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    Query about difference in father's name in SSC and Inter certificates

    Worried about difference in name in certificates and documents? Searching for how to change the name of what to do in case of government job verification? Here, on this page go through the advice from experts.

    My 10th mark list has my father name as darsigunta papaiah, but in intermediate certificate the name is darsigunta bodaiah. Due to the both names are same and belongs to one person who is my father, in inter i have entered the another name as bodaiah, i completed ssc in 2007 till now i did not change my father name in ssc, if i want to change my father name in ration or adar cards, my brother certificates have the father name like bodaiah, so the time is also gone for changing ssc, i want to change in ssc. If it is not possible then how can i attempt central gov jobs, for verification of certificates in gov is affadavit enough or not. What can i do for successful job verification.
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  • Your father's name in high school mark sheet is different than your intermediate mark sheet. From your narration, it is not clear whether your father's name is correct in high school or SSC.

    Anyway assuming that it is correct in high school you should try to get it corrected in your SSC mark sheet. As it is 10 years old case whether your board of education office will be ready to do it and issue a corrected mark sheet is a big question.

    So another option is to get a legal affidavit prepared by a lawyer and get it verified by a first class magistrate giving all the facts therein. Once this affidavit is ready keep it handy with you and show it wherever it is required in connection with document verification.

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  • Your father's name is Darsigunta bodaiah and in some places, it is entered as Bodaiah. If you are applying for a government job, there would be issues at document verification. If you are going to claim a government job based on reservation quota, then a valid and clear caste certificate is needed, here the names of your parents would be important.

    First clearly decide after speaking to your parents, brother etc about. 1.What is the correct name of your father- First name (name given to hime) and second name(usually his father's name what we all carry as initials). The check all the relevant documents of your father Ration card, Aadhaar card, Pan card, Voter's ID, Driving license. Apart from the correct valid caste certificate, you would need at least 3 documents of your father with the correct name.
    So, first, you need to get these in order and then do the same for your certificates and ID documents

    For Father:
    Make an affidavit via a notary who can use the correct legal terms, then publish your father's name in an English and one vernacular language and preserve both adverts in original. The approach the area Tashildar and revenue offices for getting the caste and ration card name change done appropriately. Pan card details can be changed online also (https://tin.tin.nsdl.com/pan/correctiondsc.html). Aadhaar card name correction can be done the similar way (https://uidai.gov.in/enrolment-update/aadhaar-enrolment/aadhaar-data-update.html).

    The set your documents in order. for your SSC updation, you can forward an application via the school authorities to the relevant SSC board in your city/state along with an affidavit of your correct name with proper initials.

  • The option of getting the name corrected in SSC mark sheet is the best course in such cases. Only thing is you have to apply to the board office for correcting it and issue the corrected one. Please attach the documents depicting the correct name of your father which you want to get incorporated in your corrected mark sheet by the board office.
    These things take time and you may have to pursue with them.
    Another way is to go to a lawyer and ask him to prepare an affidavit regarding the declaration of the correct name of the father and getting it certified by a first class magistrate.
    This way the affidavit will serve the purpose and at the time of document verification, you can produce it.

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