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    Guidance on how to be a professional football player

    Eager to become a professional football player? Find out the right career path to achieve your dream with expert advice.

    I am 17 years old and a student of class 12th CBSE Board from a middle-class family. I want to be a professional football player but I`m still a beginner. I want to know is there any chance for me to achieve my dream what are the ways by which I can do this?
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  • As you are still seventeen only, you have fair chances to become a good foot ballplayer. You search for a good coach around your place and join him and learn the game from him and you can start playing in your school and you can participate in the interschool, intercollege and interuniversity tournament. Then if any club where the practice of football is possible you can join and start practising there. This will give you good chance to become a good player in the game.

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  • You are only seventeen years old. If you think you are a promising footballer, you can appear in a trial of any football academy nearest to your place. If you are selected in the trial, the qualified and experienced coaches of the academy will help you to hone your skill by scientific training and providing other necessary requirements. The academy also provide initial opening to you.

    Fortunately football does not require many equipments like cricket. So, you can yourself try to develop yourself by proper physical training and getting guidance from local coaches (even if you fail to join any football academy). Try to join any lower division football team of the state capital of your state. Thereafter, try to improve yourself. Play in first division league and thereafter try to play for your state. In the meantime, takee nutritious diet as per the diet plan. Spend at least three hours in practising and another one-two hours in physical training.

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  • If you have aptitude for learning professional football playing and you want to make it as your career then with sustained hard work and determination you can definitely achieve your goal.

    I assume that you must be playing in your school team and if not so try to get in there as that will be the first step of your football ladder.

    Find out some football club or academy near you where coach is available. Join there and learn the different techniques of the game. Once you get proficiency in that you can try to get place in district level team and start playing matches whenever you get the opportunity.

    Please remember that sports are not easier than studies. In fact the competition is as tough here as in the academic pursuits. There are lot of people aspiring to excel in sports. So continuous hard work is the only key to success.

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  • Professional footballers are groomed from the age of around 12 years wherein they can be moulded and taught technical skills at the right age when they can learn more. If you are serious about football, start playing for your school/college. Then approach the local football coaching academies and meet a good coach. Please focus on physical fitness, agility, sprint and stamina. Have a good nutritious diet that doesn't make you too bulky.

    1.Check on dedicated football coaching academies in your city to understand the training periods and the general plan towards becoming a national junior and then a senior player that will open doors for professional football
    For instance in Mumbai: you can check the levels of entry for the football trainees, expert videos and important get some contacts

    2. Focus on finding talent scout centers/camps around your area or cities that you can travel to. for example, Tata football academy has good training facilities and has talent scout camps. Please check this link, they have talent selection from nov 17- March2018 in various cities of India. Try and see if you can make it to one. It could open doors and give you plans for development of skill and coaching at the next level.

    3.If you aim to become a pro, then select academies with good coaches and contacts. Check Bhaichung Bhutia football schools that have centers in the major metros of India and also have outstation camps.

    4.The Indian Super league football, has a social commitment to teaching football to budding youngsters (, check the site and see if can become a fan of a club in your hometown or the nearest city to get the benefit of the best players in India. The good team in the league will be a good starting point for you to gain expsoure to how life of pro football would be. Go to these matches, try getting the job of a volunteer and try hard to meet players, coaches, additional members etc.

    5. Look for active football clubs that also offer training to youngsters. For examples this is the website for Bangalore FC (, they have soccer schools for talented students (

    6. Be focussed, visit match venues, hang around with your father or brother before and after the matches wherein you can get a chance to meet someone in the coaching department you can put you on the right path.

    Try multiple options and keep knocking doors until you get the lucky break.

  • It's nice that you want to become a football player but to be a success full player you need to follow some necessary tips.
    1) Be punctual in your studies and score good marks. Your academic report is also important to become a player.
    2)Eat good food that is healthy food like fruits vegetables. Be away from junk food. Keep drinking milk which contains all proteins and vitamins which a player requires.
    3) Excercise daily especially running high jump and those actions where a football player requires.
    4) Talk friendly to everybody and develop qualities of sportsmanship.
    5) Search for a good coach who can train you better.
    6) Practice daily and first attend small tournaments which will be held periodically by participating in such tournaments you will gain confidence.
    7) After getting involved in tournaments then enroll yourself in the teenage group and participate there actively.
    Once you enter the teenage group and give a good contribution to the match then automatically you will be recommended for future tournaments. For all these successes you should be in good terms with your coach.

