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    Looking for paid jobs for content writing

    Interested in paid content writing jobs from home? Searching for details of such jobs and related information? Scroll through this page and resolve your queries.

    Can any of the experts tell me about the genuine websites that pays for writing in India?
    As a student I am looking for some freelance writing jobs that would pay me for my writing. If anyone has some experience in it, than can you share the details of it?
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  • The baby is in your hands, where are you searching. India study channel is the best place to show your writing skills and earn money. At the same time, you can learn more about writing, general knowledge and so many other aspects of life. So I advise you start your journey right from today on this site and then automatically you will learn many other things and you will also get information on various issues.

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  • There are many places in the net where one can try to submit his or her creative writings. Only thing one must remember is that there is a lot of competition in this area as thousands or rather say lacs of people are engaged in this and many of them are writing top quality articles or other documents.

    To start with, this site ISC itself is remunerating for good articles and as you are already here start your creative writing endeavor and submit in article section here.

    Apart from this the other prominent are -
    1. Upworthy -
    Here one can submit articles on social justice, positive news, anything to make earth a good place to live etc.
    2. Freelance mom -
    Articles or write ups on motherhood and careers for women.
    3. A list apart -
    Articles on architecture, strategy, designing, web devlopement etc.
    4. Earth island journal -
    Articles on environment, climate, public health etc.
    5. A fine parent -
    Articles or anectodes on good parenting, raising kids etc.

    Before venturing in these sites please read about their exact standards and requirements so that if that suits you then only you have to pitch in.

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  • Freelance writing has good money in Western countries. You need to be extermely good in writing blogs that attract good traffic to earn money. Travel blogging (India travel blog) is one way to get going.

    You can start with Indiastudychannel and then contribute articles, good quality articles are a way to earn some money, if you are good,you can start with ask the expert and look into job section for some revenue.

    Now, many people focus on multiple paths to improve the earnings. You can start a blog of your own or travel, if you are good in it, then make and post youtube videos, add a googel adsense account to your website. You can also look into affliate marketing and other e services being built in to your site. Once the traffic increases, you can hope to generate revenue.

    The other sites are as listed by the other members, you can give it a try.

  • Freelancing or paid content writing online is a decent online job which can earn you extra bucks along with your regular job. If you have good writing skills you can make lot out of it. But note that this requires lot of hard work, patience and dedication.
    There are many freelancing sites that are available online. This very website which you have asked the question, IndiaStudyChannel is one of them. If you are looking for other alternatives, there are other freelancing sites which hire content writers and pay them for articles. The amount you get paid depends on the individual who hires you. Also remember that many of these sites are platforms which bring the writers and hirers together. Some of the best Freelancing sites are:
    1. Upwork (My personal choice)
    2. Craiglsist
    3. The Guru
    4. Elance
    5. Toptal
    Before you start working with any one of these sites, I would suggest you to start a free blogger of your own (at blogger of wordpress). Publish some articles on them. This is because many individuals/companies who want to hire you for content writing will ask a proof for your publications. This is just an additional asset for your profile but not a compulsion. But if you have decided to do or if you have a blog already, continue doing it and publish articles frequently. At least one article per day. You can even monetise your blog with Google Adsense after you get it's approval.

    Before beginning your Freelancing job on anyone of these sites, I will underline some tips for you which will help you in success.

    1. Make a decent portfolio of yourself. Explain yourself broadly about what you are good at, what articles you can write and by what time you can accomplish them. If you have any previous publication history, add links to those to your profile. Also add relevant experience if you have any. You can also add your contact information (social media profile links such as Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus) to your profile information.
    2. Select a good niche in which you are affluent. You need to be more specific in the content which you are proficient. You cannot simply do any job that is required by the person who wants to hire you. These freelancing sites not only ask for writing articles alone, they will also ask for higher tasks like social media marketing, app developing, web designing and many more. Make sure you select which is suitable for you and also reflect that in your portfolio.
    3. Don't work too cheap or too pricy. In these freelancing sites, you can pre determine the amount you would like to charge for an article. I would suggest you not to charge meagre amount or be too expensive. Do a research on how much you want to charge. Some clients will charge you on hourly basis as well. Make sure you are clear about your charges which will compensate your hard work and time. Your charges can be negotiated with the client. This is purely between you and your client.
    4. Once your profile is ready, you must finish off the task within the time allotted to you. Your client will expect you to finish off the tasks within their required time. Make sure you do that. If you cannot finish the task after you have accepted the work from the client may affect your profile. He/She may give negative rating to your profile which will minimize your chances of getting hired by others.
    5. Tune up your skills whenever you can. Do research on how to improve your writing further and further. Also improve your English/Vocabulary as much as you can. A decent article with good vocabulary has more weight. Remember the importance of quality rather than quantity.

    So according to my opinion this is the basic outline to start freelancing online. Note that you will not earn huge amount of money as a beginner. You need to be very patient and dedicated. But if you start getting jobs, am sure this will get you some decent money which will definitely make you happy.
    Good Luck.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • Online content writing is one of the major activity of writers and bloggers today and internet is crowded by them and you will find many of them where ever you visit.
    Anyway it does not mean that you can not enter there or try this creative work. In fact with hard work and persistence one can make a place for himself.
    ISC is a place where many authors are regularly publishing their articles and you are remunerated not only in cash but the points also which are counted for various purposes.
    There are sites like wordpress and hubpages where you can contribute good quality articles and get remunerated.
    There are some publication companies like oxford press also which give online work like editing, writing or rewriting for remuneration. You have to visit their site and find out the modalities.
    Please remember that a good knowledge of english and control on the language are the pre requisite for this area and one has to be thorough and clear about the things in whatever area one is writing.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • There are many work you can do here on ISC. The best site it is if you're looking for online earning. type articles on any topic. your articles points count doubled for getting Revenue share bonus. Start working here from now. There is not only writing an article work you can post colleges, schools and vacancies. you can also post exam paper of the year 2015 to 2018. You can also contribute money through ask expert section by responsing questions.
    If you wants a fixed income monthly then join freelancing website like fiverr where you can also post article for clients. For that you need to create gig on fiverr then clients everyone looks your profile if you mentioned that you are content writer then clients give you a topic of article and after submission of article you'll get paid. There are many work you can do Fiverr as per your knowledge.

  • Write here in the article section and show us what you have got. Make it count by submitting your first article in Article Section.

    If you're an avid writer who enjoy writing mind blowingly brilliant contents, you can write here or give a shot at Fivver. It's a place where you submit an information "I will write a tutorial contents about anything in the niche of It", and give proper information so clients would hire you. You're the boss in Fivver. You demand your pay. From fixed to low budget there are people out there waiting for writers like you.

    I also brought few best and the latest article that are not available on the web. People are always looking for new ideas so if youre creative, go for Fivver and decide your pay.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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