate in science with post graduation in physics/ chemistry/botany is eligible to apply for assistant professor / Associate Professor /professor. are eligible for the mentioned post. So you will be eligible for the post.Some colleges may ask for some teaching experience for the position.

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  • You have your PG from Botany, Doctrate in BioTech and UGC NET in Forensic Medicine.

    For eligibility in Forensic Sciences Assistant Professor post, you need
    55% minimum or equivalent grading at the Master's Degree level in the relevant subject
    UGC NET clearance
    PhD is desriable
    Teaching experience with publications of papers is also desirable.



  • Nowadays Forensic Science is taught at Masters level in some of the universities of India. However, you have not studied Forensic Science at Masters level. You have done your Doctorate in Biotechnology. So, prima-facie, you are not eligible to teach Forensic Studies in College/University level.

    However, as far as I know, Forensic Science is an inter-disciplinary subject. Biotechnology is an essential part of Forensic Studies. So, I feel that with your qualification (PhD in Biotechnology), you would be eligible to apply for the post of Assistant Professor/Lecturer in this subject (Forensic Science).

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  • You have already completed Doctorate in Biotechnology and also cleared the UGC NET in Forensic Science then you are eligible for Forensic Science Assistant Professor post.
    You may apply in Galgotias University for Forensic Science Assistant Professor post.

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  • Normally for lecturer/ Asstt professor post a postgraduate degree with 55% marks in the relevant subject is desirable.
    As you have already cleared UGC NET in forensic science you can apply for lecturer post in forensic in various universities and institutions.
    Please remember there may be a preference for postgraduate in forensic for such appointments but in absence of suitable candidate from that stream you deserve a good chance to get selected. So apply wherever you see the advertisements for the same.

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  • Forensic Scientist Education Requirements. A minimum of a bachelor's degree in natural science or forensic science is required for working in this field. Some labs might require a master's degree in forensic science for more advanced positions, such as lab technician leader or supervisor.

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