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    How to get data from old external hard drive?

    Have a query about recovery of data from an old hard drive? Searching for the detailed process? Find advice and tips from experts on this page.

    I have bought an externally powered hard drive in 2010 and it was working fine till 2016. Still, the hard drive is running but very slow. The opening of folder and copying of the file takes too much time. The drive makes the PC not responding very frequently. Even few KB of the file takes more time to copy.
    How to recover all data which is on the disc?
    I want to back up all data from it to my PC.
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  • You can recover data from disc for that you need to install or launching a software called EaseUS data recovery wizard. Download the software from which is very good website. You can also find many other softwares of data recovery. After launching the software, select the type of file you wants to recover. File type means which file extension you wants to recover if you wants to recover images then file type is JPGE or if its videos then choose video extension from the software. Select the external hard drive and click on scan option. After scan you can easily choose or filter the files according to the file type and move data to the internal drive for use.

  • I think it is not a very difficult task. I have a laptop. The data available on the laptop I copied and pasted on an external hard disc. Then I brought that disc to my house and attached it to my desktop computer and copy pasted the information from the hard disc to my computer. Now the same data I have on my computer and the hard disc also. Whatever I want to keep and from the other one I can delete the information. The laptop handed over to my company. So you can see the compatibility of the software and then copy and paste the information as required.

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  • From what you have mentioned it looks to me that you have issues with transfer speed rather than the actual external hard drive not working.

    The speed of tranfer of data depends on the model (age) of your external hard drive, the USB type, the USB cables and ports used. The older versions of the external hard drive with USB 1.0 version has a transfer speed on 12 Mbps, th USB 2.0 had a file transfer rate of 480 mbps. In comparsion, the USB 3.0 offers a transfer speed of around 4-4.8 Gbps.

    You can certainly try changing the cables (look for a high speed file transfer cable for USB 2.0) and the USB port that your using or try connecting it to a different laptop. You can also check how good your external hard drive is by running the brand specific diagnostic tool that should be there in the original hard drive.

    The other thing you can try is connect the external hard drive to your computer. The left click on the stat icon of your PC/laptop. Go to computer option and right click to select manage. Once the popup screen opens, then click on device manager, you will see all the devices attached to the computer. Next expand the icon disk drives by clicking on the '+' sign, it will show you all the attached disks, if not refresh and start once again. Once you see your External hard disk, select and right click on properties which will show you the properties with headings (general,policies,volumes,driver,details). Here click on the tab that has polices and then select the Optimize option that should increase the performance of the disk.

    Lastly, in general terms copying a file and pasting it takes a longer time than moving a file from A to B. You can just gets the steps from internet after connecting your hard drive and see that should help you too.

    It is also important to know that external hard drives also come with a shelf life. Backblaze had 25,000 hard disks online and found that 90% of them survived for 3 years and 80% were functional at the end of 4 years. Your hard drive is around 7 years old, maybe it's time to change. If all this does not help, then seek professional help from local computer hard ware experts, please careful about the chance of data/ personal images being misused.

  • As the external drive is quite old it is time to change it. The changing of USB configuration may help but it is advisable to change the hard drive before it is corrupted or starts giving bad sectors etc.

    One simple way is to take it to a professional computer shop where they will copy with their upgraded USB system all the files temporarily to their computer and then move it to a new hard drive of your choice.

    They may charge some service fee for this. This will help you to avoid unnecessary hassles for making trial and error type of work while doing it yourself.

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  • AS per your query regarding speed of copying files, the low speed generally happens when the format of the drives you are copying from/to are different. For example if you have your PC partitions/drives in NTFS format and your external hard disk is in FAT32 format, this will generally take very long duration to copy. Check for the compatibility of the drives by right clicking on the drive and select properties.

    If you want to change the external hard disk file format system to match your computer's file system, the only way is formatting it. Since you have loads of data, backup the data to your PC or any other external hard disk. You can borrow from your friend if possible. Back up to another hard disk and format the hard disk to match your computer file format system. This will fix the problem.

    But if the file systems are similar and still you are expecting the latency, then I guess it has physically damaged or it's hardware wore off. You can recover data with many free and paid softwares available. Some of them are

    Stellar Data Recovery
    Wondershare Data Recovery
    Remo Recover Pro

    Some of them are paid while some of them are free. Free programs will have limited options in recovering data. Consider buying a paid one which has no limitations in terms of size of data you want to recover.

    Good Luck

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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