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    What certification course should I do to get hired in an IT company

    Yet to get a call from IT companies even after pursuing ME degree and eager to know which certification courses in IT would fetch a job. Our experts would suggest you what can be done and check this page here.

    Hi, I am Trupti Mokal. I have just completed my masters i.e. M.E. in Computer Engineering. I decided to do Master's degree because due to my health complications I couldn't score good marks in B.E(Computer Engineering) i.e. aggregate 52% . So I chosed to do masters and result was excellent 86%aggregate. But still to get hired in an IT company certification course is needed which is lacking in me. Now I am confused about which course to do? Whether I go for testing or PHP or anything else? Please help me to choose good course that would help me to grow my career and get hired in IT company for long term basis
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  • Computer science has emerged as a big area now and there are various specific branches where one can concentrate more to become a specialist in that line.

    It is no point in at random selection of a certificate course. One has to see ones particular interest also.

    Some of the prospective certification course are database management, artificial intelligence, system networking and architecture etc.

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  • You have completed your BE and then ME in computer Science. Most people in the IT industry are unsuccessful in getting a placement due to large number of applications and abscence of the right skill set with good quality.

    1.Certification courses are helpful but at interviews weightage in give for job experience, working expereince on live projects and hands on training in good companies as apprentice.

    2.Please get a good CV formatted, register in,,,,and linkedin if you haven't already done so.

    3.Select a job that is open for freshers or even enroll as an apprentice
    For instance, This is a job for Assoicate software engineer with eligibility being M.E(CS)

    4.You can also select good PSUs for apprentice or intern jobs that you add value for your CV. Check jobs similar to this in Baba Atomic Research Centre for M.E (C.S) candidates. can join intern jobs that are for short durations 2-6 months, the pay would be less but it gives you a chance to work in good centers on live projects.
    For instance, this ( gives you a chance to work on in house projects related to healthcare technology/innovation.

    6. you can check links like this that list intern jobs openings at IIT and major IT companies (

    7. The certification courses are plenty that would be useful, you can choose any language programs, CISCO IT certifications, testing programs etc

    CISCO CCNA routing and switching certification
    STRUTS(framework for JAVA)
    System administration
    DBA(Db2,My Sql)
    Cloud computing
    Some people opt for software testing to start with and get a certificate course in dynamic testing, regression testing, programming unit testing etc.

  • Hi Trupti , your situation is not different than many aspirants.
    1. Currently IT companies are not doing many off campus recruitment and even in On campus prefer to choose only top scored students.
    2. Yes you will need some coaching cum hiring institute to get the job. Please don't expect to get hiring in big MNC at this moment and if you get offer in small firm go for it.
    3. I would recommend CDAC as many of my friend even non IT background through CDAC hired in IT.
    In your region shortlist such institutes and apply them.
    4. Keep in mind you will have to spend again in these coaching institutes and job opportunities will be provided but converting them into job offer is up to your skills.

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  • For taking up an IT course and get offer from a software company, a bachelor's degree is pretty much enough. Generally, IT companies set 60% or more aggreate as an eligibility criteria to attend the interview. There are few companies which do accept 50% aggregate as well. But for that, you need to really shine well in the IT course which you are choosing to pursue.

    One of the most demanding area in IT field nowadays is Big Data. Data sector is growing like anything and there are more opportunities for people working in the data sector. So, I would suggest you to do any Big Data course. Learn as much as you can and pass all the qualifying exams with maximum marks you can take. It would be an added advantage if you do a small project at the end of your course.

    Also to add more weight to your resume, you can learn blogging and start a technical blog. Contribute content about programming languages and latest technology updates. Doing this will make your resume stand out from the crowd.

    As you had done Master's, it would be good idea to get a Lecturer job in an engineering college and in parallel do the IT course and search for an IT job. It is just suggestion to you to keep some backup before you actually find your desired job. It is up to you to decide now.


  • You are an M.Tech in computer science. My suggestion to you is there are many private colleges in India where they require lecturers. You try for that and join immediately as a lecturer there. Once you are in a job you can think of shifting from there to IT industries after putting up 1 or 2 years experience. These days Off-Campus interviews are very less and chances are very remote. Getting a job as fresh IT candidate is very very difficult. You join as a lecturer. They make your CV nicely and register it in any good online site like Once you start teaching you will get fairly a good idea about the demand outside and accordingly you can do a part-time certification if required.

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  • I have the same educational background as your and working in a reputed MNC. Being a Master student I would suggest you to go in the field of machine learning, Artificial intelligence or data science. You can find many certification and online training. There is a huge demand for all these skills.
    One other technology is RPA where you can get skied in tools like UIPath,Blue Prism,AssistEdge etc as there is huge demand of all these automation tools in the market. Every Client is after automation as it saves resources and leads to accuracy in results without any manual intervention.

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