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    Two intermediate exam by same board in different years

    Have a query about giving more than one intermediate exam by the same Board? Worried if this will create a problem in getting a government job? Here, on this page find advice from experts for all your questions.

    I had given my first intermediate exam in 2012 and second 12th exam in 2013. I am having only one degree. The other degree is non existent for me. Currently I am preparing for government job.
    Am I eligible if I was caught and the Board might ask me how I completed my 2nd intermediate in only one year as a regular student?
    Or will this create problem in getting a job?
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  • You have given board exams in 2012 and 2013. From your narration it is apparent that you are possessing the degree/certificate of 2013 only and from your side you have forgotten about the 2012 episode.

    Now I deduce that you might have done your 10th class in the year 2010. So finally it gives your educational credential as that of a person who did his intermediate in 3 years (2011/ 12 /13).

    Whenever you go for a job or higher educational pursuits it will reflect that you took one extra year in your intermediate and you have to vouch for it by explaining that you dropped one year in between as your preparations were not good.

    That is the only way for you to explain that extra year though it will reflect as a weak link in your qualification.

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  • I haven't understood the complicated issue. You, along with your family-members or guardians, have made it totally complicated. There must be a difference of two years between Xth and XIIth standard examinations. If you appear in your Xth standard examinations in 2012, you are required to appear in XIIth standard examination in 2014 and may be after that. If you have certificate which states that you passed your XIIth standard examination 2013, then there will definitely be problem during certificate verification in future and you will be asked to clarify, which you won't be able to do.

    So, you are required to appear in XIIth examination in 2014 or later.

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  • No sir I passed my 10'th std in 2010
    I passed intermediate in 2012 and because of getting less marks i again give intermediate exam in2013 with fresh regrestration.
    Question is in both intermediate result there is only one year gap.
    Although I used only one certificate for graduation. Another one is non existence for

  • You passed your 10th in 2010, 12th/intermediate in 2012 and then re-took 12th because of low marks in 2013.
    It is accepted practice to apply for re-totalling, re-evaluation or even re-take the exams for better marks based on what is acceptable and offered by the respective board.

    If my understanding is correct, you have a valid 10th from 2010 and a valid 12th from 2013. The reason for you to take the exam once more is for low marks. There should not be an issue, if the above is true and you have a college attendance that shows that you have studied from 2010-2012 pursuing 11th and 12th years.

    Please apply for the government jobs and use only one 12th certificate preferably the one based on which you had been enrolled for a graduate degree. The only potential issue is would arise if you had enrolled in any graduation course starting in the 2012-2013 year using your first XII certificate from 2012 AND now planning to use the XII 2013 certificate because it has more marks or a first class. I hope you have understood my point.

  • You have to totally forget your X+II standard examination of 2012. You have to mention only about your X+II examination of 2013. You have to give any plausible explanation for this one year gap (like illness, transfer of your parents, etc.). You have to be uniform and everywhere you are required to mention your examination in 2013 only.

    In common Government jobs, there would be no concept of interview from now on and so there would be no awkward question regarding the one-year gap.

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  • Thank you sir , but my real question is intermediate is all about 2 year course
    My first batch was 1010-12
    and second was 2011-2013
    As a regular student.
    So anyone ask after completing 12 in 2012 how you again passed 12 in 2013 in one year only .
    As school took the admission in 12 itself on my 10 certificate. With a new and fresh registration.
    Plese sir help me regard this.

  • I never used my first 12 certificate anywhere
    It's like non existence for me.
    At that stage and with that age of 16 year .everyone suggest me to go for another exam .. if you will give another exam of same class due to your less marks your first result became invalid and cancel.

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