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    Can you tell me the precendance order according to protocol of the following officials

    Have a query about the ranking order of government officials? Searching for the correct order on the web? Do go through the responses from experts on this page.

    Can you tell me the precedence order according to protocol of the following officials: Mayor, Deputy Mayor and the City Police Commissioner?
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  • Mayor will be treated as equivalent to the cabinet minister in the state. He will get the protocol which is equivalent to the cabinet minister outside the state also.
    City police commissioner will also be provided with the same rank for this respect.
    Deputy Mayor will be treated as equivalent to the state minister of the state.

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  • The order of precedence or the Warrant of precedence is followed for government functions and meetings.
    Here the Mayor ranks over the City police commissioner and the Deputy Mayor. The Mayor is the highest authority in the local municipal body. But in reality the Municipal Commissioner is more powerful than the Mayor in many places. This order does not reflect their daily functioning and is only for ceremonial purposes.
    For the order of precedence of Indian Government officials the author can refer to this

  • As the posts of Mayor and Deputy Mayor are Constitutional posts, the holders of these two positions will get precedence over the Police Commissioner of a city. So, the order of precedence would be:-

    (a) Mayor [Elected representative of a city corporation/municipality]
    (b) Deputy Mayor [Elected representative of a city corporation/municipality]
    (c) Police Commissioner [A senior level officer of a State Government who is the Head of the police force of the city]

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  • Mayor and police commissioner are treated almost at the same level as far as protocol is considered. If a function or meeting is there, Mayor will preside it.
    Deputy Mayor will follow them in the protocol.
    Sometime it is difficult to ascertain the protocol as one person is from elected side and other is from Govt side. On such occasions common sense prevails and many times the participant will send a junior person to attend the function or meeting to avoid any embarrassing situation.

    The protocol among the elected posts is well defined but between the elected one and Govt official of similar levels there is no clarity and so these are observed as per the situation.

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