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    Which subject to select for IGNOU Post Graduate course?

    Confused about the subject to take up at the PG level? Get quick expert advice about your best options in terms of future job prospects.

    I have done B.Tech, in electronics and instrumentation engineering. Right now I am planning to do M.A. in political science in IGNOU. Could you please tell me the career options for political science?

    Also, I am in a dilemma to choose political science or English. So could you please suggest me which would be better in terms of job opportunities?
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  • You are a B.Tech in Electronics. Are you not interested in improving your qualification in that line? In my opinion, B.Tech Electronics is having more job potential than MA Political Science or MA English. If you don't want to continue in your core area that is Electronics, then only you should think of other subjects. If You complete your post-graduation either in English or in political science you will have options in the teaching career and other miscellaneous posts like officers or staff in many organisations. If you do your M.Tech you are eligible for the teaching posts and technical jobs in various government and private organisations wherein you will be in the technical line and that is the core area where you can show your talent and raise in the career path fast. So try to improve your qualification in the core areas. Otherwise, you go for the subject which you look better.

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  • If you have done your B Tech and now considering MA in political science or English, Are you currently working? Do you want to consider it because you have a passion for teaching or a passion for those subjects. As far as degrees related to enhancing the job chances goes, this would be a deviation. Can you consider writing your GATE exams and then choosing M.Tech improve you job chances in Public and private sectors, if you still want to pursue teaching then you can take it up also.

    If you want to deviate into English or political science because of a passion and desire for these subjects only, then you have to plan for NET/SET exams for getting appointed as assistant professors in Government or private teaching colleges. You can apply for this in the final year of your MA English or political science.

    The chances of a job opportunities would be better after B.Tech + M.Tech with options of either a teaching or a non teaching job.

  • M.Tech is the best option after B.Tech which will enhance your skill and experience in electronics field after that no one stops you to get a job with high salary package. If I recommend then Don't break the line. After qualifying entrance exam you'll get the best college of M.Tech. you can also become a teacher in private colleges after M.Tech. If you wants to become a professor or teacher then you had to choose Phd and M.Phil. Every field and profession have a great career opportunities so a thing candidates require to do is giving complete effort to enhance the knowledge and experience to achieve the top level. If you are decided and passionate to choose political science as a career then as I said above like that political science is also have higher career opportinities. In political science you,ll learn everything about political system, operations and systems of government. After that you can do a job in NGOs. You can also become teacher after completing this course. You can look for future job in campaign management, international social orgarnization, electoral ,marketing fields, law, political analyst,... etc. For admission, you required to have a higher percentage in higher secondary education.

  • From your query I could not decipher the reason for your deviation from your supposedly core area to M A in political science or english.

    Anyway the possible reason appears as your less interest in technical side and your desire to pursue humanities for certain other career options like teaching or administrative jobs.

    If this is so M A in english will be a good option as it will strengthen your knowledge of english as well as help you in appearing various competitions for administrative jobs.

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  • You are originally a student of Engineering. After completion of Engineering study, you have been planning to study Social Science (Political Science) or Literature (English) from IGNOU. But why? Is it for career purpose? Aren't you presently working? Without these two information, it may not be possible to objectively analyse your situation and answer this question.

    If you want to study Political Science or English out of interest, the choice is yours. You study the subject which is more interesting to you. If you want to study M.A for career purpose, I would say that English has much better career opportunity in India than Political Science.

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  • As you have already done your engineering course it is advisable that you continue in the same stream and try for M Tech. You can attempt GATE exam for that.
    You will have plenty of job options after that right from teaching to technical or managerial executive positions.
    You can try for positions in PSUs also through their respective entrance examinations.
    At this stage switching to M A is not advisable as you will have limited job opportunities afterwards and only option left will be to attempt in state or national level competitive
    exams where already a lot of rush is existing.

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  • Before you take any decision to switch over the course from your Engineering stream, you should think twice regarding the final outcome of taking up a post - graduate degree in Arts. Though you would like to under take the the course from IGNOU but either of the course would not give you that much edge as compared to a degree in M.Tech in your own branch.
    You may think of appearing of GATE and with an impressive percentile, get a seat in a premium institute such as IIT, Indian Instite of Science -Bengaluru or NIT. Such decision would be much rationale than contemplating the either persuing English or Political - science.
    With your present qualification, you can go in the job in Railways, in public undertakings such as NTPC, ONGC, SAIL, DVC etc. Even you can think of undertaking a management course from a reputed institute so as to enhance your earning potential in the subsequent years.
    Then take up a post - graduate degree in Arts from IGNOU for which you have special fascination and in that way, you will remain relaxed mentally.

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