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    Mechanical Engineer Jobs for Average students

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    I am an unemployed fresher Mechanical Engineer. I completed B.E. in 2015. I was searching for jobs for design and production but couldn't get one because of average marks. But I had first class(60%) in my final year. So I didn't give up. But still couldn't secure a job even in a small scale industry. I had also done software courses of CATIA and ANSYS. But in spite of paying huge amount for the courses, it turns out that I had only scratched the surface of it. It didn't even count as an advantage anywhere as the companies needed even more in depth knowledge of the software.
    So I did M.E. in Machine Design, a 2 years course as a last resort and parents suggestion, and now I'm still searching for a job. Again I am having difficulty in finding a suitable job in Industries,that can at least cover up at least basic needs. I am unable to pay any more fees to join new courses. I also tried for consultancies and job sites but the company criteria includes 2-3 years experience in the field. Now how do I gain that? I am trying to get a good job in automobile industry now. So if there are any opportunities in design and production that I can fit in or any option with good placement guarantee, I appreciate your kind help and guidance for securing a job.
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  • As you have already completer ME, my suggestion for you is to go as a lecturer in any private college. There are many private colleges wherein they are not getting qualified people for teaching. As such you will stand a better chance to join as a lecturer immediately. Once you join as lecturer in a private college you will start earning. Then you can register for your doctorate with the university and complete PhD in next three years. Then you can become a professor with UGC scales even in government colleges also. This is the best course of action you can take now. If you want to join in a good establishment they want your GATE score. Otherwise, they may not consider you. Even in some private organisations, they are asking GATE score. If you want to be in an Industry only you have to attempt for GATE also. There are many small-scale industries where they may take you as an Engineer but payment will be less and qualified people working there may be a difficult task. The various options available for you were given above. Now you can choose the best option for you.

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  • Thank you for your response, Sir.
    You are right but I don't think of myself to be qualified enough for teaching. Also I really want to have a good job in automotive and automobile industry in design sector. Is there any way I can go for that now? I mean any placement assistance or anything for design field in automobile industry. I am Gate qualified in 2016. I tried for govt jobs but criteria is very high. So I have to stick to conventional methods.
    Thank you for your response. Your kind help and suggestions are most appreciated.

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