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    Name correction in my father's name

    Is there a mistake in any of your documents? Wondering whether it will create any issue while applying for a government job? Check out this page for responses from experts.

    In my all documents like 10 marksheet 12 marksheet BA marksheet, MA marksheet, aadhar card, driving licence, voter card etc. my father's name is spelt incorrectly.
    Will this mistake create a problem in government job and verification process.
    Can you resolve my worries?
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  • If you have the same name in all your certificates there will not be any problem. But it varies from certificate to certificate there may be a problem. So please see whether it is same or not. If it is same don't need any action. If it varies from certificate to certificate then you may have to apply to the concerned administrative head through the Organisation you have studied. In that case, you have to contact the concerned institute you have studied and take actions as suggested by them.

    always confident

  • This is a very rare thing but as you have narrated the same it is there. Prima facie it will not be any problem for you during document verification whenever you apply for job.

    When name is consistently same in all the documents, there is no deviation and hence there is no issue on document mismatch.

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  • Very unsual to have all the certificates with father's name spelt incorrectly. Is the same mistake consistent in all the doucments
    Do you have a passport/would you be travelling overseas. Will you be applying for a reservation category for a government job.
    Generally wouldn't be an issue except for the above two scenarios - passport/visa to other countries and Reservation quota. Here father's name and proof by means of a ration card/caste certificate or PAN card of your father would be submitted. If there is a mismatch at that stage, you may face issues or if one of the certificates have a different spelling from the rest you would have issues. If you have time and the above apply, then consider changing your certificates.

  • Sounds very unusual that you continued to have your father's name misspelled in all educational certificates. Since all the documents have the same name, as far as I know, there won't be any problem. Since it is tedious to change your father's name in all documents (if you want to), you can get a legal document from MRO or any government issuing authority which states your father's correct name (in the document issued by MRO or any authorized body). I would suggest you correct your father's spelling in all documents one by one to avoid any further complications in future.

    Good Luck.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • As the name is consistently same in all the certificates and cards like Aadhaar etc, there is absolutely no worry in your case.
    Due to this you will also not have any problem at the time of document verification when you go to attend interview in connection with some job.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Your case is very rare that most of all the certificate name is spelled incorrectly. But anyway it matters how father's name is mentioned in his documents. Suppose if it is the same mistake then you can continue because changing the entire right from scrap is impossible. If the mistake is done in your certificate you have to get it changed by writing a letter to the board regarding changing of father's name. Along with the letter attach a xerox copy of your father's aadhar attested by a government officer. No doubt this is also a work to start right from scrap but for future no complications you have to do or else you can have an affidavit and then produce it where ever required. But instead, I would prefer you to get it changed right now itself because as it is very late to do.

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