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    Confused in joining as SI and SM

    Planning to take up a government job? Confused between the further scopes of SI and SM posts? On this Ask Expert page you can go through the responses from experts and decide how to get the best posting.

    I have been selected for two Central Government Jobs: Sub Inspector ( SI ) in CISF through SSC and Station master ( SM ) in Indian Railways.
    I am confused between these two jobs as both have Grade pay of 4200. SI has all India posting and SM has home state posting.
    I also want to apply for other government jobs (higher Grade pay) while working, please help me in choosing the best job.
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  • I recommend Station Master Post in railways. The job in railways will have many other benefits like free travel, good schools and exposure to more people. Another advantage is if you are getting posted in a small station you will have a lot of free time so that you can utilise that free time for improving your qualification or for getting ready for other competitive examinations so that chances of getting a better government job will be high. Whereas in CISF the chances of getting free time are very less and as far as my knowledge goes the work will also become monotonous. If I have to take a decision I will definitely opt for railways.

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  • Jobs under CISF means that you could land in any ISRO or any of the government sectors that come under military and defence wings. You should be prepared to move regulary all over India. Family and schooling for children would be with regular changes from KV school to KV school.

    Railway job of SM would be more civilised, you will get chances to move up based on your core skills or leadership qualities. Free travel, meals at concessionary prices, railway quarters are all more appealing to many employees.

    It ultimately depends on what you want and the views of your family members. Choose one that you and family are comfortable with.

  • The job of CISF is very sensitive in nature and once you are posted in the same designation, you have to remain under strict discipline, you would be granted leaves under extreme emergency since you would discharge duty in a sensitive organisation like ISRO, SAIL, Atomic Energy Commission etc where your nature of duty is of extreme responsibility. However, you would get certain commodities at a subsidised rates as recommended by the committee. Your children would get education in the central schools and this area can offer you some solace.
    By taking up the job of SM, you can maintain contact with the people having varied interests and you would have a comfortable social life since after your duty, you can join clubs of different nature where you can persue your hobbies with a great zeal.

  • According to me both the jobs are very well settled jobs. But you can choose SI job if your willing to get posted in any part of the states and even your family is willing then you can go in for this job. Because Si job has its own advantages for your future and even its a job of nation serving at life risk. But SM post is fine only if your will to get posted within your limits. SM posting is very beneficial for you and your family while traveling and other allowances also. First, you discuss with your family members and come to one conclusion. Because your decisions should not trouble your family members in future. Don't think of pay because government jobs have less salary but they are permanent income till your service and after you retire from service. The pay increment will be done as per their norms. So it's better you choose one of them and start shaping your future. All the Best.

  • Both the jobs are quite distinct and you will be required to consider various points before deciding.

    The CISF job is related to the security of mainly industrial units and organisations across the length and breadth of the country and one should not hesitate for his posting being made anywhere in India. This is a crucial point as some people may not like to move far from their home due to some family commitments. The job in CISF is otherwise not a problem as you will have facilities as available in that particular area as well as that particular organisation. Canteen and ration facilities will also be there.

    The job of station master is a responsible job and one has to be alert and attentive almost on a 24 x 7 basis. There are various facilities in railway and from that point of view it is a good choice. By joining in this post one can have a good social life and by virtue of this status, one will get significant attention in the society

    So considering these pros and cons I will suggest to go for the station master post.

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  • While applying for the jobs you would have some idea as to why you applied. You yourself would have some preference over the other.
    So go as per your mind.

    Station Master posting will be usually in smaller stations initially. There may be just one passenger train stopping in that station. In such cases the work may not be giving any variety. But once you get a place at town or city areas, then there will be different kind of work atmosphere though basically work duty is of similar nature. There are internal opportunities for career enhancement depending on your age, knowledge and experience subject to norms.

    CISF--Central Industrial Security Force is a para-military force. It is a force entrusted with the security of key installations and organisations in the country. It is not just restricted to industrial protection alone. Sub Inspector under CISF can be of a reserve posting or at an industrial undertaking.At times of emergency needs,they can be called to assist the law and order enforcing agencies .

    In both jobs there are channels for promotion, career enhancement etc. They are more or less equal in pay, except for a few allowances here and there.
    In case you would like to have a more civilian life and with more concessions for travel etc, then Railway station Master job is preferable. But if you like job in uniform CISF is preferable.

  • 1. First of all, congratulations for getting selected for two different Central Government jobs.

    2. So far as the two positions are concerned, it is needless to state that the job profiles of both the posts are entirely different. The post of Sub-Inspector in CISF is more 'physical' in nature. You will have to undergo rigorous physical training and handling of arms and ammunition. You will be posted in all parts of the country. Furthermore, the retirement age is less than 60 years if you don't become Assistant Commandant before reaching 54.

    3. On the other hand, as a Station Master, you have to monitor train movement (Operating duty) and luggage/parcel booking (Commercial duty). It has an initial training of about 8 months of Operating and Commercial activities in the Zonal Training School of the Railway Zone where you will work. In a small station, where you will be initially posted (in all probability), you will have independent responsibility from the vey beginning. Although this is a transferable job, but your transfer will be confined to a particular Division within your Zone. You can rise upto Senior Station Superintendent (Grade-II). The retirement age is 60.

    4. If you want to work in CISF or similar para-military organisations, you can try for the post of Assistant Commandant (Direct Recruit). If you want to work in Railway (line posting), you can try for the post ofTraffic Superintendent or Commercial Superintendent.

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