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    Significance of multicolour dots at the edge of a newspaper.

    Are you wondering about the presence multi colour dots on the newspaper edges? Searching for the significance of these dots? You can read the responses from experts here and get to know the reasons for these dots.

    While reading newspaper I have noticed multicolour dots especially at the bottom edges of the newspaper.

    If I remember correctly these were not seen in old times. By old times I mean about 15-20 years back.

    What is the purpose of these dots present there so obviously?
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  • These are similar to the colors discs or squares seen on a sheet of stamps that are issued by the postal department. For stamps it is referred to as 'Traffic Lights'. Collectors of stamps often buy a block of 4 or 6 stamps with the corner that has these color discs. If the basic color (C, cyan,M,magenta,Y,yellow,K,black) discs or squares are perfect, then it means that the image or material printed is aligned properly. If you see Inkjet printers with external ink tanks, this will also have the four basic colors, C,M,Y,K.

    What you are referring to is something similar but on a large scale, seen at the corner of the sheet that is being printed. I think, it acts as a identification mark for the person supervising to see that the colors discs are clear and perfect, if they are blurred that means the images printed on that sheet also will be blurred. Since you've mentioned the time frame, it would be interesting to see whether this purpose is still needed in automated high volume printers.

    Will try and post an image of some of my stamp sheets with the traffic lights once I get back home.

  • Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and black. These four colours are the base colours. By using them in various proportions you can get different colours. In newspaper printing, they use these four colours to produce different colours. They will use the plates of these colours in a specific sequence for getting different colours. If the proportion of plates or sequence of plates are not proper the printing may not be clear. The matter will be bloomy and not crisp enough. Daily many papers will be getting printed and to check all the matter for its correct appearance is a very difficult task. So the printers print these four marks on the corner of the sheet and while the papers are arranged in sequences or in any stage during the process if the dots are not clear immediately they will understand that something went wrong. So to improve the quality of printing and to have a quick check on the quality these marks are very useful

    always confident

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  • Those are the base colors which are used in printing newspapers. By combining these base colors in different proportions, different color combinations are produced. They are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black abbreviated as CMYK.

    These color combinations are transferred to rubber plates of the printer and printed accordingly. Generally, the rubber plates of different colors are aligned separately and printed at single spot/place. So in order to produce an accurate colorful image, these plates are aligned separately and accurately. This is where the color dots or spots on newspapers help with. If the plates overlap during the printing, the dots also overlap indicating a blurry image. Since the checkers will not be able to check each and every page of the newspapers, they use these dots as a reference and identify any mishaps in printing. This method is also used in almost all colorful novels, textbooks, magazines etc. but they are cut out during binding them.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • Very good observation. I have seen this in different shapes in some papers and was very curious to know a few years back and had searched in net and got the answer. That is those colors are called CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black), the base colors for all colors used in printing. We can obtain any color by using color proportions. All these color's I mean to say the plates are set up in the same spot when printing which helps in printing the full image perfectly. If the images are not clear then these color plates are not set up properly in its spot or overlapping each other similarly it looks like this while placing on the spot for printing.

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  • In the past, newspapers printed in black and white but at present newspaper prints in cmyk(cyan, magenta, yellow and black) that is the reason of having small icons at the edge of newspaper. Different multicolor icons in each newspaper. In Times of india newspapers there is heart with multicolors at the edge of newspaper. CMYK color is always good for printing basis. These icons represents that there are multicolor is used in newspaper. There are four colored icons one with black then second is white and third is with yellow and then last is with other color.

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