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    States celebrating -Makar sankranti

    Want to know about makar sankranti? Searching for thel ist of states which celebrate this festival in India? Here , read the suggestions by experts and get clarity about the celebrations in India.

    We all know Pongal is celebrated in Tamil Nadu on 14-Jan-18. But Makar sankranti is stated to be celebrated across North India.
    Kindly List down the states celebrating Makar sankranti on 14-Jan-2018.
    This will bring in clarity on the celebrations across India.
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  • All those following the Hindu Calendar would now about the harvest festival that almost always falls on 14th of January 2018( according to the English calendar) because it is based on the solar cycles/movement of the sun wherein 14th marks the change from the shorter day to the longer days.

    India is a land of diversity and many different Hindu castes, it is celebrated under various names. The states where this festival is also known as Makar Sankranthi include Kerala, AP, Telangana, Bihar, MP, Rajasthan, Goa, Jharkhand and Maharastra.

    Makara Sankranti in TamilNadu is Pongal, it is known as Maghi in Punjab/HP/Haryana, Sankranthi Habba/ Suggi Habba in Karnataka, Uttarayann in Gujarat. It is referred to as Maha Bihu in Assam, Kicheri in UP and Poush Sankranti in West Bengal.

    So, there are many states celebrating the harvest festival or the day SUN enters the sphere of Makara, most states have celebrations for 2-4 days with regional variations related to the dishes and methods of pooja.

  • This festival is celebrated in various states of India. The list of states performing this festival and the name they call it is given below to the best of my knowledge.
    1. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana: Makara Sankranti.
    2. Karnataka: Suggi or harvest festival.
    3.Tamilnadu: Pongal.
    4. Maharastra and Goa: Sankranti.
    5.Odisha: Sankranti
    6.Delhi and Haryana: Sakraat
    7.Punjab: Maghi.
    8.Rajasthan and MP:Sankrat
    9.Assam: Bhogali Bihu
    10.Gujarat: Uttarayan
    11.HP: Megha Sajii
    12.Uttarakhand: Sankranti
    13.UP: Kicheri
    14.West Bengal: Pough Sankranti.
    15.Bihar and Jharkhand: khichdi.

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  • Makar Sankranti is the day of diety Sun God. It denotes the day when Sun enters into the Makara which indicates the end of the month. It also denotes the beginning of longer days and end of the winter solstice. While most of the Hindu festivals are based on lunar calendar, the Makara Sankranti is based on the Solar cycle and hence the festival appears on the same day of every year.

    It is known by various names across India such as Lohri in North India, Pongal in South India, Bihu in northeast India and Sukarat in central India.

    It is celebrated in various ways across India. Many people take a dip in the holy water of the rivers Ganga and Prayag and offer prayers to Sun God. The most famous Kumbh Mela which is held once in 12 years during Sankranti. Different states have different names for this festival.

    Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Kerala: Makar Sankranthi
    Assam: Magh Bihu
    Bihar, Chattisgarh, Goa, Jharkhand, Jammu, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Manipur, Maharashtra, Odisha, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and West Bengal: Makar Sankranti
    Tamil Nadu: Thai Pongal
    Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab: Maghi
    Gujarat: Uttarayan
    Shishur Saenkraat: Kashmir
    Western Bihar: Khichidi

    Apart from India, Makar Sankranti is also celebrated in other countries such as Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. In Nepal, it is known as Maghe Sankranti where people take a dip in Bagmati river. In Bangladesh, it is celebrated as Shakhrain by flying kites. In Pakistan, Sindhi people celebrate it as Tirmoori by sending laddoos to their married daughters.

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  • In old times festivals were based on harvesting time and position of zodiac signs. Makar Sankranti is one such festival which is observed in one way or other in almost all over our country.
    In the celestial sphere the Sun enters Makar rashi (Capricon) on this day.
    In most of the northern states it is known as Makar Sankranti while in Assam it is the Bihu time, in Tamilnadu it is Pongal, in Punjab Maghi and in Gujarat Uttarayan.
    This festival historically reminds of the greater India, having extended boundaries, which was there during the reign of our great kings like Ashoka.

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  • Makar Sankranthi is celebrated in most of the states as per their specific name and belief. The list of states celebrating Makar Sankranthi festival is mentioned by author Srinivasa Rao. But I would like to mention the customs followed in Karnataka especially. Here it's a very joyful festival for girl children because in the evening times children especially girl's dress up in very cute manner and distribute to their tiligul to their neighbour and wish them for Sankranthi. On this day we prepare sweet Pongal and pic Pongal. Here its also said that its the last festival of the year as per our calendar because new calendar starts for us after ugadi and that's the first festival of the year.
    This is very grand festival here one month before people start preparing tilgul at home. Here tilgul means a mixture of small pieces of jaggery, dry coconut, fried spilt groundnut, futuna (puttani), an white nylon til.

  • India is lying in the Northern hemisphere. It is summer here when the Sun is in the northern hemisphere. Makar Sankranti is the day when Sun starts his start to the Northern hemisphere.
    It is thus called Uttarayan. The next six months (until Kataka /Karkitaka sankranti) is Uttarayan.
    As per Hindu religious texts, Uttarayan is a very auspicious time. The marriage season starts immediately after Makara Sankranti.
    Climatically in most places in India, the time is pleasant and sunny after the heavy rains and extreme winter. Most p[laces the harvest would have completed and the granaries will be full of grains. The second crop would have just started. People will be happy. They will be with money after the sales of the harvested crop. Business will be overall good. People will be in a celebration mood.

    Thus Makar Sankranti is the beginning of an auspicious as well as happy season. Hence it is celebrated almost at all places in the country, though in different names. These are mentioned in some of the above posts. Hence I am not repeating them.

  • Makar Sankranti is observed all over the country in one way or other. Traditionally it is one of the auspicious time of the year and people celebrate it in different styles.

    The most interesting is the flying of kites on the grounds or house roofs along with enjoying the delicacies in the state of Gujarat and those who have witnessed it will never forget the thrill associated with it.

    Makar Sankranti has another significance that the Sun enters in the constellation of Capricorn. It has an astrological significance for those who have born during these times.

    In Assam this time is celebrated as the most famous festival of Bihu while in some southern states it is observed as Pongal.

    This is the unique festival which is present in our country from one end to other in varied forms.

    Knowledge is power.

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