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    How to increase height and weight.

    Interested in increasing height and weight? Looking out for tips and remedies online? On this page find advice from experts and plan how to increase height and weight.

    I am 20, just 5 feet 2 inches and only 48 kilograms. I want to increase my height and weight also. I am so worried about the shape of body. Sometimes I am feeling so weak. I am studying B.Com now. But I have lost my self confidence due to low height and weight. So, can I have some tips how to increase my height and weight?
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  • Be happy and satisfied If you are healthy.
    Giving importance to physical appearance is normal at this age.

    Generally it is been told that women stop growing after puberty and men stops growing in early 20s.
    But you need not to give up. Put in your efforts to grow, but never take deep to the heart If the result is not desirable.
    The remedy that I am going to give will increase your height , if not, it will atleast increase your immunity and stamina.
    Regarding weight gain, it is easier than weight loss but make sure you gain weight through healthy diet.

    Diet to increase height and gain weight.
    1. Omega 3 fatty acids rich foods to overall growth. Eggs. Walnuts are rich in omega.
    2. 2 glass of milk everyday
    3. 1 cup yogurt
    4. 5-10 almonds
    5. 5 - 10 red channa that is soaked over night and to be taken on next morning. (no boiling)
    6. 2 spoons of mixed dry fruits. Soak equal quantity of fig, dates and dry grapes over night; grind and store it in fridge. Consume two spoon of it everyday to improve immunity.
    7. Make sure you take protein in your everyday. Dal, mushrooms etc.
    8. I recommend diary products to overall growth but many doctors these days tell to avoid even milk. But I strongly recommend you to take atleast ghee to your diet every day.

    Healthy life style.
    Not just the food that brings changes to your body but your life style too. It actually defines your shape.
    Take care of posture in all your activities like walking, jogging, sitting etc.
    Get adequate sleep. Growth hormones secrete in night times and when you are in your second stage of deep sleep. It must be around 2am. So go to bed by 10, and definitely not later than 12am.
    Finish your dinner 3 hrs before you go to bed. Then only, the energy gets converted from food will be directed to your growth.
    Exercise everyday. Get guidance from proper trainer.

    Stay healthy.
    Don't connect your appearance to self confidence. Sometimes genes play a vital role, we can yield with it
    At that time. Be thankful for staying healthy.

    Sri Vetri
    Spread Positivism

  • There are ways and means to increase your height and weight after 20years also. But before going into that subject I wish to state you that physical appearance will matter less when compared to your mental beauty. So don't worry about that much and try to live a happy life and try to get concentrated on your studies and try to excel in your education and career. Do good and get the blessing of the people who are getting help from you.
    Coming to gaining height and weight you try to follow the following tips which will help you in the same.
    1. Take a good nutritious and healthy food. Have good food habits and develop healthy eating habits.
    2.Have a proper sleep. Try to go to bed early and get up early. Make a regular timing for your sleep.
    3. Try to expose to sunlight daily which will help you to get sufficient Vitamin D which will help you get length and bone weight.
    4, Daily do some stretching exercises for an about an hour or so. They will give you additional length and weight also. It will not allow unnecessary fat. In addition to this if you can do some cycling it will give you additional chances of gaining length.
    5.Yoga is another way to increase your weight and length. Please go through a proper yoga practice as required.
    These activities will definitely help you in gaining weight and height.

    always confident

  • Generally men and women stop growing rapidly around this age. You my gain a few cms from now. Many people have a low height and body weight, but are in good jobs, command respect and attention. So, please don't be disheartened by your external appearance. We are what are parents and what their parents are (in terms of height).

    You want to increase your height and weight. You will find that most exercises you do to increase height, will make you lose weight initially, so please watch out.

