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    How to turn on the keyboard backlight in Windows 10 laptop?

    Need the keyboard backlight on Windows 10 laptop? Check with the expert responses here about how to switch on the backlight of your laptop keyboard.

    I have a Dell Inspiron N5030 black laptop and wants to turn on the keyboard backlight to see words and numbers at night. Is it possible to turn on the backlight of a laptop keyboard? If yes, then how if not they why not? I watched the tutorial on Youtube and followed the steps but there is no option of keyboard brightness. Is this feature enabled on every laptop or only in an expensive laptop?
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  • Does this version have a backlight option at all. Have you tried the F10 or the F key with the glowing light icon on it. If it doesn't work, then try Fn key with the Right arrow key or Fn+ F6 key simultaneously. Hope it helps.

  • All laptops will not have the facility. Only some laptops will have this facility. You please verify whether your laptop is having this facility. Go to the control panel and see whether the keyboard light is there in that or not. If that is there please click on that and fix when it has to on and when it has to off.

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  • For your query, I need to know the specifications that are provided on the keyboard. As Far I know it's not having any backlight option, suppose if it has then try fn(function key) + right arrow for a manual and general option for keyboard backlight on. Otherwise, go to keyboard settings in control panel and check there for switching on. Because if that option is available on your laptop then in the keyboard panel only you will find it to switch on. Suppose if you have the option and not able to switch on then there might be two reasons that are either the laptop is not having sufficient charge or the software for keyboard settings is not installed correctly. If you find keyboard light and not able to switch on to settings then please contact the dealer from where you purchased.

  • Your laptop does not have the backlit keyboard. You cannot turn on the lights in anyway. If you are looking for a backlit keyboard, you can buy an external USB supported keyboard which has backlit keys.

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