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    How to correct the spelling mistake on caste certificate?

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    I am from Nanded, Maharashtra. My name does not tally on my caste certificate and on all other educational documents.
    will it create any problem in getting government jobs?
    I am so much worried about this thing.
    Can you suggest me what to do in this case?
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  • You can re-apply for caste certificate at your nearest municipal or panchayat office. You need to show a proof of name change such as any government-issued identity card, aadhar card or voter id or PAN card. You have to attest the xerox copies of the documents which are showing your correct name as evidence for correction.

    The people in the office will guide you on the procedure and it is not a difficult process to get it corrected. Generally, it will take 7 to 10 working days to finish the procedure. You can also apply for this correction online if you have required documents to upload them. You can also approach nearest Mee seva center and they will explain you all in detail.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • Do you mean that you name incorrect in the caste and all other educational documents. If you are applying for a government job then you need get things in order
    You PAN card, Aadhaar card, Voter's ID, Driving License, Degree certificates, 12th certificate.

    Please check as to what the spelling and initials of your name wouild or should be, then see what all documents need to be modified. For caste certificate, proof of caste of parents or siblings would be asked and the ration card details also.

    First get an affidavit done by the notary stating your correct name and initials, then publish it in one English dialy and one vernacular language at your place in Nanded.
    Once this is done, keep the originals as this will form the basis to change your education certificates also.
    Please read throught this caste certifiate application form to gather the relavent documents that you need in hand before you apply (

    First meet the local Teshildhar or panchayat office staff who can guide you as to how to apply for the name correction of caste certificate and get a new certificate issued.
    You can do this online (, also check this link (

    Once you submit the appropriate form and get this done then you can start changing your educational certificates

    For a degree certificate, you need to submit the application form to the university which has awarded your degree and pay the appropriate fees.

    For 12th and 10th you need to submit the forms to the respective boards with the forms being forwarded by the prinicipal. It is worthwhile remembering that the school authorities will check the school register and records about the name as entered.

  • Your question is not very clear. Your name is not tallying on your caste certificate when compared to the other certificates. That means you have to get your caste certificate corrected . For this you have to go to your panchayat office or Municipal office . Go with all other certificates where in your name is correctly mentioned. Explain the problem to them correctly and proceed as per their suggestion. You will get the corrected certificate from there in a week or so basing on your follow up.
    If it is wrong on all certificates, it is more time consuming. At the first instance you have to contact a good lawyer of your area and explain him the problem and make an affidavit as per his advise. Publish in two newspapers about the change in the name.
    Then you have to apply to each authority with a copy of the affidavit as per the procedure laid down by the concerned department through the local authority.
    You have to follow the procedure at the earliest otherwise in future for jobs and other issues it will become problem.

    always confident

  • Thank you for your prompt response, the thing is that there is only one minor mistake is there on my caste certificate, it is printed my name as an Dipak but all my I'd proofs and in all educational documents has a name as an Deepak so If we pronounce both the names it will be same I have caste validity an caste certificate in which both have a name as an Dipak, this is only a minor mistake there, on both certificates it should have my name as an Deepak which is correct according to my id

  • The process is very simple. I have been mentioning this step by step.

    (a) First check in your certificate who (which authority) has issued this certificate.
    (b) Thereafter, you have to submit the application to this authority (by designation, not by name). If the certificate was issued by the District Magistrate, then you have to apply to District Magistrate (DM). If the certificate was issued Sub-Divisional Judicial Magistrate (SDJM), you have to apply to the SDJM.
    (c) You have to apply in prescribed proforma, if any such proforma is available.
    (d) You have to attach supporting documents, i.e., you have to submit the copies of documents which indicate your correct name. You are also required to submit the copy of the present caste certificate, which indicates your name wrongly.
    (e) Please keep a photocopy of the application which you submit, and insist on getting a receipt.
    (f) Don't fall in the trap of any middleman in the office of DM/office of SDJM.
    (g) Please check the status of your application after one month or so, if by that time you don't receive revised caste certificate.

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  • From your clarification it is very clear that you have a mistake only in your caste certificate. Now you have only one task of getting the caste certificate corrected.

    You please find out in your area from where these caste certificates are issued. Generally it will be Tehsildar or DM office. You have to give an application for correction in your name in caste certificate and request them to issue the corrected one.

    You will have to attach documents with your application reflecting your correct name. The documents could be your Aadhaar card or educational certificates or voter card.

    It will take some time in getting the correction but once done you will not have any problem in document verification later in your life.

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  • Since your name is not matching with the cast - certificate, you will have to apply for the same in the Panchayat - office or the Municipal - office for the correction.
    You need to attach with the photocopies of your Aadhar - card, Voter - ID card, and your certificates released from the Boards and the universities. You may attest the copies with your self and submit the same to the concened office. Once you submit the same, take an acknowledge - slip to ascertain the status of your documents at the later stage.
    Entire formalities would not take more than a fortnight in correction. In case of delay, you may approach to the concened officials along with your acknowledgement - slip.

  • Any spelling mistake in a certificate requires correction failing which one can have embarrassing times during document verification at a later time.
    As you have a mistake in your caste certificate you must take it on priority and approach your district level office issuing these certificates. Generally, the revenue office headed by SDM or DM level person is there for such document issuing.
    You take some educational certificate or some other authentic document like ration card with you and submit a copy of same with your application for correction in name and issue of the corrected certificate.
    If your documents are in order you will get a corrected copy of caste certificate in a few days.

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