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  • Category: Gynaecology

    My foreskin won't pull back by itself all the way

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    Lately I've noticed that my foreskin can be pulled back all the way without any troubles when my penis is not erect. But when it is normal, it only goes down a bit and I have to retract it myself which is not really comfortable. Uncomfortable feeling disappears when my penis is lubed, and then it retracts by itself a bit and I can retract it all the way without any troubles. Is it phimosis ?
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  • This is a type of phimosis but is not a very serious issue and may be itself come to normalcy after a few years.

    If you ask for medical advice they may suggest circumcision or frenulipasty and things like that. These are surgical procedures and can be undertaken if the problem is unmanageable or creating pain or other undesirable symptoms.

    Meanwhile it is to be managed with lubricants and regular manual stretching so that the foreskin stretches to some extent.

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  • Please see a General Surgeon or a Urologist for professional advise.

    We don't know your age and other medical status. From what you describe, it is more likley to be a tight foreskin or Phimosis.
    It is not a complete one ( because you are able pull it back). When the penis is erect filled with blood, it strecthes the foreskin and the aperture narrows a bit so that it would be difficult to retract back.

    While having morning bath, you can gently try to pull the skin back a few times and pull it back. Then you should be able to get over this problem.

    When the skin does not go back at all or when the hole becomes very small or the individual is unable to have intercourse without pain, then surgery would be advised by the specialists. Please bear in mind that if the foreskin is retracted full and it DOES NOT come back to normal position, then it can lead to problem called Paraphimosis that would require urgent attention.

    Patients who are diabetes, get chronic, recurrent infection in that area causing Phimosis, In case you are a diabetic please inform the Surgeon/Urologist who will advise you appropriately.

  • It is a condition in which the foreskin of the penis is too tight to be pulled back. This usually may not create any problems. You need not do anything.It will get cured on its own. If phimosis causes obstruction of the urinary stream or pain may require surgery. It is preferable to contact a urologist or a general surgeon and get his opinion and then do as per the advice. But don't worry. It can get cured.

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  • From what you have written, I think there is nothing abnormal. The structure of penis foreskin is such that it covers the penis even when fully erect. So when it is in flaccid state it will have extra skin lying loose which can be pulled back to the full length. However when it becomes fully erect, the skin flexibility is restricted to just a little to allow retraction to the length upto the nodal position. The skin is actually attached at that place like the tongue inside our mouth.
    The foreskin is designed for certain particular functions. There is natural lubrication secreted by the body itself when needed. The foreskin can be retracted to some length for cleaning . Retracting it forcefully much further beyond its natural length and course will result in abrasions and bleeding.
    "foreskin can be pulled back all the way without any troubles when my penis is not erect."- means it is absolutely normal.
    But when it is erect it retracts only in part ,but when lubricated it goes full retraction. -That means the portion has to be lubricated naturally or by applying it ourselves. As you do not feel much pain or swelling etc, there is nothing serious. By and by it will become alright.
    However you can take some normal precautions.. Do not use highly chemical soaps etc to clean your inner parts. Clean with clean water. Do not apply forceful retraction just for the sake of it. When really needed apply lubrication. If very sure you can use those which are available in medical store. Otherwise you can consult a doctor on this or any other solution.
    Instead of diagnosing by yourself, if you have doubts, better consult a doctor.

  • It is called phimosis and is not very abnormal thing. You can try to pull back the foreskin by using some safe lubricants. I think if conscious efforts are made for some time, you will be able to sort out the problem in one-two months. However, if the problem persists after that period, you have to visit a medical practitioner. The doctor in such cases advises circumcision or frenulipasty. This is a very normal surgical procedure and is not dangerous. The surgical procedure is totally safe.

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  • Before diagnosing your condition as Phimosis, have a check for the following symptoms:

    1. Is it paining or the foreskin is expanding like a balloon while you urinate?
    2. Is there a white ring at the tip of the penis?
    3. Are you having pain during sex?
    4. Is there any blood discharge during urination or sex?
    5. Does your foreskin hurts during normal conditions?
    If you have any one these problems, then yes it is Phimosis. Consult nearest Urologist. This can be treated with steroid therapy or surgical intervention or simply called as circumcision. This is surgery isn't a major surgery and just requires few days to heal.

    If you don't have any problems mentioned above, your condition is called as Paraphimosis. This condition is also not a serious condition. This can be treated by relieving the pressure (caused by fluids) on the foreskin with various invasive free techniques or by surgical intervention too.

    Whatever might be the case in you (Phimosis or Paraphimosis), depending on the symptoms, don't let it unattended. Consult nearest Urologist and take necessary treatment as soon as possible. As this may become a serious ailment if ignored for a long period immediate medical advice is recommended.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • The problem you have is called phimosis. Don't be tensed. This is not a serious issue. If your skin is too tight, not able to retract even a little bit then surgery is the best option which takes around 15 to 20 minutes. You can also retracting foreskin at home through force stretching exercise but you need to be carefull. The best thing you can do is consulting a urologist doctor about the issue because its not that easy to do this exercise. If you're able expose a head then you not need to do anything. It is basically for hygine purposes and rule out any other problems. You don't want to undergo a surgery, what are the help that can be done. When a prepuse is tight, simple solution is use a mosturizing lotion or when you take a bath with hot water gently start pulling the skin back on to the head. As you keep using it daily with some local cream what happens is your skin is stretching.

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