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    Constructing a house at an old age

    Planning to move from a city to the native place? Wondering if it is worth building the house at an old age? Find advice from experts here.

    Will it be wise to construct a new house at an old age? Now I am 73 and is staying in my own house, constructed by me. I, now have a wish that I go back to my native place, where I have land properties, and build another house and shift to there.
    In my present house, which is in a city area, my son continues staying, who is already with me. My aim is to move from the busy place to a quiet and calm place. Naturally, the environment will also be far better as far as pollution is concerned.
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  • There are two ways at looking at your situation.
    First. You can check with your son and see if he would be happy to take over in the future and if the location is good, you have the willpower, time and contacts to get things done smoothly, you can go ahead construct the house, plan a mini-farm with good vegetable garden and if land permits a fruit garden. Many city dwellers have such properties within 2-3 hours drive, go and stay there for the weekend to unwind and connect with nature. If this is fine, then you can plan in such a way that you can also spend your time usefully and supervise the day to day events, with your son supporting you as and when needed.

    Second. If your son would not be interested and you don't have the contacts and people to help you out in the constructions, permits, plan sanctioning, water/electricity connections etc, then you have to think twice. What I would do in your place is that I would just rent a home, enjoy the rest of my retired life in peace, helping people or taking tuitions for needy people. Travelling to temples or nature spots as time and health permits, invite children and grandchildren to visit you once a month or so, to keep my self-occupied, connected with family and yet have my solitude or 'My time'.

  • A good query by the author. I am not so experienced as you but can answer your query. You can definitely construct a house in your native place. The same situation had occurred to my father a few years back and he decided to construct where he finished it in few months. But as of know based on your age factor, it's better, you give a contract to a well-experienced person so that he will be updating you the day to day process. For this, your family members reviews are also important. Your decision is ideal you can go for it and stay there and live a happy life with the beautiful environment. But before you shift keep certain points in mind whether grocery shop, vegetable shop and a clinic is nearby to your house. Even you have to check the conveyance mode for you at any time of emergency.

  • In my opinion, it is better to construct your own house in your native place where you have some property. The construction of a house is not very difficult and even in villages also you are getting good masons who take the work on contract and complete the work very fast as per your requirement. The only aspect is to oversee the work at important stages and making a follow up with the contractor. You may have to go to that village and stay somewhere and complete the construction. This house will be useful to your son also to spend some weekends and festivals with you in your village and even afterwards also it will be useful for him. So you can take help from him also. Recently my brother in law constructed a house at the age of 70 in a village in Andhra Pradesh and staying there.

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  • I have read the question. I will frankly express my opinion on the issue. Although all of us think to go back to our native place during the twilight years of our life, it is generally not possible. There are various reasons behind this. First of all, if a person is above 65, he/she must have to think about medical assistance. He/She must reside in such place where proper and high-level medical assistance/hospital is available. I don't know whether the medicare facility in your native place is good, or not. Moreover, at an old age, people need assitance for various routine activities (my very old parents may be exceptions). Will you get such assitance at your native place? Last but not the least, are bank, post office, market, etc are in convenient location at your native place?

    You have to take all these factors into account before taking a decision. Pollution level is only one of the many factos which you have to consider before relocating.

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  • By going through your submission, I inferred that you have had some fascination with the paternal property and with your shift in your native place could stimulate you mentally. However, you should also consider the following points as listed below-
    1) Since you are 73, and years ahead are crucial in respect of a reliable company, who can take care of you in relation to your medical treatment. You have to ensure the accessibility to the proper health centre so that emergency - treatment can be initiated without fail if such situation arises.
    2) It would be necessary for you to ensure the connectivity of the roads to the major towns are in excellent condition.
    3) Look around your locality where you want to put up construction in terms of availability of grocery, vegetables and milk.
    4) You must be supported by like minded people so that you can exchange your ideas freely. Such plateform is essential for the maintenance of healthy relationship with neighbors.
    5) In the absence of contact of your son in the newly constructed house in your native place- from where you would get emergency support in adversity.
    You need to think over these points before you take up a final decision for the construction of a house in your native place.

