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    Regarding rotational transfer grant

    Are you confused about the transfer rules in a government job? Searching for information about the TA/TP rules? Find advice and suggestions from experts here.

    I am working as a postal assistant in the postal department from 06.06.2011.
    after completion of my tenure of 4 years I was transferred
    to RT-2016 upon request without TA/TP to other place.
    I have heard that I should be paid transfer TA if I have completed my tenure by the Government. But the seniors say that I have no eligibility: even though I have completed my tenure I do not have to specify the option of without TA/ TP which the ruling says.
    Can you clarify my doubt?
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  • According to rule 38 of Transfers any transfer from one district cadre to another within the circle or outside the circle is not allowed and the TA/TP will be applicable to the person who has served full five years and that too if you are recruited directly and not through contract or act of succession. If latter part is not your situation then your completely eligible for a paid transfer. Contact your authorities and you can also get the information about this by sending a request letter regarding this to Ministry of Postal Services India.

    Good Luck.

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    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • You have mentioned that you have asked for transfer worth a request in which you have mentioned without TA/TP. This makes the officers to transfer you without granting TA/TP. You should not have mentioned in your letter about TA/TP. Simply you might have mentioned only transfer as per the existing rules and regulations. In such case they might have sanctioned TA/TP, I feel chancesareremote. You can try through your seniors by making a written request for TA/TP mentioning the applicable rule.

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  • The rule position regarding grant of transfer allowance in Government is very clear. Transfer allowance is granted to such employee who has been transferred from his/her place of posting to another place/office in public interest. In this case, you have been transferred to another postal circle on your own request.

    As the transfer is on your own request, the Department of Post has not granted transfer allowance to you. The completion of tenurein a particular place of posting/office is not considered for grant of transfer allowance.

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  • In Govt service generally the employees get transfer grant when they are transferred by the department as per the transfer policies and as per the requirement of personnel at different places.

    If a person asks for transfer due to personal interest then department may not agree for the same and if he insists then they will give him an option of getting it without transfer grant. So if an employee needs a transfer due to personal reasons he has to forego the transfer grant.

    If that is the case with you, I am afraid you may not get the said benefit.

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  • You are a post assistant who has been transferred UPON REQUEST without allowance. You would not be eligible for TA and you would have signed an undertaking regarding the same.
    If you have requested the transfer, then the transfer request form would be signed by you. This would include a statement that you will not claim for TA.

    Please see page two (
    Please check whether this rulebook helps you (

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