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    In terms of computers and networking, what is the difference between workgroup and domain?

    Have a query about computer networking terminology? Searching for the details about the difference between workgroup and domain? Here, on this Ask Expert page you can check out the answers you are looking for.

    I would like to know the difference between workgroup and domain with respect to computers and networking.
    Are these two separated in terms of network or grouping of computers?
    What is the practical use of this and how does the classification help in organizing and managing computers better?
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  • A workgroup is a peer-to-peer network. It is the name for a Windows-based peer-to-peer computer network. Computers in this network will allow each other to access files, printers and Internet. A domain is a client/server network in which the security and resources are centralized. A singular administration will have the control over the domain and users we will have access to files.
    These two are two different methods to organize computers and network. The operating method is different in both the methods.

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  • Workgroup is a peer to peer type of network. Peer to peer means PCs are connected without any centralized server. Domain is a type of client server network. Domain PCs are connected with a server machine. Every work is centralize managed. Lets try to understand difference with an example: Suppose that ten to twenty peer to peer network PCs are connected with a network. Create an account with ABC in any single PC. User id and password is login seperately and data is show to that particular PCs only. There is not fix anyone can work with any of the pc so we have to create ABC user account in all the PCs locally. The big limitation of Peer to peer network is hardly managed because its hardly possible to create account when we have 100 to 200 PCs. In Domain, every users are created in the server machine. User can login there account at any of the pc and access domain resources. In the case of workgroup, suppose that ABC PCs user wants to share a folder with XYZ with peer to peer network then others PCs user can also read and write data that means there is no security in Workgroup whereas in Domain data is stored in server and we can restrict to which user give read permission and to which user give write permission so data is totally secured, user and groups. Domain is used for a large network of PCs.

  • In the simplest terms domain means a large network and work group implies a smaller network. Work group being inherently small network of computers (around 10-15), one can access only when they are part of the network.All these computers are in the same local network or subnet. In workgroup, the computers are all peers and equal, each computer has a user account and the person using it needs individual account for that specific computer.

    Domain being a large structure, it can be accessed from anyplace as long as internet connectivity is ensured. There can be many computers, computers from different local networks and the number of computers are usually hundreds or its multiples.Whoever has access to the domain, can log on to any computer in the domain without needing a separate user account for that specific computer. This enables the person having domain access to make changes, implement security protocols all easily and all the changes made will reflect on all the computers. Among the many computers in the domain, one or a few perform the role of a server, via this server, the domain users can introduce changes.

  • Workgroup is a local cluster of computers connected to each other through local area network. Their data is stored locally in these computer memories and can be shared with each other with simple protocols. Generally this type of networking is used when number of computers is less.

    In a big network the above technique is not possible due to inconvenience of use and data sharing and what is required is a server with whom everyone is connected through internet and work under the secure HTTP protocol. This is known as domain network and a domain name is reserved in server for this.

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