    To increase weight, you need to increase your calorie consumption.
    Switch to full strength milk , buffalo milk helps in weight gain as it has a higher fat content.
    Please you ghee and panneer in your diet
    If you are a non vegetarian, then start consuming red meat and eggs (eggs are a rich source of proteins)
    Focus on adding peanut butter, nuts, chocolate drinks, good quality dates also. The Nendran or Kerala bananas are good to give you calories and known to increase weight in children, you can try it.
    YOu can start consuming more calories by increasing your carbohydrates (rice) in the diet.
    Have more frequent meals.
    You can use Chyawanprash/Ashwagandha which improves your immunity, nutrition and helps in increasing height. Please choose a good brand.

    Meditation and having postive thougths will help you overall including your self confidence.
    For increasing height, you can start doing
    Suryanamaskaras daily
    regular stretching exercises morning and evening
    Swimming is also a good exercise to increase height
    Many people get into hanging bar exercises or basketball to improve their height,this is also beneficial.

  • Though it has been established that height cannot be increased once a man attains the age of twenty and so is the case with women's. But with minor changes in the daily routine you can add up a few inches. Consider the inclusion of the the following points in order to get faster results in terms of your height-
    1) Include two pieces of eggs in your regular meals. This will help you in absorbing Womega 3 available in the egg and in turn you will have height growth.
    2) Take at least one glass of cow- milk in warm state. Milk is supposed to be a balance diet containing all the essential materials to enable to gain height.
    3) Adequate sleep of at least eight hours is essential so as to allow the human growth hormone to operate to a peak level.
    4) Take the help of dried fruits such as Almonds, Walnuts, Pistas and a little quantitity of theses nuts if taken regularly will help in registering height.
    5) Follow stretching exercises regularly for half an hour on daily basis.
    You can increase weight by adhering to the following points-
    1) You must take large meals twice giving sufficient allowances to rich calories such as addition of one spoon of cow - ghee in the cooked pulse, vegetables made up of green varieties including sufficient potatoes, chickens, eggs etc.
    2) In breakfast, include butter in the toast, a glass of milk followed by a Banana.
    3) On regular basis, take a tablespoon of Aswagandha- powder made by a reputed Pharmaccetuals and the same is to be added in a glass containing hot milk. Add a teaspoon of sugar as well in this concoction and consume the same prior to going to bed in the night. Aswagandha- powder contains adequate amount of calcium, phosphorus, Magnesium and sufficient Vitamins helping you to gain weight. You should continue for at least forty days.
    4) Engage in brisk walking for at least thirty minutes daily so that your metabolism should work at peak level.
    5) Ensure that your digestion process is alright so that there is maximum absorption of the foods, you consume. Get the liver- function test done in order to ascertain its functioning. Any abnormality can be set right with suitable prescription of the medicine as recommended by a registered doctor.

  • Humans grow rapidly up to age of 18 and growth halts or progressively halts thereafter. Boys may continue growing in height up to 22 years of age. So there might be still a chance for boys after 20 years. Remember that the height factor depends on the genes you inherit. On the contrary there are other factors which inhibit your growth even though you have inherited taller genes. Nonetheless I will suggest you some tips which may help you in gaining height and adds extra mass to your body implying that you gain weight too.

