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  • Category: Gynaecology

    Developed issue of premature ejaculation.

    Facing an issue in ejaculation? Looking out for medical advice and opinion to resolve premature ejaculation? You can read the advice from experts here and resolve your worries.

    I am 25 years old guy and I have a problem of excessive masturbation. It's been around 10yrs that I have indulged in this activity and I think that I have developed a problem of premature ejaculation. I
    was good in my starting years but maybe I think 6-7 years back this problem started to happen. I just can't control my ejaculation and its too quick.
    I have been smoking since last 4 years.
    How can I recover from it . Is it something related to psychological issue or physical issue?
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  • I wish to know whether you're married? Sometimes due to this problem, your partner may have unsatisfactory sex. But you can cure this by consulting a doctor with the correct medication. In most cases of premature ejaculation do not have a clear cause. Psychological factors such as anxiety, guilt, or depression can also cause it. Sometimes, it may be related to a medical cause such as hormonal problems, injury, or a side effect of certain medicines. As you have mentioned that you smoke. I prefer you to stop it first. As your very young and have a long life, Hope your aware the causes of health by smoking. Your problem may be due to that also. Usually whoever is addicted to smoking and drinking face this problem. I would first advice you to stop smoking and then proceed with further medication.

  • Thankyou .. and also I am not married . Could you specify what kind of injury are we talking about , I mean general one related to any specific area?

  • You have added that you are not married and have been smoking for 4 years.
    First, please stop smoking, apart from the other health issues that we all are aware of, people do not realise that smoking is also linked to failure to attain and sustain an erection long enough to have vaginal penetration.

    Lot of young men have misconceptions about pre-mature ejaculation and some have failed attempts at intercourse or unsatisfactory intercourse prior to marriage via consensual sex, etc. There is no harm in masturbation, it is part of growing up of men and women.

    It is often due to anxiety or being worried that they would not be or have not been able to perform well with their sexual partners.Some have a guilty feeling after trying to have intercourse with professionals.

    Rarely does one have a hormonal imbalance or a psychiatric illness. The injuries that can sometimes cause this is lower lumbosacral spinal cord injuries or compression of that part of the spinal cord.
    I would suggest just do not pay too much attention, that you become pre-occupied with it. If you are too worried then see a good urologist you can assess you once and the put you on to good counselling for a few sessions.

  • Thankyou ... This was really helpful. I wanted to mention 1 thing also that I was prescribed with allergic (or anti allergic medicines) and used it for around 5 years or so . Now I have stopped taken it. Do you think that it could have caused any hormonal imbalance or so!

  • Premature ejaculation is more a psychological phenomenon than a medical problem. Masturbation is nothing to do with premature ejaculation. In olden days people are getting married very early and they are never in need of this. But these days the marriages are getting delayed and hence many young people practice this.
    The best way to getting away this problem is to divert your mind during the course. Don't think about this problem during the course. Think about some other aspect of your wife. Don't think about your old experiences. Start every time as fresh one. This will help to some extent. Another option is to reverse the positions of wife and husband. It will help a lot to overcome this problem.

    always confident

  • Thankyou Dr Rao. But I never had any sexual encounters before and not married yet!

  • Premature ejaculation is an uncontrolled ejaculation which is caused immediately after sexual penetration into your partner. This happens quickly, unknowingly and unwillingly causing distress between you and your partner. This condition is also called as rapid orgasm or rapid climax.


    Most of the causes are a cumulative effect and the exact reason is unknown. These factors include psychological problems such as stress, anxiety, depression etc. Alcohol or tobacco abuse, physical injury to your genitalia, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, prostate disease, thyroid diseases, drug abuse etc. Other main reasons include having sexual intercourse with the new partner creating anxiety within yourself or can happen if there is a long gap between your previous ejaculation, overexcitement, sexual inexperience, feeling of guilt, the condition of the relationship you have with your sexual partner etc. Note that masturbation has nothing to do with premature ejaculation.


    Although there is no particular drug that controls premature ejaculation, your doctor may prescribe drugs that control your anxiety. It generally gets better over time even without any treatment. Start developing distracting methods to prevent early ejaculation. Communicate with your partner about your sexually exciting areas and try not simulating them during sexual intercourse. Cut down the tobacco, reduce or quit smoking as soon as possible as it not only affects this condition but causes many other medical ailments. Use a condom to reduce excess stimulation to the penis, this also helps in preventing various STD's (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). Your doctor may prescribe you antidepressants. These antidepressants do not directly aid you in curing premature ejaculation but their one of the side effect is to inhibit orgasm.

