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    Language selection between French and Marathi

    Want to select the best second language? Confused between selecting French and Marathi? Here, on this page you can get the advice from experts and choose which is the best language.

    My son is going to 1st standard and I wanted to select 2nd language for my son: between French and Marathi. The same language will remain till 10th. He is in ICSE board Euro school Airoli.
    I wanted to know how is the French syllabus and is it difficult to cope up with it in higher grades?
    What will be pros and cons for both for his future?
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  • I would suggest to opt for French than Marathi as French is the most studied language after English around the world. Though there are other language which have more speakers than French such as Mandarin or German, French is widely accepted. Marathi is native language to Indian state, Maharashtra and compared to French there are less speakers.

    French language can be an asset in future hiring companies especially in banking sectors where employers seek for native language speakers to deal with their customers. If your son in future is willing to settle abroad, French will be another asset for hiring companies.

    Apart from these, learning French as a language, one must deeply understand it's culture to become fluent in this language. Also there is variation in French depending on the region. For example the France or European French is different from Quebec (Canada). Once fluent in basic French language you can refine the speaking skill by learning different regional dialects.

    Overall it is an asset to learn French over Marathi and since your son in International school, I would advice to select so.

    Good Luck.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • I feel opting for French is better. French is a foreign language and will be spoken by more than one country people. But Marathi is a local language and it is limited to a few places in India. French language syllabus is not very difficult and to cope up with that language will not be a big problem. So without any doubt you can opt for French as the second language . It is more helpful than the other language.

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  • 1. Pros & cons of selecting Marathi:
    If you will be staying in Maharashtra for long time, then let the child learn Marathi. As it is just beginning your child can pick up any language easily. Moreover for teaching Marathi there will be many tuition teachers also available. The child can learn Marathi easily interacting with local people and getting it taught at school. If you will be at Maharashtra for long, learning local language is a necessity and may be mandatory later for many things. You may get the benefit of that.
    Cons; Marathi , in Maharashtra will be having tougher syllabus, as it is the local language. So when the child goes higher and higher it may need a good support, as the language is not talked in home. As per many students, it is tough to score high marks in Marathi in comparison to French.

    Pros & Cons of selecting French:
    Learning French will have a very bonus use when the student goes for higher studies or employment abroad later. There are good facilities to learn French in college levels and specialisation. Learning French canhep in getting some extra job opportunities. In schools and colleges as per students and parents French is a 'scoring subject'. That can help the student get higher chances in higher education etc. Moreover linguistic minorities(non-Marathi mother tongue) are allowed by Maharashtra state to choose a non-Marathi language. If the parents are liable to be transferred then taking French is better because Marathi may not be useful in new pace.

    However not all school have regular and well qualified teachers. It will be difficult to get tuition teachers also. Alliance Francoise doe not have facilities for teaching small children. Moreover the child will have extra burden as it will not get to hear the language at home or in the neighbourhood. So it may find it difficult to proceed.

    So my suggestion is, if you are going to be only for a short term stay in Maharashtra let the child take French. If you are going to stay long term, opt for Marathi.

  • My suggestion to this is to select Marathi or Indian language as you have to live in this country for employment at any part. Unless you planned to work in France it is waste to select French rather than any Indian language. If you are interested, you can learn French from Alliance Franchise in your area. I learnt French, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu like his only apart from academic.

  • Every language has its own utility. We can't neglect any language. Most probably you are living in Maharashtra, so your son has the opportunity to study Marathi language in school.

    So far as pros and cons are concerned, it is really difficult to give a proper opinion in this case so early (your son is in Ist standard). If your son have to work in Maharashtra in future, knowledge of will definitely be an added advantage. Internationally, learning French language will help him in French-speaking countries like France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada.

    The decision is yours. You have to take a call. Try to learn French/Marathi along with your child. That would be interesting.

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  • French language has wider scope definitely but it all depends upon the inclination of your child. You can highlight the significance of learning such language. He would be conversant with a rich culture of this language. There are numerous poets, writers and social - reformers who have contributed their valuable ideas in the form of poems and articles - enough to enthuse him. This language next to English is considered as one of the most popular languages.
    In case, he would like to take up this language in UPSC examination, he can be selected as IFS provided he clears the essential formalities connected with the said examination. Marathi is a local language being mainly spoken in Maharastra - belt and as such it would not have that much edge in comparasion to French.

  • At the present juncture, it is too early to speculate the career of the child so choosing a language from that point of view is not required.
    Now French is one of the important languages of Europe and a person can definitely be benefitted with its knowledge if he gets an overseas assignment later in his career as can be speculated about the child in your case.

    However, Marathi has its own charm as it is our own language and the child will have an edge over others when performing his studies etc in the state of Maharashtra.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • India has 29 states speaking the same language- Hindi. Sure we have our mother tongues but knowing Hindi would suffice in India.
    Well, French is very common too. If I tell from my personal experience, French is tougher than any other European language.
    Accent is crucial. The grammar is painful.
    But if you succeed in this painful ordeal you will be respected and accepted by people of high class society and many multinational companies.
    French needs a lot of concentration in initial stages.
    Between French and Marathi though French is the obvious choice.
    Marathi could be taught by locals or at home.

    I'll give you a small piece of advice. You can't fully learn a language until you properly feel and embrace the culture. Research about the French and adopt their ways in your routine.
    This way the child will be passionate to learn French.

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  • Taking a language as second language for a considerable period of time will make the child proficient in that and he can get advantage out of it during his career.

    So if career in foreign services or international assignments is concerned the knowledge of french can be useful from a longer perspective.

    As Marathi is an important and prominent language of our country even learning it will be beneficial for the child specially if he is completing initial education in Maharashtra.

    Anyway each of the options has its own pros and cons and in my judgement taking Marathi as second language will be a better option.

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  • Your child is starting 1 st standard and you have to choose between two languages. Today, we are living in a world where overseas higher education is easy and a reality for many people after 12th year.

    To pursue any UG or a PG degree abroad, English would be sufficient. A child with overall development stands a better chance than children who are only academically orientated. Here international languages help and many choose French or German apart from English to excel or be proficient in.

    Linguistic skills are appreciated favourably in the application forms of children seeking higher education.
    Children grasp languages very easily, I never had a formal education in some languages, but I can read and manage. Similarly, you/family can teach him Marathi.

    I would suggest, take French, see how he performs. If he has the aptitude for it then he can continue and even appear for the standard French exams that lead to diplomas in a stepwise fashion.

    Once he is good, he can appear for the first primary Diploma from the age of 7 -12 years (DELF Prim) and move on to other levels. This would broaden his knowledge also and in future help him.

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