    1. Have a healthy diet. Make sure you have good amount of proteins, Vitamin D, A and C and B complex. You should have sufficient amounts of calcium, phosphorous, iron and zinc in your daily diet. Proteins help you in gaining muscle mass. If you are looking for improving your weight, proteins is the answer. Vitamins help you keep your bones healthy and enhance your growth. Vitamin D and mineral Calcium are two important components that help in maintaining the strength of your bones. Make sure you have all these nutritional values in your daily food. Foods such as meat, eggs, milk, fish, lentils, oysters, oats, citrus fruits, green tea, berries, dairy products, leafy vegetables are rich in nutritional value.
    2. Have sufficient sleep. You must sleep at least 8 hours per day. The growth of the body is controlled (other than) by Pituitary Hormone called the Growth Hormone secreted by Pituitary gland. This gland is very active when you are asleep. So have a proper sleep to enhance hormonal functions.
    3. Do exercises like jogging, swimming, skipping, stretching and bar hanging. All these workouts will help you keep your body fit and also enhance growth especially bar hanging and stretching exercises. Take a walk in Sunlight, this will make your body to produce more vitamin D which helps in growth of bones. Weighted exercises may inhibit the growth in height. So I would suggest you to do simple exercises without weights.
    4. Avoid habits that inhibit your growth such as tobacco or alcohol consumption, improper posture, starving yourself from sleep and unhealthy dietary habits.
    A healthy lifestyle will definitely help you in reaching your targets. But remember that don't fall into traps about people advertising about magic pills that will enhance you height. The credibility of those pills is not proved yet. And also remember that height is a multi-factorial quality of human being which is controlled by many factors such as genes, hormones, physical and physiological factors. There is no guarantee that you may grow in height even if you follow all these healthy plans in your daily life. Just follow them and it will keep you healthy nonetheless.
    Stay motivated, stay healthy.
    Good Luck.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • Increase in height is related to age and it is generally found that in females it is around 18 years while in males it is up to 25 years. These are general figures and individual cases differing from these averages are also common.

    For increasing height, there are some suggestions like exercises, push-ups, controlled and healthy diet, good sleep etc but how far they are effective depends on individual genetic build up and heredity though these are the general techniques used by people to meet the objective of height increase.

    For weight increase, an appropriate amount of carbohydrates, fats and proteins is required. If food intake is more than what is recommended as per the age group then one has to ensure that sufficient physical exercises and activities are undertaken otherwise a person will become fat which is an unhealthy thing.

    Knowledge is power.

  • The increase in height is generally achieved by the age of 20-25 years.
    However with good diet, exercises and good lifestyle some incremental height gain can be achieved in some cases as height is a thing which depends on the heredity factors also.
    It is also believed that a good diet associated with sound sleep helps in overall devlopment of the body.
    So one should try to have a balanced diet comprising of fruits, salads and dairy items along with the normal carbohydrates and proteins.
    As far as possible junk foods and oily and fried items are to be avoided.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • You have not mentioned whether you are a male or female. If you are a male, then you are little bit on the shorter side and you are marginally underweight. As you are 20 years old, then you can grow till 21 years of age provided your sitting posture is upright, you walk straight and do some exercises. However, please remember that height generally depends upon genetic factors. I feel that during the next one year, you can gain 2-3 inches if regular height-gaining exercises are done.

    So far as your weight is concerned, you can gain weight by partaking good amount of protein, minerals and increasing fat content (good cholesterol) in your food. Don't go for artificial weight-gaining products. Unlike height, weight-gaining is not stopped at a particular age.

    However, I would like to state you that the self-confidence of a person should not depend upon height or weight. Education, upbringings and other value-based factors develop the personality and self-confidence in human being.

    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

  • You did not specify whether you're a male or female. There is some reasons of why person is being underweight. There could be two resons. First reason is a person does not have a appetite. To improve appetite the best thing you can do is take iron supplementation and green leafy vegetables which will definitely helps for improving appetite. If you consume more than 500 calories everyday then he or she can improve weight by 2kg for a month. The second reason is that the meal, diet any food you eat are not absorbed in the body. This is because of so many imperfection so correcting the imperfection would certainly help like Vitamin B. So taking protien, multivitamin pill etc. would definitely help the person in increasing the weight. Food you can take such as banana, coconut water, legumes, cereals and whole grain foods. If you are non veg then you can have 1 egg a day.

    Doctors always suggest to have ashwagandha for increasing height and for gaining weight too. If you are a female then its difficult to increase height because of puberty if you don't know about it then puberty means it stops producing growth harmones. Its difficult not impossible. So ashwagandha is best. Take 2 spoon of ashwagandha powder twice a day with a milk everyday for a 45 days continously. You'll definitely see changes after a month in your body after having this root. Do yoga anulom vilom everyday early in the morning and exercises such as swimming, jumping and stretching exercise.

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