    Apart from these, there are certain home techniques which will help in curing Premature ejaculation.

    1. Start and Stop technique:
    This requires either your partner's help or you can practice on your own. This method aims to sexually stimulate the penis to the point where you are about to ejaculate and stop stimulating suddenly. Then repeat the process once the orgasmic stimulation has subsided.

    2. Squeeze Technique:
    This is similar to the above technique but in this method, you or your partner will stimulate the endpoints of the penis for 30 seconds and again restart the stimulation.

    All you need is practice. There is no quick stopping technique or pills to prevent this condition. Be confident and you can slowly cure this condition for sure. It will take minimum 12 weeks to see the results if you practice regularly. Always use condom irrespective of the condition, have safe sex.

    Good Luck.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • For an unmarried person of marriageable age and normal health, masturbation is the best socially and legally harmless way of releasing the 'accumulated' sexual desire and tension. If that is not done, then there will be 'nocturnal discharge' which also can be embarrassing sometimes. It is only when one neglects all his normal work and indulges in multiple times in self satisfaction every day, it can be termed as abnormal. As for a healthy person the semen gets fully refilled by about a day after one full discharge. So it is ready to be discharged again after that interval with proper rest.
    The worry about premature ejaculation may be unwanted and premature, as you are yet to be married. After marriage usually such things get solved automatically in most cases.

    In a happy and mutually faithful and understanding husband-wife relationship, there is stability, confidence and less hurry. So one gets the self confidence and time space to be of mutual satisfaction. As normally there is no classroom lessons or other practical lessons on these matters, initially many couples may face some issues. Soon they get over all these and become normal partners in relationship-physical and psychological. Even ohterwise both can confide in each other and find custom solutions.

    Professional help,if needed ,can be sought after marriage , as then only the problem of premature ejaculation can be really confirmed.
    However if you have still doubts, you can consult the doctor whom you are now consulting generally and under his reference any other specialist if needed.
    However in anything excess is not good, and 'moderation is the best. Try to get involved in many other positive matters. Involve in some physical exercises or activities so that you get tired and get sleep easily and satisfactorily. Avoid erotic materials and spend spare time interacting in groups or visiting places where there will not be temptations of carnal nature. Interact with family members and avoid being alone as far as possible . Gradually the masturbating frequently will come down, and all your present worries will vanish.

  • This is not a rare thing which you are experiencing as many people face this during their young age and slowly get rid of it with time.

    There are many myths and wrong conceptions about this and young people get perturbed because of those. You should simply discard them and take this as an spontaneous activity of the body to release unwanted and accumulated stress of sexual desire. There is nothing like good or bad in sexual release. It is a biological phenomenon. Do not relate it to sins or piousness in your life. Many people do that mistake and unnecessarily suffer mental stress.

    One thing which I can suggest is change in lifestyle. That has given a lot of people diversion of mind and body to creative things in life and believe me their outlook to life has drastically changed. Leaving smoking will add tremendously to this objective.

    The change in lifestyle means mandatory exercises preferably in the morning time and concentration of mind through Yoga or any other activity like reciting a religious poem etc. These things may not look very attractive in the beginning but later when one starts reaping the benefits it is really amazing.

    Knowledge is power.

  • You have not indicated your martial - status but as is apparent from your submission, I presume that you are a bachelor and the way you were mastributing for such a long time is not a matter of concern. You have not to think over unnecessarily on this point. Most of the young men like you remain indulged in such activities but later relinquish the same after marriage.
    The psycolological fear with which you are suffering at present need to be resolved at the earliest so as to overcome the present trauma. In some Multispeciality - hospitals, you have to consult a psychologist for a better diagnosis.
    However, I would recommend you to maintain some changes in your food - style. Spicy - foods are to be curbed. Take sufficient milk, Eggs, curd and seasonal fruits. Constipation has to be eliminated. Follow simple exercise and you may take Triphala - churna during night after your dinner. This will take care of your normal metabolism.
    Hope, you would be able to resolve your issues very shortly.

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