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    Have a query about application for a higher position in a government job?

    Interested in applying for a higher position in the government? Wondering if a regular graduate degree with vocational apprenticeship training can be eligible for the above job? Find advice from experts here.

    I had completed my graduation (regular) in 2012 to 2015. At that time I was also doing apprentice training in 2012 to 2014 which was a vocational training under Govt. of India. Now I am a Govt. employee and want to use my graduation for sitting in exam of higher post. Is it possible or will I face trouble?
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  • No. You can apply for the higher post through proper channel. As the degrees and qualifications you acquired are from recognised university and Institute you will not have any problem. Apply for the higher post with the proper application and method through the proper channel. All the best to you.

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  • Thanks sir for your advice. But I have confuse in that my apprenticeship training and graduation degree falling on same year as 2012 to 2014 apprentice and 2012 to 2015 graduation

  • You have been doing your graduation from 2012-2015 as a regular candidate and also your vocational training 2012-2014.
    UGC accepts that students who are in a regular full time degree program (3-4 years) can pursue ONE more additional degree/certificate/diploma (1-2 years) via open/regular/distance mode at the same time. Your scenario fits into the UGC guidelines.
    So you should not have any issues. If the higher post depends on your degree and apprentice training, then ensure that you have both valid certificates issues by the appropriate authority.
    You are currently working, please check with your colleagues who are applying for the similar post or a senior employee at the recruitment office who would also be knowledgeable.

  • I have properly understood your doubt. You did two regular courses at the same time. So, you are feeling hesitant to intimate your office about any other Government job on the basis of your Graduation.

    I strongly advise that you should apply through proper channel for any other job to avoid further complication. As you have already joined Government on the basis of apprenticeship which is a valid certificate, your present employment will not be questioned.

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  • Thanking you partha sir

  • Your qualification is in place and if some higher posts are advertized in any Govt department for which you are eligible then you can definitely apply but you must apply through your present office that is through proper channel. This is very important otherwise you will face problem at the time of NOC etc.

    In your present department also there may be higher vacancies for only departmental candidates on merit basis. These are advertized through internal circulars. If it is so you can apply against that also.

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  • In your query, you have not mentioned about your graduation and any qualification details but as you have mentioned I would suggest, If you have completed your graduation then you can apply for the higher post but before that, you need to know the rules and regulations of that post. As your already employed in government job then you can try for promotion but another government job you cannot apply. In such case, you need to have permission and guidance from you higher officers.

  • You are already in Govt service and as per your qualifications, you are eligible for applying for higher posts whenever these are advertised by the respective Govt deptt.
    Now the eligibility for higher post generally seeks some experience also in addition to the basic educational qualification. You have to see that you possess the requisite years experience of working in the related assignment.
    If you are eligible as per the experience criterion then you can very well apply for the higher post and climb your career in a fast mode.

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  • I don't think you will be facing any legal issue by disclosing the facts that you persued the two courses simulteneously since there does not appear any violation in persuing a vocational training awarded by Government of India and persuing a regular course from a university.
    Since in your case, there is no violation of UGC norm, there should not be any delay from your side in concealment of the facts. Your addition of the qualification has to be intimated to the Personnel - department so that your graduation qualification can be recorded in your personnel -file.
    Being a Government - employee, you should be aware of the rules being followed in the central - government and compliance of such rules is essential.

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