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    Can one join B Sc degree after completing B Tech

    Want to pursue BSc after BTech? wondering if it is possible to do so? Here, read the responses from experts and understand how to satisfy your aspirations.

    My son has completed B Tech(ECE) degree from University of Calicut. He wants to study science and want to join for B Sc Physics. I heard that after completing a higher course a person cannot join for a lesser one.
    Is it true?
    He is very fond of physics and want to start from B Sc itself.
    Isn't it possible? Can he do it in the same university? Can you provide me some guidelines.
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  • He can pursue B.Sc. But it won't make sense. After completing B.Tech let him go for M.Tech Electronics. Whatever he wants to learn in B.Sc Physics has already been taught to him in B.Tech. Whatever jobs he wants to join after B.Sc can be tried now. He will be definitely able to get all those jobs. Whatever higher studies he wants to do after B.Sc physics can be done now. There is no logic. Let him join for PG course in electronics or any other physics related subject. If he wants to go for teaching let him go for B.Ed directly. That will be the correct approach. If he joins in B.Sc it is a waste of time for three years.

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  • Why B Sc physics now, this would mean another three years not being used for progression of higher studies or career. Let him weigh the options and his final career choice/job prospectus. The practical option would be to M tech and get a good job.

    If he is still keen on physics, it would be good to focus on an academic or a professional career based on his B Tech and he can pursue MSc Physics by distance education mode. If he likes teaching now he can take the B.Ed, then the TGT exams and get a job as a teacher after which he can enroll in B Sc Physics by distance education mode. If he wants a full-time physics course and is good in his academics, he can prepare and take the IIT-JAM exams and based on a good score, he can pursue M Sc Physics or even a dual MSc-PhD degree. This option would help him in his career and at the same time satisfy his passion for Physics.

  • After completing B Tech generally, people will go for M Tech and that is a good proposition from job point of view also.
    If someone has a passion for pure sciences then he should have gone for B Sc in the beginning itself.
    Anyway, there is no restriction on that and one can pursue pure sciences again by joining B Sc choosing appropriate subjects especially as Physics in your case.
    This will be taking extra time for your study cycle and after B Sc you may switch to M Sc and then some research work. That may eventually land you either in teaching job or as a scientist in some national laboratory. If that is your intention of pursuing pure sciences I think you may incur some extra years but you may achieve your objective.

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  • You have to understand the value of your qualification. You might have gone through the concept of Physics in your earlier semesters and the cirriculam of Physics in the B.Sc stage does differ substantially with that of B.Tech degree course and hence by persuing such a course, it would simply spoil your valuable time.
    If you're so much inclined to Physics, you can think of a post graduation degree in the same stream by taking up a distance mode qualification through IGNOU and side by side your u can try for GATE. A good percentile in GATE would enable to get a premier institution from where you can persue your M.Tech including IIT for widening your prospects in teaching, Reasearch and for the jobs of Public - undertakings. In that way, you will achieve both - mental satisfaction by having a M.Sc degree in Physics and a prestigious M.Tech degree in ECE enhancing your career prospects manifold. Moreover, time - schedule can be utilised effectively by resorting to such a step.

  • Parental responsibility plays a vital role in such a scenario. Quite surprising that your son finished his B Tech and wants to B Sc now. I doubt this being another teaser posted here to test the knowledge of those who respond here. Don't mistake me. Your son might be knowing the fact that the first two year syllabus of the 4 year B Tech would be comprising the B Sc syllabus and the subject is covered in vast with subjects like Engineering Physics andHigher Engineering mechanics. Then what would be the fun of going for a B Sc course and I am sure the colleges won't admit those candidates with higher qualification unless the are failed.

    If he is really interested in Physics, he could opt for M Sc (Applied Physics) or Physics which are available at various IITs and NITs where they can try for it through the JEE.


  • There is no legal bar in joining B.Sc. course after completing B.Tech. But in the process the student would lose three valuable years of his life. But he should try to take admission in M.Sc. in Theoretical Physics or in similar courses being conducted by IITs and NITs. Please visit the websites and check the eligibility conditions. He can also take admission in four year integrated course in M.Sc. (Physics) in Indian Institute of Science or in similar institutes.

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