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    Correction of name in 10th marksheet

    Having a typo error in any of the marksheets or documents? Looking out for a detailed procedure to make the change? Find advice from experts here.

    My name and my father's name mismatches in 10th marksheet, 12th marksheet and graduation marksheet.
    How can I change these on marksheet?
    Can you provide me a detailed procedure to do so?
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  • There are mistakes or mismatches in the names of your father and yourself in 10,12 and graduation markssheets
    Please check your other ID documents like Ration card, Driving license, Aadhaar, PAN, Voters ID etc as these mistakes are often possible and missed out until it is needed in a hurry.

    Please check the names of your father and yourself with respect to initials, spellings etc. The please get an affidavit done for each of you via a Notary who will guide you with regards to the legal terms and language.
    Once this affidavit is done, please publish both the name correction/changes in an English paper and a regional/vernacular paper and preserve both.

    For the 10th marks card/certificate, please submit the application request for name change to the 10th state board in the city/place where you studied. Thus application would be forwarded via the prinicipal of the school.

    For the 12th marks card/certificate, please submit the application request for name change to the 12th/PUC board in the city/place where you studied. Thus application would be forwarded via the prinicipal of the college

    For the graduation marks card/certificate, please submit the application request for name change to the university under whose juridrisction you collge falls in the city/place where you studied.

    You may have to pay the necessary fees. Please keep a copy of the letters submitted with an acknowledgement signature or slip for all the above, this would be helpful for you to follow-up in case of delays.

  • Why did you wait till you complete your graduation to correct the mistakes in your tenth class and Intermediate certificates? You might have done the required work at that time itself. That is a very serious lapse from your side. We must take a corrective action on these important matters at the right time.
    Anyhow immediately you contact a good lawyer and take his help and get the affidavit done. Then he will also guide you regarding the other actions you have to take. You may have to give paper advertisement in two daily newspapers also about the name.
    Once you complete this work, you can contact the school for correction of SSc documents, Junior college for change in the Intermediate certificate and University administration for degree certificate correction. You have delayed the issue a lot. Please take the immediate change.

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  • A lot of time has gone before you could recognize these mistakes. It is quite late but still, you can take up the procedure to get them rectified.

    First of all, you have to see what are the authentic documents you have in respect of yourself as well as your father which reflect your correct names. It could be voter card or ration card or Aadhaar card or PAN card. Please keep it as a reference because all the corrections in your mark sheets will be based on this and there should not be any error in them.

    Now you have to apply to your 10th board, SSC board and university office respectively for correction in the respective mark sheet and request them to issue the corrected one. This will take quite some time and you have to patiently follow up with them.

    Another option is to go for legal affidavit giving details of these mark sheets and mentioning the errors therein and giving the correct names. This affidavit is to be verified and signed by a first class magistrate making it an authentic legal document.

    Please remember you will have to get affidavit prepared for different mark sheets. This you check up with the lawyer. As far as my knowledge goes you will have to make 3 affidavits.

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  • I am afraid you are very casual in approach or this could be a teasing question to see the responses here. You haven't given the details of your name and father's name to see where the mismatch has occurred. What were you doing all these days and how this mismatch was allowed to continue by the Educational authorities even in your 12th standard and graduation. Your prompt action in bringing the anomaly after class X result could have saved you enough time and a strained effort.

    Late is better than ever. Else, it would badly affect your fate in Competitive examinations for choosing your career. First approach the Secondary Board authorities through your school or college where you studied your class X and provide the relevant documents for correction in your Class X marks sheet/Pass certificate. They would cross-check the information with reference to your enrollment details and Transfer/Migration certificate issued to you. Generally the TC issued by the school/college would carry the correct information without any spelling mistakes. Once, the necessary corrections are carried out for you X class marks memo/certificate, then you can repeat the same procedure for corrections in the 12th standard and the Degree certificates at the appropriate levels i.e., Board of Higher Secondary Education and the university respectively. You can furnish a copy of the Aadhar car, if it reflects the correct name of yourself and your father.

    The submission of any Legal Affidavit does not serve any purpose for the school/college authorities as they go by their own available record. It may help you at the time of documents verification in the event of your selection to any post and totally at the discretion of the appointing authority as to whether they can accept the mismatch of names in the absence of authentic attestations by the Boar/college authorities. Therefore, I suggest you to get them corrected at the school.college/university level only.


  • Kindly check in which documents your name and your father's name have been spelt correctly. Thereafter, you have to go and sign an affidavit before a first-class magistrate of your city indicating your correct name and mentioning the incorrect names which appeared in different documents. Thereafter you have to give two classified advertisements in two newspapers, one English and one vernacular.

    As your father is another adult person, he will have to follow exactly same procedure separately.

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  • It is really very surprising that you have observed these discrepancies at such a later stage. These are very important documents and they will be verified every time you go for interview etc in connection with your job applications.
    The main task ahead is now to approach your board of education as well as university for correction of these documents and issuing of new and corrected ones.
    You have to provide them support documents where your as well as your fathers name is correctly mentioned. For example it could be Aadhaar card in your case and PAN card in your father's case.
    This is a one-time correction and will help you in future for any work where these educational documents are to be produced.
    As far as document verification at the time of interview for jobs is considered even the legal affidavit will serve the purpose. The affidavit should mention the details of this situation and mention the correct names also and should be signed in presence of a first class magistrate and verified with his seal and signatures.

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  • Mismatches appearing in your father's name and yourself in the certificates in 10 th, 12 th and graduation level have to be corrected from the concerned agencies and sooner you do the better. These certificates are subject to verification in each interview you would face for the interview - purpose with respect to your jobs or for perusal to higher studies.
    For class 10th and 12 th, you need to write an application to the concerned Boards indicating the discrepancies with respect to name of yourself and your father's name. The same should be forwarded by the Principal of your school where in he would indicate the correct names of yourself and your's father appearing in the admission Register. You need to make a Bank - draft of a requisite amount required for such purposes. The application - form along with the drafts are to be sent to concerned Boards. You would get back your corrected certificates though the process may take some time.
    The same process is to be repeated for the correction of the graduation - certificate as well.

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