  • It always feels good to be home no matter where we stay and I can understand your situation. But before proceeding further just make sure why you want to move. Is the reason 'calm and quiet' the only reason for you to move back to your native place? Are there any other reasons too? Discuss the terms with your son, as an elderly person you need to be taken care of, not everytime but frequently. Is this possible if you move to your native place? Are the medical facilities are within your reach in your native place?

    If you are highly acquainted with city's life and still want to move back, you will find it highly difficult and takes a lot of time to get adjusted there. Your daily needs, your daily chores etc will become hectic if there is no other person (younger than you) is staying along.

    Think along and take a decision that suits best for you. I would suggest you pen down the pros and cons if you move back to native place. As this is purely a personal choice, you are the only one who can measure the goods and bads. If good things outweigh the bad things, then it is always good to be in the countryside and live a peaceful calm life than in a concrete jungle.

    Good Luck.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • We start living our own life only after all the commitments are fulfilled. If you really feel like going back to your native place, first ask your wife about her opinion. She will be the most affected person by this decision. Give importance to her opinion. She has to take the burden of maintaining the house including cooking. If she is willing, take your son's opinion as he is the person to look after both of you in case of any need. Give due consideration to health problems any but do not worry much about it unless it is absolutely necessary. Once a decision is made to shift, go ahead with it. Constructing a house for the two of you is not a problem.
    Prefer a house plan with ground floor only with all around verandahs and get it designed accordingly. This will give ample natural ventilation. Using a sloping roof and preferring prefabricated material will save you money and time to construct the house. There will be many builders with sufficient knowledge to construct such houses.

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  • It is a good idea to shift to the calm and quite place from a busy city. Only thing is one has to see the facilities available at the new place. In old age the parents time and again require the help of children in many spheres of life including health related matters.
    These things are to be considered before moving to the new location.
    If you are getting the house constructed through a contractor or architect then there will be no issue but if you are planning to supervise it yourself then it may be a strain at this age.
    The opinion of children is also to be considered at the top of all the aspects in such decisions in life.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Getting house constructed is a good thing but there are certain considerations to be done before taking up such big projects.
    First and foremost point is what is the main objective of constructing that house - is it because the family members want to stay now separately or because you want to change your place of the residence due to certain compulsions.

    Another point to be considered is in old age it becomes difficult to exert and take care of the strenuous job of supervising the construction of a house. Definitely at such an age the help from children or friends or relatives is required.

    Anyway a conscious decision can be taken after discussing it with the children as they will have to take care of the property in long run.

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  • My suggestion is from practical aspects and also to satisfy your inner sentimental and nostalgic emotions.
    You may construct a small house in a very low budget and taking only very less time to complete. This can serve for a weekend getaway from the city for your family. You can also satisfy your feelings to have a reconnect and continuing the umbilical connection. You may visit the village house on weekends or on certain special occasions there. You all can stay there for very short period at a time , and revisiting again without much gap.
    As children are all habituated to city life and convenience, a replant to a village is not at all possible and not advisable. Only you will have the deep attachment for the village property. It will be difficult for your children to take care and maintain that property as they will be busy with their own occupations and family life.
    You can think of going back to your village only if there are many relatives who have support from youngsters also. If your son can stay with you i n the village house and manage to commute to his workplace, then also you can think of building a house there. Otherwise my suggestion is, do not spend the savings you have now in a house which may not be of interest or convenient to your family members. You can invest the money for him/them in other types of investments which can fetch regular returns to you now and to your family later.
    So my suggestion is, just build a small house just suitable for a couple of days stay at weekends or holidays, in a restricted budget with essential utilities and space. If you feel so, you can stay there when hale and hearty; your son and relatives vesting you on weekends and as and when possible.

  • I am happy to see that there are different approaches suggested by learned members. My thoughts have been approached from different angles. Thanks. My intention is to go for a small 'nest' so that wherever I want to have a change I can have it. The same can be a single bed room unit. Occasionally I can shift to that abode and look after the activities taking place there in my land. This will be satisfying my hunger to stay in the area where I was grown or rather I spent my childhood. I can reestablish the connections I lost after my school education.
    Anyway I am equally worried about my social connections got established here where I have been staying for the last forty five years. My family will be always happy to accept my suggestions.


