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    Can I find a consultant who has a good experience and idea about academics and career? I am in a serious situation with full depression. Please help me out because I think I need consultancy immediately and urgently. I am going through a big confusion and tension.
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  • It is not clear from your question about the need of consultancy in the absence of specific details about you. The question could have been sent to pending or deleted but we have allowed it keeping in view of your curiosity about your career. Please give specific details about your qualification, age and your interests so that anyone can guide you. Also, note that giving your E-mail address and Whats App number need not be given here as it is not a consultancy forum to be in touch with you. If you are hesitant to furnish your details,post your query as Anonymous and get suggestions from members by providing complete details as mentioned above.


  • I have taken time to read this question posted at 20:58 5th Jan 2018 and other question on KV in Chandigarh question posted at 20:45 on 5th Jan 2018. Both seems lead to the same registration of a new member registered recently. Is it the same person? Once we have some details, we can give our suggestions. There is no need to be confused or feel depressed, many of us, including me, have gone through that phase wherein we have to transform from a student to an adult by choosing a correct career path leading to a good job and many of us have made it. Don't lose heart and hope.

  • You have not provided your details but I can tell you that in todays competitive world many students are going through the tough phase of their life where they are not able to decide their career paths and due to this they feel discouraged and demotivated.

    Whatever be the adversities of your life you must try to come out from this phase of your mental condition as quickly as possible as it will be a stumbling block in your career path.

    There are no easy ways to get success. It is all hard work and determination. There are many students who have no aptitude for studies and they become depressed feeling that without studying they can not progress in life. Please remember there are many big entrepreneurs and business magnate who had a minimal school education but today they have a big business and they are hiring highly educated persons for their enterprise.

    Anyway my intention is not to shower sermons on you but one thing I want to suggest do not sit idle and join some job as per your capability and capacity and do not be ashamed of it and accept whatever remuneration you get. I am very sure that it will inculcate a new enthusiasm in you and you may start thinking for part time studies. Believe me there are many like you who have taken things in right perspective and in spite of so many adverse conditions have risen to success in life.

    If you have a resistance to join a small job try to get a job in big shop and departmental store where you can learn the basics of sale practices and who knows this experience helps you in your own career making in this line one day.

    Knowledge is power.

  • I require at least the following details for making any good suggestion for your question.
    1. What are you now?
    2. What is your age?
    3. What is the education you already finished?
    4. You say you are under depression. What is the reason for this depression? Are you consulting any doctor for your depression problem?
    5. You say you are in a big confusion and tension. What is the matter? Is it only about your education and profession or any other problems?
    In the absence of the above information, I may not be able to give you a reasonable direction.
    Don't get depresses? Don't get confused and don't get tensed. If you can think without any tension and depression you yourselves will get answers to your all doubts. Otherwise, general answers will comes which may not be going o help you much.

    always confident

  • As far as I understand that you are in a serious state of dilemma and you need to resolve the issues with a proper guidance but remember to get a help from any corner either personally or through a consultancy, you have to put up your specific questions which is troubling you.
    Your hesitation or shame may compound your problem and the more you take time to disclose your worries, more would be the problems in getting the same resolved.
    Hope, this one being a transition stage and you would come on with the real issues in the next time so that we can help you with some practical solution.

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