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    Unique course after 12th class

    Interested in Humanities and wants to pursue a professional course of unique nature after 12th standard. Here are few tips suggested by our experts and go through this page.

    My subjects are Political Science ,Economics, Maths,English and EVS. Suggest me professional courses after passing 12th class .
    I want to choose unique course after 12th class,it is my aim. Please suggest me a unique course to continue my studies
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  • There are many courses that people choose from but unique is not high on the list that all go for.

    People choose a course based on knowledge at hand, affordability, a course that leads to a good career and a decent salary to support yourself and the family. One of the reasons for a large number of unemployed graduates is following the regular stream and NOT having the right skill set and quality in their own fields.

    Unique courses or offbeat course are interesting because not many would have explored them, there is chance that you may get off to a fantastic career start or get bogged down away from the mainstream

    1.In the medical profession, some consider Infectious disease, Travel Medicine, research or clinical based Immunologist etc.

    2.In the field of taxation & Law focussing on cyber laws, international intellectual property laws, international corporate affairs, an international tax consultancy.

    3.Travel consultants that organize trips and stay for unusual, extreme, hidden vacation spots for the high flying or adrenaline pumped tourists.

    4.Choosing a career based on rural untapped music, crafts, products and developmental science.

    5.Indian coporate net confidentiality and data security

    6.Medical tourism in India

    7.Event management

    8.Legal pet trade and grooming schools for the elite and upper class.

    Think along these lines, analyze your family commitments and financial status, need/time frame for you to start earning. Wait for your results and then enroll yourself in a bachleor's degree based on your expected career and it's needs. IF you choose a career in medicine, then plan for the medical entrance exams.

  • After 12th class, there are many courses in many fields. You have to think about your interest. These days multimedia courses and computer graphics courses are getting a lot of attraction from youth and they are going for those courses. Multimedia course is a unique course where you will have altogether a different experience. This is also like an engineering course for 4 years. Once you finish this course you will have special skills which will be useful to get an employment or going for your own business in the line. The other one is having a lot of demand. There are many companies who provide the required technology and create graphics for various movies in all languages. The big success of Bahabli is due to many reasons but mainly it got attracted many people with the type of garh]ohics the movie has shown. I feel you can try these courses if it suits your requirement. Like this many courses can be suggested to you.

    always confident

  • Today the job position is not comfortable in our country and whatever subject or stream you pursue there will be competition ahead.

    What is your main interest? That is very important because you will be able to excel in that wholeheartedly. Try to find out your passion area and concentrate in that. For example if you are interested in economics / banking then concentrate for combined banking examination right from today.

    Please remember whatever preparation you do it will not go waste. It will be very very much useful in some other examinations also.

    Today everywhere there is a lot of rush and crowd so what may look unique to me may not be comfortable from job point of view.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Can you please elaborate what do you mean by a 'unique course'? Do you want to pursue a course that is very rare or a course that has high difficulty level and very well paygrade?

    Before even selecting a course after your 12th, note that you must pursue a course that interests you and you can excel within. Many students these days are pursuing courses which majority of the group choose to. But they fail to identify their innate skill which they can exploit them according to the course of their choice. So I would suggest you identify your skills, the interests and do a research on the matching jobs according to your interest and skill set. Will those jobs pay high? Do those jobs have secured future? Identify these points and select a good career.

    Some unique courses based on difficulty level and have very high pay grades are

    1. Chartered Accountant
    2. UPSC - Civil services
    3. Certified Financial Planner or Analyst
    4. Legal or Financial advisor to large firms
    5. Chef - A good Chef I mean, if you have the passion for cooking.
    6. Doctor/Medical Professional - Not just MBBS/BDS/BAMS/BVS etc, a specialization is must to have a high pay.
    7. Ethical hacking/hacker.
    8. Investment Banker
    9. Business Analyst
    10. Aviation Industry
    11. Quality Tester
    12. IT and Communications

    Plan accordingly and choose a career that best suits or interests you.

    Good Luck.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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