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    Scope of ornamental fish farming in India

    Want to start ornamental fish farming? Wondering about its scope and how to start? Here, on this page you can read all the responses from experts and decide how to launch fish farming.

    I am an engineering graduate from Erode,Tamilnadu. My hobby is growing fishes in the aquarium since childhood. Now I am having an idea of starting a small scale business so I am thinking why can't turn my hobby into business. But I have few doubts regarding it's scope in India:
    Is it suitable for my area conditions? Where to get permission and where to sell fish?
    Can you provide me this information?
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  • Its good that you want to start up a business but before starting remember some basic points.
    1) Set the list of fishes you wish to sell in your store. Know their food and about breeding the fish.
    2) Know types of fishes that can be used in one aquarium. How to take care of them.
    3) Plan in which place you store should be located.
    4) List out the things you require for aquarium shop, that is you should have all types of accessories that an aquarium needs.
    5) Complete all the legal procedures. to start up a business. First, check with your municipal corporation and explain them with your plan and the things because most of the pet shops get a license only when a veternary officer of municipal zone certifies. It's better you even go and meet the veterinary doctor and seek his guidance which will help you better
    5) Have an approx cost estimation to start up business.
    6) Have a good advertisement for your shop by using social media and even by publishing an add-in newspaper.
    Good luck with your business.

  • Goldfish, Minnows and Tetras are most bought fishes anywhere in the world. Adding an angel fish would sum up the divine collection. These are all tough fish and can withstand sub-tropical Indian climate.
    You rear them in a confined system unlike the commercial fish, because ornamental fish have weaker immunity and strength.
    There are a lot of people rearing ornamental fish nowadays. I would suggest you to collaborate with a fellow grower so that you can get hold of more space for rearing.
    You can sell your fish on a contract basis to an aquarium retail store in your city.
    As for the permission, government keeps banning and lifting this practice, but as of now it would seem that it's legal. You are supposed to have permission from animal welfare board.

    Happy rearing!

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  • Ornamental fishing farming is like maintaining an aquarium at a much larger scale on a commercial basis focussing on rearing and selling. A good plan that needs a lot of groundwork. First, you need real on ground data before you venture into this
    1.Temperature and water quality at the place.
    2.The intended place for fish farming and presence of a river, stream or running water that is not contaminated by industrial effluent.
    3.The local demand for these ornamental fishes. For instance, Erode is a hot humid, place with a scarcity of water and it is listed as a textile town.So, please check the local market supply and demand mechanics.
    4. Make a list of the potential retail aquarium and fish shops around a residential part of the city and visit them to learn more about average sales, popular breeds and sought after fishes.
    5.You need to have a good sound understanding of these fishes (temperature, handling, feeding and reproduction patterns). For examples, guppies and goldfishes are hard fishes(survive better) in comparison to angel and clownfish are difficult to rear in harsh conditions.
    6. West Bengal accounts for >75% of the ornamental fish trade. You also need to know what list of fishes are banned for trading. Last year a list of marine fishes were banned from rearing.
    7.You need access to good quality fish food that would ensure regular breeding and good colors (agro product food, live worm food, prawn head food etc).
    8. In the beginning, you can focus on breeding fish that produce live baby fishes (guppies, swordtail and platy). The, you can move on to goldfish and the popular tetras that are egg layers. The zebra and neon tetras are preferred by many people.
    9.Please check the current guidelines in terms of licensing in your state as a few months back many stringent rules were laid down (

  • The ornamental fish requirement is basically clustered in big cities and some towns. So selecting a place for its sale is crucial to its business.
    Keeping and maintaining a big emporium is the primary requirement where these fishes can be reared.
    You may have to take permission from local municipality and animal welfare office/ board for your business.
    You can consult with some veterinary doctor in your area regarding general diseases in fish and other guidelines for their better upkeep.
    Good quality food and its proper doses are required to keep the fish healthy.

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  • First of all, you decide on the place where you want to start this Ornamental fish farming. You have to take registration of the business name and GST registration.
    you have to see the local demand. For this, you have to get a survey done for the requirement. You should get a complete idea of what will be the quantity and quality requirements.Once you got these details you can go to the startup You should also see the availability of all ingredients that are required to run a farming plant. Water is one such thing and the food for the fishes is another aspect. Market Potential in the area is also every prime point you should keep in mind.
    I am giving below some links in which a good amount of details about this activity are given. You can read those articles so that you will be guided properly.

    always confident

  • Ornamental fish business is picking up in India as the demand for same is increasing. There is a lot of export potential also for these beautifully coloured creatures. In our country, the northeastern states are well known for the colourful fishes.

    One can start this work by culturing and rearing the fishes in big earthen pots, cement cisterns or glass aquarium.
    Rainwater is supposed to be best for rearing these fishes but municipal water can be used after aerating it for de-chlorination.

    It is better to acquire some on the hand experience in a fish breeding place for breeding of the fishes and monitoring the eggs and juveniles in the tank. In the ornamental fishes category, both the type of fish species are there that is live-bearer and egg-layer.

    The food for the fishes is a critical item and readymade packed one is a bit costly so one can go for local alternatives like vegetable peeling, whole wheat bread, tubifex worms, mosquito larvae etc. The tubifex worms and mosquito larvae can be reared in a nearby pond or sewer water station. These worms and larvae are to be sieved and collected for use as a feed to the fishes.

    Please remember that fish should not be overfed as the extra food will contaminate the water. It is recommended to feed them only once a day.

    Knowledge is power.

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