  • "Home is where the heart is", is a famous English saying. It is for you to decide where your heart lies. Is it in the village where you grew up or is it with your son and your grandchildren.

    Up until now, you have probably lived for others and now in your twilight years, you must follow your heart. Live life the way you want, for only that will make you feel happy and content.

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  • Mr. Sankaran,
    If you wish for building home in ancestral land and have enough financial backup then go for it. I am very young what to recommend but wish should be killed. So go for it. Make sure you spend quite good time over there after so that your memories will remain there after. I am assuming in village also you have good helping hand like family. All the best.

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  • It is far more wiser to move to a rented house in your native place or any small town near your native place. It is easy to find independent houses in each such town. These houses are available for rent at a far cheaper price than what you can find in the city. Since the house will also have some little open space, it is possible to grow vegetables and some fruit treas or those bearing flowers, normally used for pooja. Kindly remember, the cost of living is far more cheaper, commutation time is far less, and you can also safely entrust the house to someone close to you, including your relatives. This cannot be done in a city.

    In this process, you will save as much money as possible, and this will help you when you grow in age. These days, our children are part of the rat race and it is no use recalling the good old days. It is quite natural that they do not have any time for us.

    Given these realities, it is time for us to take our decisions, add to our own space in our own scheme of things and also take care of our health. For instance, if you save money in your native place, you can try Siddha or Ayurveda for small health problems. You can be happy overall, and that should be the objective of moving to your native place.

    Please do go over to your native place and start a new life. You can still continue to visit your children once in a way.

    Another alternative is to buy a small built house, that is not more than fifteen years old, remodel it, but the budget should be thirty percent of what you will spend in the city, if you were to buy a built new or old house.

  • While constructing a house at the age of 73, it is in itself a very painstaking task. You need to be always after the contractor and the labourers. In my view, it is a botheration. Thus, when you can relax and enjoy life where you are already settled, then what's the use of putting a burden on yourself?

    It would have been different if you had stayed on rent. Otherwise, taking extra pain is meaningless. Having a property for the sake of it is good but, it should not become a headache.

    Now, let me discuss the point of shifting to your native place from a city which is again a matter of concern. At this age, you must have medical support, transport facility, uninterrupted telecommunication and, some other which cannot be possible while you stay far away from a city.

    I believe life can be comfortable only when one stays at a familiar place. After being habituated to the city life, it would be difficult to adjust in a village. A youth learns to settle gradually but, at your age, it might prove to be quite hectic.

    Well, I have shared my suggestion according to my understanding but, you will be the better one to judge and decide which will be good for you.


  • At your age, we can guess how much you've realized the value of peace, beauty and the companion of nature. Basically, what I collect from your query is that, you are torn between the immediate advantages of city life. and what your heart wants which might not be apparently convenient.
    But I agree to you wholeheartedly, that city life has nothing to offer, for those who spend most of the time in the house. It is suffocating. Hence, looking for a place to live with which you feel spiritually connected, is a praiseworthy decision.
    Since you already have a property there at your native place, there's no harm in building up a new one. Moreover, as you already had experience in building a house of your own, you don't need any more advice on that.
    The only issue is your health, mobility and the proximity with your son. It is quite understandable, that your son might not be able to shift with you leaving his current whereabouts. So, you'll be all alone, there, apparently.
    But if you are confident that there will be enough scope for medical facilities, domestic help and other conveniences, I think you should surely go ahead and live your life the way you want.

  • At this age, it happens a person likes to have peace and wants to stay at a place where he or she can find this.

    I know this because it is happening with my father too. He is of 74 years and in spite of having four sons, he doesn't like to stay with us. This is because he feels being ignored as we don't give the time to him that wants from us as we all have families. By shifting to his native place he thinks that he will at least he will be near to his land and will keep himself busy in farming. Also, things are cheap and pure there so he will keep himself fit in a fresh environment of the village.

    But then there are disadvantages too. As at this age, diseases are very prominent so there should be someone who can assist him if he gets diseased. It's good if you can construct your home in your village but this thing cannot be ignored.


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