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    What is the stipend amount for M.Tech. students?

    Want to know what stipend is given to a student of Mechanical engineering on clearing GATE? Find out the answer to this query from this Ask Expert page.

    How much stipend will I get for Mechanical engineering after GATE? Is stipend allotted to students of all colleges?

    Further, I have been preparing for Gate 2018 and am expecting a good score. However, I am worried if it is not good enough for admission to IIT. Can I take admission to other colleges or shall I give another try?
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  • The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering enables the candidate for admission in to M.Tech or PhD programms in NIT, IITs, IISc etc. The stipend given is around 12,400-12,500 per month for students with a valid score. The other stipulations to get the stipend is that the student should be a full time student and NOT a sponsored student of M.Tech.It is also referred to as MHRD stipend, Ministry of Human Resource Development.

    Most sought after colleges and institutions usually stop at a rank of around 1500. Based on your ranking you can consider joining for further higher education in the IIT or a good accredited UGC recognized private college. Please focus on your preparations and take up the exam successfully.

  • Once you got a good score and if you are able to get admitted into a college in merit quota you will get a fellowship. It will be around Rs.12,000/-. Exact amount I don't know. You will get it in any recognised college if you are getting admitted to merit quota. If you are getting in IIT also, the other standard Institutes are there where you try. NITs are there, central Universities are there and there are some good private Universities are also there. You can try in any of the institutes. But joining in a normal college is not correct. So you try to concentrate and get a good rank. Losing academic year is also not correct in this competition times. So I advise you to try and get good rank in this attempt itself.

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  • GATE test itself very competitive and the aspirants are required to devote full time and devotion so as to excell well. There are a few candidates having secured 100 percentile and have been able to show their inherent potential of extra ordinary caliber. Though a percentile of 95 would also offer a chance for the aspirant to choose the premiur Institute.
    A high score in the GATE can give guarantee to the aspirants for admission in a reputed Institute such as IIT, NIT etc. The stipend and other contingency allowances would vary depending upon the institutes.
    Normally in IIT, the stipend for a M.Tech candidate would be around 14000/ pm apart from additional contingency fund awarded twice a year for books and stationary where as this will be around 12000 for other Engineering colleges such as Goverment- constituent colleges.
    So we can see that there is variance of stipend depending upon the institution and hence a high percentile in GATE would enhance the prospects of an aspirant.

  • Students who clear GATE with high score have ample opportunities to get admission in M Tech in various reputed universities or institution like IITs or CSIR or BARC etc.

    Generally the scholarship in universities is around Rs 12000 while in prestigious national laboratories and organizations it ranges from Rs 15000-20000. In addition to it an annual library grant of Rs 5000 is also available for books, stationery etc.

    So the important thing is GATE score. As there is lot of competition and rush to get admission in reputed places the GATE score is the only way to get in.

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