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    Need guidance on career change

    Planning to change career? Searching for guidance and advice for how to proceed and whether it is worth it? Here, on this page find advice from experts for all your questions and decide how to change your career.

    I have completed BE Mechanical engineering in 2015 from Mumbai. I struggled for job for 1 year and after that I got a job in Oil & Gas plant design on contract for a year. I had to leave after the contract got over.
    Now I'm working in L&T Marine Division as project engineer on contract basis. I am feeling that there is no growth, no salary and no satisfaction in mechanical field.
    So I am deciding to change my career and have recently planned to join GEP solutions or Zycus (software company and consultant in procurement field).
    I don't know whether career change will be bad or good for my career.
    Can you advice?
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  • It is too early to say whether a career change from core sector to software field is good or bad. It can go on either way depending on how you utilize and develop your skills in the software field. By the way, with your experience in some of the core companies have your tried for applying to other top core companies? You might be able to apply in some of the automobile companies as well if I am not wrong. If you have applied to any other core companies so far, I would suggest you to do so in parallel and grab if you think you got a good opportunity.

    On the other hand, in software field you would need learn and develop more skills and expertise yourself in various technologies. You would also need to gain minimum of 3 years of experience before start looking for other jobs. So keep these things in mind.


  • You need not remain under the state of ambiguity prior to joining any new profession. You will have to discuss the merits and demirts of such a change with your closed friends and still better, negotiate the same with some friends having their jobs in the IT fields.
    You may be aware of the facts that IT sector is facing intense competition because of global - recession and there are numerous cases where bright professional have been served pink - slips on one pretext or the other. I would not discourage in that way. What I mean to say you should be familiar with the latest developments inside the IT sector. Take a firm stand to upgrade the technologies likely to be adopted in the area you are likely to join. Be prepared to accept the challenges with which the IT industry is facing and offer your solution in this regard. Some certifications in the relevant areas would also be helpful such as Java, Oracle - certifications etc. Need to remain positive while performing the project- assignment and also you may be put to your jobs beyond your normal hours to meet the targets of the company.
    If you gear yourself with such attributes, you are welcome to join GEP. Hope, you could make out my sentiments.

  • After BE mechanical engineering, you have worked on plant design in oil & gas, project engineer in L&T. Now have you planning to get into IT field GEP/Zycus?

    If you want to change over to software/IT, you need to have good communication skills and the core language skills for getting into software. You would have to consider doing certification courses in the new language platforms (Java, Oracle, Python, C++) or Cisco certified network associate or Microsoft certified system engineer even doing an MCA by distance education from IGNOU.

    IT industry is very competitive now and when there is a crunch or a downturn, staff get downsized. If there is lack of growth and employees have to be re-aligned, then they would retain a core computer science graduate rather than a Mechanical engineer with certificate courses.

    If you are serious about the change over, we cannot say its good or bad but it is going to be tough until you get some additional qualifications in the next 2-3 years.

    Can you consider continuing the current work and do MCA from IGNOU that would give you better chances?

    If this sounds difficult, can you think of an MTech from IGNOU by distance mode without breaking your work service, this would enable you to move up to a higher job

  • You are planning to move from mechanical engineering to IT area. It is really a risky endeavour to move from core area to another area.

    Have you found out what will be your assignment in GEP solutions/ ZYCUS? It is necessary because you may have to undergo some certificate course of proficiency in the related field. For example, if your work there is related to data management you may have to learn the module beforehand or during your probation period. Are you ready for that? If you have interest in computer area then it will not be difficult for you.

    If you want to move to IT area it will be better to do it after completing some computer course like MCA so that you can cope up with the working in your new environment.

    Have you considered applying for executive posts in various PSUs like NTPC, ONGC, IOC, Coal India etc who recruit graduate trainee officers for various streams. There will be written test followed by the interview.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • You are a Mechanical Engineer. You have experience in the core field in two companies of course through a contractor.
    The company you are presently working that is L&T is a very good company and they have a lot of scope and employment potential for Mechanical Engineers. Their Salary structures and promotion channels are very good. These days many big organisations are outsourcing some junior posts for the execution of their works. I think you are working on such scheme. Here is a point. The Organisation will be monitoring the works of such people constantly and if they found anybody suitable and good, they will absorb them into their roles. My brother after his B.Tech joined a Tata company under a contract for 3 years and then the same company absorbed him with a very good pay and now he is a DGM there. So concentrating on the job you are performing now is a very wanted point to get absorbed. Think in that direction and work accordingly. After 3 years of your completion of the course now you want to change to software field, it is not easy and you may have to acquire additional qualifications like Masters degree in Computer Applications. As a well experienced professional my suggestion to you is continue on the core line and be on the lookout for a job in a good company with the experience you have acquired. You can try writing GATE and try good score there so that you can get a job in PSUs and other good companies.

    always confident

  • Mechanical Engineer is required in many industries and in many good companies. I suggest you keep in touch with job portals and advertisements and try to get a job into this discipline only as it is your core strength and you have the capability of proving yourself in this area when opportunity knocks at your door.

    IT is already an equally crowded place and people are doing multiple certificate courses to enter into good positions. You will have to start from scratch there and it will be disadvantageous to you in terms of competition and performance.

    Do not be discouraged with the present job situation. You are already working, though in a temporary capacity, in an apex organization and based on your performance they may absorb you in the regular stream.

    Knowledge is power.

  • You are not just planning to move from one job to other, what have you planning is changing from one filed to other.
    I could feel your desperate for mechanical field. But before you give up on your existing field, think what made you to decide so. Is it your existing company? You may not like your existing company or your current job profile. Don't confuse it with the entire industry. You would have had many dreams to achieve in the field of mechanic, when you were studying. Do you want to quit, before you accomplish them? those are my questions, you just answer these questions to yourself, then you think of switching to software. Because in life, few roads can never be traveled again.

    OK, if you have answers for everything and finalized to switch; make use of opportunities available in IT industry, then also it is fair. As long as you are qualifying yourself to the job you are assigned, there is nothing wrong in anything that you take up. In day today life, we see many people start up their life in one field and top at different filed.
    Before you take up IT company, analyse yourself, understand your strengths and weakness. If anything need to be changed from your end like attitude, communication, skills etc, try changing it first and continue searching for job in mechanical field itself. Or qualify yourself to IT industry with proper education.

    Sri Vetri
    Spread Positivism

  • Hi,
    Having qualification of B.E.(Mechanical) and experience of around 1 year in Oil & Gas and Marine industry, it is advisable to continue search in the same area of qualification rather than changing career in totally different profile of software which is already highly competitive and contentiously demanding of upgrading of skills and knowledge. Thus, the field of software industry has high risk of sustainability of job acquired and challenge to grow and build career in it. However, your choice and area of interest persist in the field of software industry, then you have selected the right path to work for software company which demands your motives of updating yourself with change of technology, new application and market demands.
    In view of long term career and growth opportunity, the field of software industry has wide scope of avenues and multiple sectors where the software application are utilized. Looking to this in mind, you can continue your career in the area of software industry.
    In alternate way, you may also start your career in the area of mechanical stream where your area of interest into designing, machines manufacturing, utility, research and development, operation and maintenance, etc are required to be evaluated by yourself. Once your area of interest is clear from your end, you will definitely build up your career in the desired field and find career growth and enjoy your work.
    All the best for your new career endeavor !!

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