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    Distributorship for Idea Cellular

    Planning to become a telecom provider distributor? Searching for information about commission is paid to retailers? Check out this page for responses from experts.

    I am planning to become an area distributor for pre paid Idea Cellular.
    What will be the commission guaranteed and what are the pros and cons in this service?
    Should the distributor give the commission for retailer or the company directly provides commission on recharge to retailers?
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  • To become a dealer you can apply to the company. The investment required for a region will be around 5 to 10 Lakhs. No territorial rights will be given by the company to the dealer. No performance guarantee will be given. The area required will be around 250 square feet of the area either own or rent.
    The dealership will be for sales and service streams. Revenue from both the streams is competitive. The return on investment is dependent on the area where you are taking the dealership. Dealer's daily involvement is a requirement in this business.

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  • Before applying for dealership it is better if you find out the potential for telecom dealership in that area. Whether the existing outlets are already more than sufficient or there is a scope for a few more to be accommodated.

    After this important survey only you can decide the service provider from which you want to have this business relationship. In your case you have, I assume, likewise decided for Idea Cellular.

    To get the dealership you have to apply to them giving the details of space and initial investment amount you are ready to afford for this endeavour. They will also from their side give certain conditions and requirements of space and initial investment. You can then have the final meeting with them to settle the modalities.

    The most important thing in this proposition is the anticipated sales volume in that area. Accordingly you have to plan your initial preparations in collaboration with the company.

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