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    Surname problem in document verification

    Have a problem with an incorrect surname in your OBC certificate? Experts will advise you on what should be done & if it will create a problem for document verification.

    I made my OBC certificate from e-Mitra, wherein was added Kumari as my surname, but there is no surname I use at all. I had made an affidavit which states that both the names are correct and to be granted.

    Will the central government make any question about the surname used during document verification? Please reply soon as it is very important for me.
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  • You have a OBC certificate with a surname that you have not used. There would be an issue at document verification as these are mandatory documents.

    1. If you have not entered this while filling the form online, then it would be an error from the provider, then you can contact the e-mitra services and get it rectified.
    eMitra Helpdesk. Call +91-141-2221424 / +91-141-2221425

    2.There are e-mitra Kisoks available in various districts, you can find from the internet which is the nearest one to you and check with them about the procedure for correction of name in the OBC certificate.

    3. The other option would be to contact the Thesildhar of your locality and seek his/her help in getting a new/corrected certificate. You all ready have an affidavit regarding your proper name. Please also take your proof of age, ID, Address and caste of parents or siblings.

    4. If they come for the document verification, the all you can do is to explain that it is a mistake by the issuing authority, you can also give you ID proof documents that have your correct name.

  • Once you have a valid affidavit which duly signed by the legal authority, there will not be any problem in document verification. You need not worry. But if the affidavit is not authorised means there will be a problem. You show your affidavit to any good lawyer and ask him about the authenticity of the document. If he says it is authorised then you need not worry. Otherwise, with his guidance, you have to make an affidavit and keep it ready with you for the document verification.

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  • As the mistake in the name is due to the system software in online portal you can try to get it rectified through help option in e-Mitra site.

    You can also get an affidavit regarding this and get it authorised by a first class magistrate. This will be an authoritative document at the time of verification.

    Please take your educational certificates and other documents where your name is correctly reflected so that at the time of document verification they can be reffered.

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  • As you have mentioned that you have got a certificate from e-Mitra and if there is a problem in the name itself then you have to change your name to correct name. First, contact the center and ask for the procedure to correct the name. You have to do it immediately because as your name only has to mistake its bound to have a problem in future so now itself you can get it changed. Even if you have an affidavit then also it is better you get your name changed. Please contact their centers and ask for correction of name should be done in my certificate. When you approach or processing online its better you have a xerox copy of your aadhar attested with a legal officer. You can either post it with your correction letter or upload in net with correction form. Usually, our names should be same on all certificates.

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