  • Soccer/Football is world's most followed sport. Becoming a professional football player is not only a sport but also an excellent career option. Since you are 17 years, there is ample scope for you in becoming a professional player. Before finding right resources for your sport i.e., coach, stadium, other players to practice, you must keep in mind some important points before beginning your coaching.

    1. Be ambitious
    If you are very serious in becoming a football player or if it is your real life ambition, stay that way. No matter how many hurdles you face your focus must not sway from target. In our country, football is still a developing sport which may have minimal resources. Don't get disheartened if someone discourages you. Stay zealous and stay focused.

    2. WHY
    Before you even start your coaching do you really want to know why you want to become a football player. Understand your WHY and if you have an answer to it, bingo. Go for it. Many players play this game as a part time play or to relax. Many take this as a serious career. Yes you can make a career out of the sport. I would sincerely suggest you to have your answer within you regarding why you want to become a professional football player.

    3. Sacrifice
    You need to sacrifice a lot in this. You may under perform in your academics, but you should not lose the spark. For instance, you may have selection tournament in your locality and at the same time you may have semester exams. You need to sacrifice one to have another. You may not get another chance for either of them. You may even get rejected at selection process. You must be prepared to sacrifice and face the results.

    These are the basic steps before starting your sports career. Once you are fully prepared then you must start with the basics of your training.
    1. Maintain proper diet and stay healthy. Football needs lot of energy and stamina. Diet is the important part of this game which keeps you fit physically.
    2. Do daily workouts like jogging, swimming and stretching exercises that keeps your body in shape.
    3. Practice as much as you can. Make your sporting time as fruitful as possible. Note that do not go to extreme levels of practicing. Practice within your stamina. Understand your body limits.
    4. Perform well in your school/college sports. I guess there will be sports day every year where prominent sportsmen or head coaches will be as chief guests. Impress them by your performance.
    5. After you are out of your institution, join a good coaching center at your locality. Never let your practice or training sessions skip a single day.
    6. Look for opportunities. Register yourself in sports academy of your locality/district/state if possible. Never miss a single selection day which is organized by district or state football associations.

    Apart from these you must personally stay motivated and keep up the hard work. Success will come for sure and remember that there are no shortcuts to success.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • It is a good thing that you have interest in this popular game and you want to be a professional player.
    To make your dreams true you will have to put lot of efforts in learning the skills and techniques of this game. For that joining a football club or academy is desirable. There will be such a centre in your area and you try to enroll there as early as possible.
    Once you are through with the basics you can take help of a coach to learn the intricacies of this game. Playing for your club or in district level matches will be the first milestone in this career building and slowly you can get entry in state level matches or even national level.
    It all depends on how much hard work and sincere efforts you can put in this path and accordingly you will reap the benefits.

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  • Its nice to know that you wants to become a professional football or soccer player. First the best thing you can do join football club or academy where they will train you everything about football. Practiced alot if you are really serious about becoming football player. There are many tutorials on youtube where professional trainers train about how to becoming soccer player. Its good to learn by a trainer because they train about how to achieve a level of professional in football sport. The country you live in will have massive impact on how easy or hard is to be professional soccer player. Visit and follow progressivesocce on youtube where you'll get your all answer by a soccer trainer.

  • If you want to be a professional football player, you should be familiar with the time - management technique since the studies persued at present should not be dislocated in any case.
    It would be better to have a consultation with your game - teacher employed in your school and request him to render some guidelines and techniques to be employed in this game. He would certainly help in this direction. Then you can identify some boys of your area interested to give you chance in the play. You should show your performance in such a way that it is noticeable to the distinguished members of your town.
    You may take the help of U - tube as well to know the essential techniques required in this game. Implement them wherever it is required.
    Form a team and make it superior by including the players with dedicated team - spirit and play in the district level match. Then with your sustained effort, you can excell well in each participation. This will open your chance for state level match as well and with your patience and being sharper in your technique, you can earn name and fame in this line.

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