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    Should long employment gap be mentioned in a resume

    Wondering whether to mention any gap in a resume? Looking out for professional advice online? Find ample advice from experts on this page regarding whether to write about gap in the resume or just mention it in the interview.

    In IT/Software industry in case a person is having a long gap in employment then it is seen that showing a long gap in resume proves to be counterproductive. If a person mentions in his resume that he or she is currently not working since xyz time then it turns out to be negative for hiring managers and HR of a company as they always look for candidates who are currently working as a regular employee of any company. In such case, it becomes difficult for such candidates to get interview calls as their CV is not shortlisted seeing that person is not working currently. What should such a person so then?
    It may be very critical for him or her to get a job. Should they mention falsely in their resume that they are still working in their previous company so that there are chances of getting an interview call?
    Once attending interview they can explain to the HR or hiring manager that they did not mention not working on their resume just to get an opportunity for an interview. This may also prove dangerous for the candidates as a company will think that this person is trying to hide the true facts and may be seen unethical for them. So they may not hire them on this grounds even after the interview.

    So in Software industry / IT jobs such a person is in a fix both ways whether he shows the unemployment in a resume or hides it. My question to experts is what should such a person do? Should he clearly mention his unemployment status in a resume or do not mention it and wait to discuss it out during the interview?
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  • Yes, this is a tricky situation and becomes difficult to justify that gap.

    Still, there are ways to solve this problem. One way is you can always mention that you were engaged in some online work which most of the people in fact adhere to. Another possibility is you can honestly tell that due to some personal family problem you could not join the job whatever you were getting at that time.

    A gap does not necessarily mean that your knowledge base is rusted or gone haywire. In fact if you are able to answer the interview questions nicely then what is the doubt about the abilities.

    Do not be let down by the gap in your career and rather face the interview boldly if you get an opportunity and pass on the message that you are a hard working person and understand the importance of your job for the company.

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  • There is a tough competition in the IT or Software industry.The recruiting firms or the IT firms are not novices to the game of hiring and firing employees. They have the experience of screening hundreds of applications and if there is a gap that is hidden, it shows out very easily as the timeline from graduation, job search,apprenticeship, part time work etc would be closely scrutinized.

    If you hide the gap and then hesistanly explain at the interview rounds or at the final stage, the frim will be critical about your honesty and intergrity. It gives an indication of your character and reliability also. SO, please look back at how long in the gap and what were you doing in that time.

    You can divide the gap into time spent on applying and looking for a good opening, time spent as a honrary assistant or an apprentice in a small firm that you know, time spent on online courses/websites contributing to blogs etc, time spent due to commitments in the family or looking after famiy buissness and some time where you were honestly unemployed.

    Please review the circumstances that were present around the time of the gap in employment and then formulate an explanation. If I were you, I would add, that although there is a gap in my employment, this is how I've spent that time and I would like to be honest with you upfront rather than hiding the time gap.

    If you are honest and explain yourself, the recruiting team would appreciate as they would have seen a few applications wherein the candidates have not been truthful. Have self confidence and focus on your subject and the interview pattern, gaps are common in real world and people do understand that not everyone has a dream career without much time spent being unemployed. If you are waiting for a job to come by, please do some online courses relevant to your sub specialty or work as an apprentice or a honorary so that you would not have similar issues later on.

  • It is always better to be present a correct picture in our bio data which is the basis for the selection. Even you are not mentioning in the biodata when you go for a discussion, definitely, you have to answer the question about the gap. There is no doubt about the same. So what I suggest is you can be frank in your approach. You might have engaged yourselves in some way or other during the gap. The same can be mentioned in the CV with a little diplomatically. You can say that you were engaged in some professional work from home or something similar sort. If you have acquired any professional courses during this gap, you can mention also in your CV.

    always confident

  • It is true that your current role would be crucial for deciding your fate in an interview in IT field in particular. But honesty is the best policy and presenting a correct picture would help you a lot. Further, it is your confidence level that makes you more comfortable as to how you can manage the things in the new role and how you are well versed in the trending system by proving that the gap you have taken has nothing to do with the working style and yielding good result for the company. If you get updated with the knowledge and latest developments, it won't affect you more and you can explain them in a gentle way that you can do well.


  • As you mentioned in the query. It supposes that you are asking a general question or your an interviewer or a candidate. But as your query, I would suggest that the person should be loyal to the words. If there is a gap in the employment then it should be clearly mentioned on the resume. As per your second query whether the candidate will get a job or no it depends on the candidate on how he/she makes an appearance in the interview to please the HR manager and grab the job suppose in the beginning if we don't mention then, later on, speak the truth we will have a negative opinion in the employment area throughout where we may lose the job or we may get frustrated and leave the job by the talks of the other employees who work with us. Always getting a job depends on the candidate it doesn't matter whether he/she is having a long gap. Sometimes we may not get a job due to gap but never mind we can try for other jobs and definitely we will be employed. Speaking the truth gives us always success even if the path is tough. So I advise writing the perfect resume even if there is a gap in employment.

  • Though it seems to be a tricky situation whether one should disclose the facts regarding one's gap in career or should hide the same altogether.
    In my opinion, there is no harm in disclosing the fact and in case it is a reasonable one such as your prolonged illness resulting in a long gap in getting a suitable assignment or illness of your wife or any close relative of your family. You need to think rationally and there is always a scope from your side to justify the reason for such dislocation in your service career.
    To sum up, the members of the Board would like to assess your overhaul personality. They would closely watch how you respond to their queries and how far you have the grasp over the different tools taught in your graduation level and overhaul concept of different languages employed in IT field. You need to be a good listener and your response must reflect intelligent level above the average. They may ask some ticklish questions and watch how you react in such circumstances and finally your balanced approach will lead to your success.
    So, you need not remain under dilemma for your gap, be ready to face the situation with your courage and finally you will set round the table in your favour with your patience and intelligence in the interview - session.

  • It is always advisable to mention the gap in a career. The undisclosed gap always creates questions and that might create a negative impression at an interview. Thus, it is advisable to provide necessary and valid information during the interview process.

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  • Is it possible to hide the present status of unemployment? If you write something which is not correct, it may create more problem. Suppose, you say that you have been working with an organisation, the company where you would seek employment may ask you to produce experience certificate or a recommendation letter from your present boss. In that case, you will be in a much more critical position.

    So, it is better to follow the maxim: "Honesty is the best policy." State the fact truthfully and mention the reason for your unemployment. Try to impress the interview board members with your knowledge of the subject. If necessary, join at lower level, acquire experience and then shift to a better position.

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