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    Need guidance for MNC job eligibility

    Are you applying for a MNC job? Wondering about degree certificate if one subject is not clear? Here, on this page you can check out the advice provided by experts for all your queries.

    I have completed B.E in Mechanical engineering and have 4 years of design experience.
    In engineering I have cleared all the regular subjects and have all semester passed marks card. As lateral entry student I had to clear one more subject but I couldn't clear it. So I am not eligible to get degree certificate.
    I have got a good offer from one reputed MNC but they asking for degree certificate. What should I do?
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  • You might have completed this course bt this time and got your degree certificate. In MNCs without giving correct information joining the Organisation will be a problem in future. Did you not mentioned about the backlog issue to the company. I suggest you please send a letter to the MNC where you got selected for a post indicating the problem in getting the degree certificate and explain very clearly the lateral entry point and the necessity of clearing the exam. If they like your candidature more than a degree for them they may give you the clearance. otherwise, they may ask you to clear the subject after joining the job. Otherwise, they may ask you to clear the subject and may extend the date of joining their organisation.

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  • You should try to clear this remaining paper as early as possible. It is unlikely that you will be selected by a MNC without a degree certificate.

    If seeing your experience a MNC provisionally takes you then also you will have to clear this paper. At that time you will not be able to cope up with the load of MNC work plus the preparation for this remaining paper.

    If you know your capacity to work as well as study you can choose the latter option.

    Knowledge is power.

  • As you have a pending paper it would be incorrect to state that you have completed your B.E. I would advise you to clearly inform the MNC about the status of pending paper and state when the supplementary examination will be held. You can say that you would submit the degree certificate after the declaration of result of the supplementary examination in respect of one paper. It is always better to be truthful.

    On the other hand, study with complete seriousness to clear the pending examination at the next available opportunity. There is no other way out.

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  • MNC or any other company would offer you the job based on your performance in the interview and the Semester examinations preceding to the Final Semester of your BE/B Tech degree. If you were unable to clear a paper in the Final examination, you can't produce the Copy of the provisional Certificate or the marks sheets of the qualifying examination. Thus you may not be in a position to justify about your qualification. Instead, you can brief the company about the factual position and seek time to join the company after clearing the examination. Sometimes, there are fair chances to allow you to join pending clearance of the examination and you can submit the original Marks sheet after completion of the examination. Be fair and frank, nothing will happen, you may be allowed to join or your joining date may get extended.


  • Congratulations on your job. For your query, I would suggest you mention the details of your marks card and even assure them that you will complete the degree and get the certificate. For all that to set right you may need time which you need to ask them. Anyway, I would suggest you complete your degree because of its use for you in future if not for this job.
    If they are asking for your degree certificate now then how did you apply for that company and what qualification's you mentioned in your resume. Please clarify this then I can suggest you the right way.

  • Thank you all for ur valuable suggetions...dear gsadhiks sir,I applied for thorough company website n I mentioned in resume as B E in mechanical engineering and thing is that I can't clear it now as already time over.. I feeling like my career ruined

  • I think you should indicate the clear position regarding the non clearance of a paper included in your final examination. Depending upon your performance on the final - interview, they would definitely reconsider your case provided you are honest enough in resolving this issue.
    Once a candidate is selected in final - interview, his / her name remains in the panel for a year and in your case also, you may make a query regarding their existing rule in this regard.
    You have to realise the urgency of the situation and act accordingly. You may clear the paper in the ensuing supplementary examination so that permissible time for the panel remains in tact. With your little endeavour, you would be able to clear the back - log.
    Even if the employer of MNC does not aceed to your request and does not accept your proposal to extend time, your inherent potential should not die down and would emerge successful in the next interview.

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