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    Will punched holes in original certificates create a problem in job application?

    Did you punch holes in your original academic certificates to create a file? Check the responses below if this would cause an issue in a government job application later.

    I have punched holes in my original educational certificates of SSLC, HSC and graduation to make a file of all my certificates. Now I am writing central govt exams. If I get a government job, will there be any problem during certification verification? If so, then please advise what I should do.
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  • If the punching is done carefully in the empty column provided in the certificate as margin, you will not have any problem. When you punched these certificates any signature part or important points are gone into the holes there may be a problem. But no one will be so careless and make punching on the printed matter. So see your self the certificate and if you find all the details are intact, you need not worry about. These days we are getting beautiful folders wherein you can keep your certificates without any punching. But I feel you will not have any problem. Please verify you always whether all the certificates have not lost any specific information. Otherwise, you will not have any problem.

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  • Punching holes to file important documents is not done that frequently now. Often punching casually or in a hurry will lead to part of the Initial or the first letter of the candidate's name and the register number or serial would have been lost. If your name is not clear, then you need to be concerned. If the holes are closer to the margin without defacing the important details, then no need to worry.

    I would also like to mention here that, many people have the habit of laminating certificates. This practice is being discouraged for doctor's degree and registration, Banks do not take these for loan sanctioning, some embassies do not accept it for visa applications. Lamination interferes with scanning and authenticity of the signatures is difficult to check.

  • It is a normal practice to punch on the side of certificate and keep it in a file. Generally there will be sufficient margin for that. One should be careful in punching as it is to be done in the side only and not too deep into the certificate which can cause some written material to be punched accidently.
    Anyway if you have taken care there is no problem on that account.
    It is better to keep these certificates in good quality transparent plastic pouch rather then laminating. Plastic pouch is sufficient to protect them from moisture and weathering.

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  • There are some common methods of keeping the educational certificates in your personal custody. The most common is to keep them in polythene covers, other is to punch them and keep inside a file cover and another method is to laminate them.

    If you are punching on the blank side there is absolutely no issue with this. If there is no space then you have to avoid it. Generally, sufficient space is provided in the certificate as people have to tag it in their files.

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  • Most of the students in India still punch holes in their certificates to keep these documents securely in files/folders. This is a common occurrence in smaller towns and villages. Punching holes in certificates normally doesn't create any problem unless these holes make roll numbers/registration numbers illegible or make photos unrecognizable. So don't be unduly perturbed. If the roll number, etc. becomes illegible, then apply for a duplicate certificate from the concerned Board/University.

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  • Punching holes and maintaining a file of certificates is a very good habit and we hardly have that habit. I appreciate your work. Now regarding your query, it will not be a problem in any certificate verification because I hope you have done hole at the sides that are at the margin of the certificate. Actually, that place is provided for punching holes and maintain them in a file. This was told by my mother when I was a kid. If your certificate major part is not damaged I mean the marks, the subject and the overall marks or percentage then there is absolutely no problem. You can write your exams and provide the certificates for verification. Good luck with your exams and for your bright future.

  • Punching holes on the certificates of different Boards and universities which you cleared with your hard labour are to be preserved for their subsequent production during the verification- stage during interviews. Hence many of us punch our certificates making holes so that a tag can be inserted inside the holes and in that way the bundle of certificates is preserved.
    If we maintain some sort of precaution so that the holes don't affect the written words and the signature of the issuing authorities, it would not create any problem whatsoever. Please ensure that roll number, registration no and your's name as well as your father's name remains intact during the course of punching.

  • Punching of holes at the edge or margin of the certificates is quite common. This is used to file them and store them appropriately. These days, universities generally give certificates with punched holes and you need not punch them separately. Avoid making any physical changes to your certificates like punching or stapling. If it is required, do it in the empty white margins provided all around the margins of the certificate so that the important parts such as the names of the college/university, the official seal or stamp of the university aren't damaged.

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  • Holes punched for filing purpose on a certificate will not create any problem if no printed or written material or stamp is lost, erased or defaced .Punch holes in the empty spaces on the boundary edges or margin do not cause any problem at all.
    It was a practice to punch holes and file the certificate in earlier days , when there were no folder files to keep them safe by just inserting inside the water proof transparent folders.
    However by punching, if some meaningful important matter is lost, then it may cause problems.

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