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    How to get copy right free images and music online?

    Are you looking out for images and music online? wondering how to get copy right free images? On this page, you can go through the suggestions by experts.

    Because of Copyright issues online, one has to post genuine photos only. I want to know the various sources which can give me copyright free images and music to be used in a post on my blog.
    Kindly provide necessary information to avoid any copyright claim from the third party.
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  • There are some sites where it is claimed that you can download photos. There is no legal attribution in that. One such site is www.pixabay.com

    There are popular sites which let you download songs free of charge. One of such sites is www.gaana.com

    I have seen a compilation of many sites from where you can download free songs legally. This compilation is available at www.the balance.com

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  • There are many sites that offer quality images for a small price, in turn they are copyright protected. Some new sites offer standard images free for personal and commercial use.
    You can check the websites like

    As far as music goes, you can look for tracks with Creative commons license which is NOT licensed under a No derivative works license. When you use free music to fit your image or video, it is viewed as modification of the music which is not authorized in legal terms. So google for the type of music you want with the tags. It is useful and safe to display the credit for the artist and the track that you have used. For instance, you can add that My video features the song XXXX by XXXX

  • I can help you out with music.
    You see, there are number of mp3 giving sites makes musicpleer, mymp3song,mp3goo etc...But these sites have malwares hidden in links.
    So go to YouTube, copy the link of a song, go to mp3converter and convert the link to mp3.

    You can do the same by putting mp4 instead of mp3 in onlinevideoconverter to get un-copyrighted videos.
    As for images, you have photobucket, pinterest, Getty images and imgur.
    But all these come with watermarks and to remove the watermark you're supposed to pay a subscription.
    No matter which website you go to, you'll never escape watermarks.
    But googling images might help because most images in the front row have no watermarks.
    These are shot by professionals who sell their first photos for free.

    But pixabuy, unsplash and pexels are some websites that offer copyright free images.

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  • Your query is not clear whether you want images or music. Se Images on your blog should always be original then only your blog will be unique from others and you will have a good tariff. Suppose if you want to have images from net available then you can right on that images and save it on your drive. Later you can use that image on your blog. you. Now regarding music you need not search for any background music. You can use the music in your mp3 songs available in your system. For that first, you have to download a software FREE MP3 CUT. this keyword put a search on google you will get many software of free version download it. The use of this software is to cut the in-between music of any mp3 song and save it as a different file. Once the music is saved as a different file just play and check then you can add that music to any blog as your background music. How to cut the music that instruction will be given on their official site. Please go through it and then cut the music. But before you do so Copy the file as another file and give another name and then try to do changes. Never do changes in the original file.

  • You want to get the images and music from copyright free sources. For what use you want these images and music. Is it for any commercial purpose. There are some sites where these are available on cost. There are some sites where from you can take free of cost also without any problem. But copying from another site and posting them on our site or blog may not be of much use for attracting more traffic to our site or blog. So always it is advisable to have our own images on our blog.

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  • You can get copyright free or royalty free images from many sites with which you can publish them on your blog. But music, I guess most of the music content is copyright protected and the only thing is you can stream them online to watch or listen. For example, if you make a video of your own and use a copyright protected audio in the background, you are still liable to legal actions which basically involves blocking the video. So I strictly suggest you avoid the music part.

    Coming to images, there are a lot of terms to be considered when you consider the word 'copyright'. For example, certain images can be used though they are copyright protected until you give credit to them which is called as attribution. So let me help you in understanding the various legal terms in using these images:

    1. Commercial Use: Some images can be used commercially i.e, for a business purpose even though they are copyrighted.
    2. Attribution: Use copyright protected images by giving attribution to the source or owner.
    3. Public Domain: If an image is printed or released before 1923 (in the USA) they are free to use.
    4. Creative Commons: The owner of the image has removed the copyright ownership and you are free to use it.
    5. Royalty Free: You are free to use the copyright protected images without any attribution or membership fees or license fees.

    So consider these points while using images across your blog posts. You can get plenty of free images from
    Adobe Stock

    And many more. Just do a Google search to find plenty of websites which offer you copyright free images.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • There are many websites by which you can download copyrighted free and high definition images freely. Following are the websites such as pixabay, pexels, fotolia.com, istock, imagefree, , unsplash, stockunlimited, adobestock,... etc.

  • The two most best sites for the copyright free music and images are:

    1. Archieve.org

    This site holds the image and the music and other file formats. Most of the content over there is free or is in public domain. Do watch out some of the copyrighted content is also posted there. So double check as well just in case.

    2. Unsplash.com

    I think unsplash.com has the royalty free images. And you can use it for both personal and commercial purpose. So that is safe website. So feel free to make use of the images.

    These two options you have for the images, music, video and other formats.

  • Pixapay offers free images, and videos that are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution. You can use those images online without any copyright issues. Also the videos can be used or upload to YouTube. There will be no copyright strikes since all the contents in Pixapay are licensed under CCA.

    Another good website to download free music or sound track is BENSOUND and FOOTAGE Crate production center. You can download music or background sounds in your projects and you can even upload it on YouTube without having any kind of copyright strikes.

    If it is possible, BENSOUND o ly as you to give credit either in Video itself or down below the description in case of YouTube.

    The Pixel Labs also offers free vector images, videos, sounds and access to 10000000 media's which are licensed under CREATIVE COMMONS. They can be used easily.

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